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41 The Massacre - 50 Cent
42 Lemonade - Beyonce
43 The Joshua Tree - U2

This is one of the greatest albums of all time. Achtung Baby is more overrated.

44 21 - Adele V 1 Comment
45 Danzig - Danzig
46 Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles

Okay, I love Sgt. Pepper, but it's not as revolutionary as you are told it is. That honor goes to Pet Sounds and Revolver. Sgt. Pepper is amazing, but it's basically just Revolver on steroids.

Agree it overrated. When you listen to the songs and not get caught up in the experience that was this phase of the Beatles' development, they just aren't that great.
I'm much more of a Revolver and Abby Road fan.

This isn't psychedelic rock in the slightest. - SwagFlicks

No need to explain.
You can find the reason while you're listening

V 2 Comments
47 Spirit - Leona Lewis
48 Exclusive - Chris Brown
49 X - Kylie Minogue
50 Appetite for Destruction - Guns 'N Roses
51 Chinese Democracy - Guns n Roses

we waited 15-16 years for this.. it was really not worth it - Dickey96

wasn't worth the wait at all -_-; - daecla

52 Back in Black - AC/DC

Way off track, after Bon died one would think that AC/DC would call it quits, but no! This album is a triumph to the testament that AC/DC is. Back in Black deserves it status as one of the greatest rock albums of all time!

Sorry just not that good.

53 Ok Computer - Radiohead
54 Iowa - Slipknot
55 Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park
56 Art of Life - X-japan

It's said to be the greatest song in Japanese music history and maybe even the best song ever. Well, it isn't. The guitar riffs are repetitive; if they weren't, the song would be at least half shorter. The piano solo is chaotic, it's more of random banging the keybord than music. I realise it's supposed to depict life as it is, but music can be dramatic and harmonic in the same time, so using a classical instrument to make some noise is unnecessary. And yes, this part could also be shorter with benefit to the whole thing. I downloaded it looking for a work of art. What I got was some decent riffs and some unnecessary noise. Not so amazing for the greatest song ever written. - saaarsdej

x-japan is everywhere and the song is the only track in the album buy the live video instead - ronluna

57 The Fame - Lady Gaga

People hate thriller just because it's the best selling album ever and the sales were really high. Thriller is not overrated but this one definitely is

A person won't hate an album for how much it sells, and calling something overrated does not mean a person hates it. Overrated is when something is given too much hype.

58 Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin
59 Horses - Patti Smith
60 Turn on the Bright Lights - Interpol
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