Nothing Special about Angelina Jolie

"She used to be called as Hollywood's bad girl, but I don't know why the heck she became a UNHCR ambassador. Truth is, she sometimes exaggerates everything in her humanitarian work."

"Oh, I hate her! She is a homewrecker because she knows everything. I don'y wanna believe in her fake humanitarian work-- and shows up her kids saying that she's a good mom, oh please!"

"She deserves to be overrated because she's a homewrecker."

"Oh, if her framed picture is hanged on the wall, I might turn it as well and the other side it was Catherine Zeta-Jones."

"I'm so sick and tired of her face."

"Megan Fox is hotter than that Angelina slutbag!"

There is nothing special about Angelina Jolie. She is stick-thin, big head, old-looking like wax, face looks like wax not human and she's 'third-world ugly'.

Yeah, and why the heck she was called the "Sexiest Woman Alive" if she has skeleton legs, veins protruding on her arms and most of all, flat ass!

Why is she the world's most beautiful and sexiest woman, anyway?