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61 Sweet Dreams - Beyonce
62 Work - Ciara

Some people should stick to dancing and not singing... In her case...

63 Lollipop - Lil Wayne

In 2008 when this first came out, I found this the most irritating, annoying, pointless overplayed song ever. It's the only reason I don't listen to the radio today. Later on in life I'm afraid when I turn the radio on, this song might be on and I might lose my mind and do something really stupid. And when the judge ask's me why I did it, I 'ma be like: BECAUSE OF AN OVERPLAYED 2008 SONG.

God damn, so much autotune...(facepalm) - xandermartin98

64 Just Dance - Lady Gaga
65 We Will Rock You - Queen

I always hear little kids stomping this melody. The song isn't bad, it's when the song is reenacted that is bad.

If you're a classic rock fan you've heard this one it's gotten way too overplayed over the course of time.

Although I feel like this song is infact overplayed, it's still cool. love Queen. (i love "another one bites the dust")

Once I went to this old people’s church and they made a parody of this called “We Will Praise Him” and it was about Jesus.

Their old people parody sorta ruined this song for me a bit. - Lunala

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66 Mr. Brightside - The Killers

This song always seems to be repeatedly played on multiple radio stations. It's a decent song but it now does my head in when I have to listen to it as I have heard is so many times.

Can't stand this song!

Song is so overrated.

I can't stand this overrated trash

67 Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

This song is so annoying it is unbelievable. The song was catchy in the first few weeks of availability but has now gotten out of hand, I hear it nearly everywhere I go.

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68 Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Great song, but very overplayed!

This song is overplayed - Lunala

69 Stitches - Shawn Mendes

His voice is too generic and his songs are a bit too corny for me. Not necessarily bad, but just too plain and generic. - Lunala

I hate all the stupid girls at my school that loves all of his songs and his looks. He's awful. - NightmareIsHere_

I meant this song doesn't make any sense

I hear this song everyday at work. It's like our Muzak system doesn't know what to play. This song make any sense just like Cake by the Ocean

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70 Sugar - Maroon 5

So sick and tired of every girl singing this song at school and at work.

71 Stay - Zedd & Alessia Cara

All you have to do is...

72 Stay with Me - Sam Smith
73 Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

It's just the exact tune of a 70s pop song. She got sued for it too. Her music just gets worse and worse

74 Hero - Mariah Carey
75 U Smile - Justin Bieber

This moron is very overrated and annoying. Like, it should be illegal for him to sing.

Every time I hear him sing, I go insane. - NightmareIsHere_

76 Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

I have played this song over 550 times on my laptop, 608 times on my ipod and 320 times in my brothers car, I listen to this song all the time I love it, - maloriebellamy

Muse are so boring to listen to. They're not experimental. Also they sound like pop. They definitely ripped off Radiohead.

How did this get up here? It's not overplayed at all.

77 Firework - Katy Perry

Great, honorable theme. Somewhat talented, but over-played.

78 Bodies - Drowning Pool

The only bodies hitting the floor are people dying after listening to this god I hate this song

79 Pompeii - Bastille

I would've said this song was great back maybe in December or January but ever since this song was released in the U.S. it has been played nonstop by radio stations everywhere. Almost every station I turn to has that song playing every couple of minutes. Thhe beat and the lyrics get repetitive after a while when it's played on the radio, and everyone seems to still enjoy it but me. What's worse is that it is a really catchy song too! Granted there are other songs that are overplayed as much as or more than this one like Happy by Pharell, but I don't see an end to this song being overplayed.

80 All of Me - John Legend

I haven't heard this song yet.

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