Most Overrated Animated Movies

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21 The Nightmare Before Christmas

If anything this is underrated. - Ari00

22 Mulan
23 Cars 2
24 Fantasia

Criminally underrated in my opinion. The general population doesn't care too much for classical music. - Ari00

25 Treasure Planet
26 Megamind

Overrated? Not at all! It's my favorite movie, so I'd say underrated. - LarkwingFlight

I like Megamind.

Megamind is the only overrated movie on this list.

27 Ice Age: Continental Drift

Overrated Outside The United States
True Fact
Look At The Foreign Box Office Totals

28 Happy Feet
29 The Little Mermaid
30 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Underrated Dreamworks movie.

31 Madagascar
32 Sleeping Beauty
33 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

No, I DON'T mean "underrated". This is nearly always in any given persons top ten if not top five favorite Disney movies list and way too many people have cried about how "underrated" it is that the word has lost all meaning.

34 Moana
35 Lilo & Stitch
36 Mr. Peabody & Sherman
37 Hotel Transylvania 2
38 Toy Story 2
39 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
40 Cinderella
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