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21 Harem - Sarah Brightman
22 Stripped - Christina Aguilera

Really, Christina Aguilera is fairly overrated. Her "Singing" sounds like a bear. In general, so what about her pop? None of her albums are anything special [Like The Beatles] or Groundbreaking [Madonna].

23 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West
24 To Pimp a Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar

why? - dankguy1

25 Low Key - Regine Velasquez
26 Born This Way - Lady Gaga V 1 Comment
27 Some Gave All - Billy Ray Cyrus
28 Ok Computer - Radiohead
29 Blackstar - David Bowie

This was a good album, but the hype machine and the aftermath of Bowie's death just destroyed it for me. - IronSabbathPriest

You know what im sick of heaing about this album on this site my god this album is being praised as "one of the greatest of all time" when

1. It isn't

2. Its only praised so heavly because Bowie Died

I have listened to this album and thought it was just OK but nowhere near the best of all time and possibly not even Bowies best album. (This is not better than Ziggy Stardust)

Bowie doesn't sound very good here i can't hear what he is saying clearly, this wouldn't be a problem if their was a instrumental worth while but i find the instrumentals boring the lyrics are good but nothing special except for maybe Lazarus but many rock musicians have written songs before their death and never get as much attention as this has. In way this makes David Bowie in the same place as Nirvana, Avenged Sevenfold, and somewhat Led Zeppelin and The Beatles and maybe Linkin Park as a artist being praised heavily just because of their or one of their members passed away R.I.P. ...more - christangrant

30 Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj
31 Oops!... I Did It Again - Britney Spears
32 Tha Carter III - Lil Wayne
33 Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City - Kendrick Lamar
34 B'Day - Beyonce
35 Ray of Light - Madonna
36 True Blue - Madonna
37 Exclusive - Chris Brown
38 Life After Death - The Notorious B.I.G.
39 In Rainbows - Radiohead

Radiohead is my 2 favourite band but got to say did not like in rainbows! The bends, ok computer, kidA are way better!

WHAT!?! "OK Computer" was far more overrated and "In Rainbows" is ' awesome - NarrowArtist147

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40 Spiceworld - Spice Girls
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