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61 Rubber Soul - The Beatles Rubber Soul - The Beatles
62 The Dutchess - Fergie The Dutchess - Fergie
63 Elephant - The White Stripes Elephant - The White Stripes
64 Ten - Pearl Jam Ten - Pearl Jam
65 E=MC² - Mariah Carey E=MC² - Mariah Carey
66 Music Box - Mariah Carey Music Box - Mariah Carey
67 Beautiful World - Take That Beautiful World - Take That
68 B'Day - Beyonce B'Day - Beyonce
69 Body Language - Kylie Minogue Body Language - Kylie Minogue
70 The Circus - Take That The Circus - Take That
71 Janet - Janet Jackson Janet - Janet Jackson
72 Let's Talk About Love - Celine Dion Let's Talk About Love - Celine Dion
73 The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

I truly enjoy this album, blast it in the car, memorized the lyrics, but I need everyone to really take a step back for a second. Let me play devil's advocate (not my own feelings)... It's a progressive album, but does that make it one of the best? Anyone can record several unused/unheard-of instruments into a repeating melody and claim it is the modern standard in the evolution of music. So let's put DSOTM on the same level as every album that was not so "progressive", three to (maybe) five songs actually stand out. Band On The Run had the title track, Jet, Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five, and Let Me Roll It. Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-nerd had extraordinary hits like Free Bird, Simple Man, Tuesday's Gone, and Gimme Three Steps. Sales don't account for the greatness of an album, neither does the impact on the time. What makes an album truly the best is universal application, hit after hit after hit, and a little bit of everything. I'm not claiming that DSOTM isn't a long standing ...more - RilesLee

In my personal opinion of course, I think the wall is by far much better than dark side

I used to think that until I realized how awesome dark Side is. Wall tells an awesome story and is one of the best albums ever, but Dark Side encompasses the entire human existence. - epicness2099

It's OK but greatest album of all time? No!

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74 Dive - Sarah Brightman Dive - Sarah Brightman
75 The Bodyguard - Whitney Houston The Bodyguard - Whitney Houston
76 Invincible - Michael Jackson Invincible - Michael Jackson
77 Awakening - Jackie Evancho Awakening - Jackie Evancho
78 Pinkerton - Weezer Pinkerton - Weezer

El Scorcho only gooder song, way different from their first album, what a let down.

79 X - Ed Sheeran X - Ed Sheeran
80 Close to the Edge - Yes Close to the Edge - Yes

Yes is one of my all-time favorite bands. This album is frequently considered to be Yes' best album. Some even consider it to be the greatest progressive rock album ever. It is neither. Good but endlessly over-rated.

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