Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Jaymes Stewart is an American actress. Born into a film-oriented family, Stewart began her acting career in 1999 with uncredited roles and a minor character appearance in several films before gaining prominence in 2002 for playing Jodie Foster's daughter in the thriller Panic Room, which garnered more.


The only emotion she knows is blah... She doesn't know how to act, she isn't even cute or hot. It's irritating to even watch her on the big screen... I've seen her once and said "okay. " saw her a second time and said " maybe she's improved" saw her a third time and said "kill me now! " She's just plain lucky. Sad fact for the other actresses in Hollywood who can actually act.

Keep it purely professional. Her acting is like nails on... nothing. She makes no impact at all in her films other than to antagonize the audiences' sensibilities with the sheer mediocrity she brings to everything except twitching. The problem is her insecurity and rightly acknowledged self doubt. You can literally see her trying to work through her own lack of charisma and talent and instead of her under-dogs plight being endearing, it's painful and awkward to watch. Poor kid. If only she could reap roles steeped in uncertainty. She'd probably get an Oscar.

As it is she is placed in high profile movies with real talent ( nods to Charlize Theron) and is hidden amongst the colorful fiction and cultural relativity of her costars and generic, trend entrenched box-office-glare scripts. Her movies aren't substantial and when they try to be, you run into the aforementioned open- mouthed, confused huff, awkwardness that perhaps fit her career launching role as Bella swan, but grates ...more

Worst actress ever. Take panic room. only thing she was required to do was to stare with eyes wide open and have tremor and say few sentences like reading script. Speak.. She was not speaking the whole time. Was showing her usual face all the time. Adventure land... Again same monotone script reading with wooden expression. Lip biting, breathing, hair-flipping etc. Twilight again the same crap. Doesn't deserve to be an actresses.

Worst actress non actress wooden actress. She is the worst, others can still emote something. This thing only blinks, stutters, hair flips/scratches, inhales/exhales loudly. This is acting according to her. In every movie she is the same emotionless script reader

Twilight was an awful movie and Kristen Stewart has zero talent as an actor. Where did they get this girl from? Seriously?

I am a huge fan of science fiction and in particular vampire movies. My wife also really enjoys the same thing. The entire series of Twilight was horrible for me because of this one actress. She does not provide believability in her role. She is depressing to watch but it is not acting. She seems to be depressing in all things. A good actor has the ability to be different than they are in real life. The role needs to dictate the mood and needs to transcend. The role needs to bring the viewer into the scene. Her acting makes me want to leave the theatre or turn off the television.

She can't act period and her attitude is pretty terrible as can be seen in the interviews she's given. Seems like an ungrateful stuck up... I've seen potatoes with better expressions than her

I was to vote for Angelina Jolie. But then I saw Kristen in the list. Oh My, she forced me to vote for her. So overrated, looks stupid, acts bad in a bad movie. I do not like to say bad things about artists but as said earlier she forces me to and her movies too.

She goes through the entire Twilight films looking pale with her face in one expression - 'I don't understand and I'm not entirely sure I know what's going on'. Then she brought in ONE MORE expression in the Snow White film - 'Will do anything not to die, still don't know what's going on' (basically she raised her eyebrows and moved her mouth so it's not just parted. )

She should play in CSI or something, she would make a really good corpse because she is naturally lifeless and dull.

... What to say? Darth Vader has more Facial Expressions then she does! I want to like twilight but every time I see her face I also want to slap her and maybe get some other expression out of her. I also can't stand the little swallow thing she does before she talks it drives me mad. I think she is EXTREMELY OVERRATED! She should be #1 on this list!

What a fabulous singing voice. So impressed

I would agree on this one. Kristen Stewart is not a good actress. I see no emotion in her portrayal of Bella. Her eyes are vacant. I just don't buy in her feeling anything for her character.

Her acting is nothing but mouth-breathing, biting her lower lip, and stuttering. She was mildly believable in The Safety of Objects as a tomboyish girl, but she seems to have lost any talent now that she's an adult. She also mangles every on-screen kiss she's ever had. They always make me cringe.

She is boring! Horrible actress! Ugh... She can only express one emotion, and that is LAME... I wonder how did she got all her roles having no talent in acting AT ALL! You know what I'm saying people! I really hate her acting skills... She is a bad, very bad actress! She really don't deserve the Bella role...

If anyone goes back and re-watches the Twilight movies again, you'll realize that not only is she a terrible actor, but the role of Bella would have made any female actress famous and since those movies, she's been nothing but a flop. I guess she had to turn into a lesbian in order to keep herself in the news. What a waste of time to keep idolizing this overrated person.

Your right, she is terrible! I agree that her face is blank all the time and she just stares at the opposite character until it's her turn to speak. When she was cast a Bella Swan, she ruined her poularity. It is now her fate to be screamed at and stalked by twilight crazy, brainless, moron fangirls. Oh Kristen, where did it all go so wrong?

She is so average and boring but for some reason people love her. I do not understand why guys think she is so hot. She is really lanky and guyish.

It's common knowledge that she doesn't have talent and yet she's always in the spotlights. She was born filthy rich with lots of connection and therefore she will never fade away. She should be ashamed of herself to impose her as an actress when really talented actresses are struggling to get some decent roles. She has to do nothing to get them.

I was extremely disappointed with the twilight movies and refuse to see any movies with her in them because she brings the whole movie down. Which is really a shame because she gets to work with some great actors.

She's a celebrity, not an actress... Yet. The Twilight movies area paycheck/retirement plan. Now that she's effectively retired, she can turn her attention to becoming an actress. You never know. Given the right director, script, and cast, she COULD be very good, one day.

Is famous because she has some " notoriety " in the movie industry. Otherwise she would never have made it. Got no acting skills or talent. People who thinks that she's wonderful as an actress have serious problems. Besides, she is a stuck-up person because she thinks that she's one of the best actresses out there. Very very overrated!

Just awful. Hope she is saving her money from her Twilight days. As she ages, the roles are going to dry up.

Yes, agreed. You look at her, and you say she's beautiful. After 5 minutes of movie play you'll say, nopes! She's beautiful as long as the god gift is considered. She's certainly an unknown to acting. Monotonous expressions and actions. Her body language ain't good as well. Put her on number 1.
AND PULL JENNIFER LOPEZ OUT OF THIS LIST. She's not the best, I agree but for that reason only she has only 20-odd notable movies in a career of 17-18 years, but she's not overrated for sure, and she's not underrated. She's just a little above average, exactly what she deserves.

I am not a fan of Kristen stewart at all. She shows no expression whatsoever and is like a plank of wood. She is very overrated indeed! She is a good actress but it is her lack of emotion that lets her down. I mean she has the same ' expression in every movie. I only saw her smile once in Snow White and the Huntsman. She does deserve all this attention