Charlotte’s Web 1973 Movie Review

Non Disney animated movies were getting really popular during the late 60’s, and 70’s. It showed that any big name studio can make an animated movie that wasn’t Disney. One of those movies was Charlotte’s Web. An animated movie that released in 1973. It received positive reviews from critics, and was a Box Office success. I haven’t watched this movie in awhile. The last time I watched it was when I was 8 years old. I recently watched the movie, and here’s my thoughts on it.

You know what the plot is in Charlotte’s Web, a pig named Wilbur meets a spider named Charlotte. Charlotte saves Wilbur’s life by writing messages on her web. That’s the same plot in the movie. Since this movie released in 1973, the animation would be old. The movie was animated by Hanna Barbara. While the animation probably looked good in the 70’s, the animation doesn’t really hold up in today’s standards. It hasn’t really aged well. Another thing I didn’t really like about the movie is the fact the movie is a musical. Charlotte’s Web doesn’t really need to be a musical, but it is. Some of the songs in the movie I didn’t really like. They didn’t really fit into the movie at times. While some songs did, some other songs didn’t really fit in.

As for the characters, they’re fine but they really get annoying in some parts. The most annoying one probably has to be the goose. She says things sometimes in an accent that’s really annoying. I honestly can’t stand it. Templeton is also pretty annoying. Every time he says Charlotte’s name, it’s pretty annoying. He also has a song in the movie, and that song is also annoying. I wouldn’t call it the worst song in the movie, but it’s definitely not good either. As for Wilbur, well he’s fine. But he can be annoying in some parts. His voice can get whinny at some parts, and it’s really annoying. But that doesn’t really happen all the time, so that’s nice. Charlotte, and Fern are probably the best characters in the movie. They even sing songs in the movie that are pretty good. Especially since I didn’t really like some of the songs in the movie.

But there are some enjoyable things about the movie. I like how the movie stays true to the book. Almost every scene in the movie is similar to the book. There are some scenes that are pretty emotional as well too. But I have to say, if you want to watch a movie adaptation of Charlotte’s Web, watch the live action movie from 2006. It’s a really good movie even though it’s live action.

Overall, Charlotte’s Web can be an enjoyable movie. But the animation hasn’t really aged well, and the songs in the movie aren’t really good. But it’s still a somewhat decent adaptation of a beloved children’s book. Looking back on it, I find it very average. It’s not bad, just average. The live action version is much better. But at least it’s much better than the direct to home video sequel.

Final score for this movie: