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Natalie Portman is an actress, film producer and film director with dual American and Israeli citizenship. Portman is best known for her roles as Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars prequel trilogy and Nina Sayers in Black Swan. She won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award, more.


One of the most overrated actresses I've ever come across. She has no technique and yet prides herself with her acting. As it happens to most fame-starved movie stars, a big EGO will never allow anyone to be a good actor. You're supposed to give your all in a performance and become your character, not play endless variations of your pretty old self.

When she cries on screen it just makes me laugh out loud because her acting is just plain ridiculous!

Are people so uneducated and blind that they can't tell the difference between a good actor from a bad one!?

She is a really good crier, but give any normal scene, she cannot act at all! I think a lot of it is her voice - it's so monotone and no range whatsoever. It's like as if she knows the camera is there, the acting is not natural at all.

One of the most overrated actor in both talent and looks. Bland and boring acting -- always playing a troubled and sad person. On the looks department, extremely average features and borderline ugly when smiling and crying. Her face resembles that of a man and body looks as if it belonged to a prepubescent boy. Those praising her so called 'beauty' comes from immense help from make up and plastic surgery.

Overrated in looks, as well as talent. Don't get me wrong, she's not ugly, just 'meh'. There is nothing about her that stands out. Her body is like a piece of string--nothing on the top or bottom. Sure, she has fine bone structure and a pretty face, but if it weren't for her facial moles, she could easily be mistaken for any brunette teenager with fine bone structure.

Her acting is worse than 'meh'. Not just SW, which NP fans seem to have decreed 'off limits' when it comes to talking about her inability to emote (I seem to recall other actors were able to do their jobs in the prequels). I can't believe she's going to ruin Macbeth.

She's never done anything remotely believable. Everything she's in she just plays herself over and over with no attempt made to diversify or mature her characters. And when she tries to emote, the result is always laughable. HORRIBLE excuse for an actress.

Cannot act at all. Tends to play different roles the exact same way as the last and only really had about one expression in total- her upset crying face, and her happy face that still looks upset. Only got famous for pandering to a specific genre of fans.

Most underserved Oscar ever... She puts the ballerina but most shots were of her face. Her career is a hit or miss, and plus she is a terrible producer - Truths

She was amazing in Star Wars 2, but her other movies, including Star Wars 3 were terrible. She was honestly so shocking in Star Wars 2, she portrayed Padme beautifully, as a strong-willed, selfless and brave young woman. Her performance was terrific, at that time, I thought Natalie was perfection, since she was beautiful, a great actress and also attending Harvard. But the third movie was terrible, Padme was annoying, selfish, childish, weak-willed and so dull and boring. She could've potrayed her as a stronger and more outstanding character but she didn't. Such a shame, she's so attractive.

I call her the female Kevin Costner because her delivery is so flat and she just keeps playing the same character over...and over...and over. I actually get embarrassed watching her in films because it's kind of like watching your friend or neighbor audition for a community theater production and you know they're doing really poorly but you don't want to hurt their feelings. She delivers every line like she's reading it from a script.

Her"acting" is so flat. She has been in some good movies opposite actors with talent, and I find that
I can't wait for her to stop talking so I can enjoy the movie. And yes, she is ugly when she smiles or cries, and her hair looks stringy all the time!

The actual reason Natalie Portman became an actress was because George Lucas spotted her in a pizza hut and hired her for star wars
She looked right for the part in star wars but her acting was dreadful
Since then every film she has made has been the same quality
THen she goes and wins an oscar while truly talented actresses like Marilyn Monroe weren't even nominated
Therefore in my opinion the world would be a Better place without Natalie Portman

Pretencious and arrogant actress. She had a big ego for no reason at all. Only good performance was in Leon, when she had 10 years old. So sad that 20 years after Leon she didn't learn how to act.

Are you all crazy to put her on this list? - zuni

Hey she is really a very good actress

She is so ugly, everyone says she looks like THE audrey hepburn! SHE DOES NOT! And she is a racist. She is so not pretty and can't act

You put her on the list? You're breaking my heart! (do you get my reference? ) - missyweirdo

No Talent, no Beauty, nothing but a HUGE ego.

Only famous because she is in star wars - Stevenuniversefangirl

People who think she is a 'good' actor because she won an Oscar are idiots. That proves nothing. You weren't informed about the corruption behind the awards.

I find this bull, She is a wonderful actress and she is very beautiful. No one should be downing anybody in the acting world. They made it to the top, but you haven't.

She is beautiful, I liked her up until... dun duh dum dumbest, cringeworthy movie, STAR WARS. ,"Oh Ani, those were nightmares, OH Ani, what if they find the baby. Oh Ani! "

This woman is just proof of what connections and wealth can do for overpriveledged people.

Black Swan was beautiful and Natalie was stellar. This was a movie with an exceptionally low budget and yet Darren Aronovsky brilliantly directed this piece with a deep message and an excellent job at visually portraying mental illness in the making

No, loved Natalie in 'Garden State' 'Black Swan' and 'Closer' - she is a good actress - and she will take risks - very few actors can claim that- most play it safe in roles.