Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie is an American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian. She has received an Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards. She has also been cited as Hollywood's highest-paid actress. more.


I agree that Angelina Jolie can't act - watching a movie right now with her in it (Taking Lives), and she is horrible.
But please let me add here that it seems almost every comment on this page is by people who cannot construct a sentence or spell. My advice to you is to stop watching movies and start reading books, or go to school and learn how to write a sentence.

Her performances are not believable. She only won an oscar for that one movie because she was playing herself, a crazy drug addict.

Everything about Jolie is overrated: her acting "skills", her "parenting time"; her so-called charitable causes. Over half her films tanked at the box office, and the characters she inhabits in them are essentially the same: Angelina Jolie. UN ambassador? Jolie is merely one of several for one UN agency; the 39 other UN agencies employ hundreds of celebrities to advertise their causes. Her photo-ops with impoverished children are virtually bogus. And acquiring six kids in six years is no evidence of any maternal streak; some people collect baseball cards, Jolie collects kids, no doubt to serve as props for her photo-ops. When has she time for "mothering" them? Ask any working mother. As well as being vastly overrated, he woman is phony through and through. She never heard of the Kosovo war, Bosnia, Serbia, until recently? What planet was she on? Rhetorical question. It was what it still is: the World of Angelina Jolie.

She cannot act. Every movie she has been she comes across as vapid and believes her looks will get her through and they don't. Unfortunately, for Brad his movies have also sucked since the two of them got together. She changed him for the worse not for better as a person and an actor. It is pathetic and it has nothing to do with him being married to Jennifer Anniston. Brad's been around a long time and he is just different in his acting methods and picked up the Jolie infection of helping the world. Which I believe is overrated as well. The best acting they do is act like they are a big "rainbow" family. Just my opinion. I miss the old Brad, Thelma and Louise, Seven, Fight Club his first ocean 11 and 12 Monkeys! I mean come on one has to admit he has changed but not for the better in his choice of movies. Maybe Angelina picks his movies for him. Bad ones I.E. , World War Z.. He is a great actor, but he should be more of a free thinker not a follower of Jolie's weird and ...more

She is always the same character with the same facial expression, most convincing when she doesn't speak at all.

I think Angelina Jolie is utterly overrated, I don't understand what is the hype about her in the media. She appears all the time in the magazine, tabloid, or even on the newspaper. Tied up with Megan Fox, at the first place gah!

Home wrecking narcissist adopts kids for publicity... Can't act in an elementary school play... Tattoos displayed on her white trash self. Jennifer Anniston isn't that great an actress either but she's not a husband stealing low class egotistical floozy with catfish lips and a freak spouse. Angelina is a Stanly hyena. Thank you for letting me, Sweet Becky the girl who tells no lies, air her grievances.

I completely agree that Angelina Jolie does not have talent, personality and natural charm as a good actor posesses or as a living person. I don't feel her liveliness.

She is nasty and likely a psychopath. Parading adopted kids around like accessories and lying to the media about her multiple facial procedures is bad enough as far as her personality goes. And then there's her acting ability. She can't play anything other than herself. Which is a narcissistic, crazy bitch.

She is terrible, every time I watch her I laugh at her "acting skill". The reason she got in is because her dad was an actor in Hollywood. Not to mention before she got black listed from the industry for being an insane attention whore, and a hillbilly trashbag who made out with her brother on the red carpet she stole Billy Bob away from Laura Dern (who were engaged to each other) acted like a trashy eccentric slut, and then broke another marriage, started pretending shes mother Theresa by adopting kids from all over the world and tried to cover up that she is a low horrible person. She is a terrible actor and person, its all an act with her, and its sad that people are so easily controlled by the media and Hollywood still, people haven't caught on to it but some day they will...

Jolie cannot act, absolutely impossible watch her in movies - pout, screech, shoot, pout, screech, shoot, pout, screech...

She is the worst actress. That is obvious because she is only believable when playing her own personality, I.E. crazy bitch, psycho out of control. Otherwise? Boring!

Even more annoying is her constant media manipulation... Yeah, we are so stupid and blind we can't see you are no longer 'beautiful'. Oh, any that 'hot' Tomb Raider body? Was her MALE body double! She is the epitome of overrated. I don't' think HW even likes her anymore, would somebody please tell the media we don't either?

Ugly slag who started taking her clothes off early on in films and was obviously never had any moral guidance.

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm so sick how people always go about her : Oh she is so sexy she wonderful actress bla bla lalala while for me sexy it doesn't mean talented and she more vulgar than beatiful! - sybilla

Always plays the same character in all of her movies. Either she is crazy or a wanna be "kick ass" chick (or more like her stunt double plays this role). She never does comedy because that would actually require some acting skills, which she does not have at all!

Nearly all the actors on this lists deserves to be number one but Angelina Jolie tops them all. There is absolutely nothing about Jolie that makes her a good actress, her roles have always been mediocre. All she is is media fame.

best example of a completely overrated, undeserving 'actress'. she hams, she shrieks, she pouts beeg time, arches her lifted eyebrows but still cannot create the magic and chemistry that is second nature to a true actor. jolie is pathetic and a complete non-actor.

Angelina jolie is highly overrated. She is only popular because of her personal life. She looks like a twig with lots of veins. The fact that America is so hyped over a person with no moral values does not say well of its people.

Hey gorgeous amazing brilliant talented gracious and generous lady. What a fabulous actress.

! She is by far and without a doubt a stunning actress who has multiple skills and talents and is a fabulous humanitarian. She is so beyond wonderful and amazing and I am so riveted whenever I have the pleasure of watching her on the screen. She is brilliant in all areas of her life and when she had preemptive surgery performed to ensure that she'd be around for a long time to provide for and take care of all of her children...she wrote an intelligent and well informed article citing the reasons for her choices and acknowledging that it may not be everyone else's choice She is one of the few who are not shallow or preoccupied with herself. What a contribution she makes in every way. Thank you wonderful and amazing...Angelina Jolie.

She's beyond beautiful. Beyond talented. Beyond a fabulous mother and humanitarian The worlds a better place because of this amazing star

She's not that beautiful, her lips look like inflated balloons and her acting is definitely not as good as they say. - NightAntilli

Serpentine looks. Overinflated lips. Anorexic body. Portrays self as femme fatale which is ludicrous with those chicken legs and bulging lips and eyes.

Overrated, I say. She used to be pretty but now she's ugly. She's a terrible actress. All she knows is to "Bang Bang! " and to kick some butt without any dialogue. Bad thing because Jon Voight is a good actor yet she didn't inherit that. She has only done good in Tomb Raider 1 and Changeling. Flat ass as well. -

She was amazing in "Gia", her break out role. She was beyond amazing in "Changeling", "Girl, Interrupted", "The Human Heart" and countless other films. The fact that she is gorgeous in no way detracts from her indisputable talent and passion.