Linkin Park

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Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The members currently include Mike Shinoda (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ) and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park are associated with a mixture of Nu-metal more.


Listen, they experiment with what they have to offer. You may think they are bad nowadays because they where signed to a different company (after Meteora). The results came positive to some and negative to most. They ain't overrated because too many people listen to pop nowadays so they won't experience different genres of different music.

Well I like Linkin Park and I listen to different genres ( like New Wave, Rock, etc). - MusicalPony

I am LP stan but honestly they are overrated because in some regions like Asia no one knows any band except LP. But they should not be in top 10. People just don't understand that they just keep on experimenting with new music. Their first two albums- Hybrid Theory and Meteora were nu metal/hard rock - rap rock. Next- Minutes to Midnight was alternative rock with 1-2 songs of hard rock. Their next - A Thousand Suns was a total concept album, combining many elements of rock and some of hip hop, producing an electronica sound. Next- 'Living Things' was a masterpiece which perfectly combined so many rock elements. And Next - 'The Hunting Party' was heavier and alternative metal. They keep on mixing rock elements and producing new exotic music. Rock is incomplete without them.

The most pretentious, overrated band of all time. It's a sin the Beatles are above these guys. calling them experimental and influential is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. As a matter of fact, I guess you could say they are influential because they influence other bands to NOT sound like them. Being experimental takes a lot more than having a rapper in the band. - Doom

This is to tell some people who say that their all songs sound same - probably you've heard them only their first two albums. Just listen to Minutes to Midnight and Living Things. These two are the best albums. They are the definition of rock. You won't find single bad song on Minutes to Midnight except 1-2. And not even a single bad track on Living Things, literally not even a single bad track.

Is Linkin Park overrated? Probably! Linkin Park has a massive fanbase, Every artist that was ever praised by millions was overrated by default anyway.. Only means they're doing something right!

I couldn't agree more would probably be one or two though especially in front of the Beatles because I can't stand this band I listened to abit of one of there albums got bored after about two songs I mean is in the end really that big of a hit I mean this band is extremely overrated I hate looking at the top tens and seeing them top it in front of bands like nirvana and rage against the machine but I don't mind seeing them high on the list in this one because it pretty accurate

Everyone needs to shut the $@(? up about their songs all sounding the same. I will agree that the first two albums sound the same. I literally cannot sit through a whole sitting of listening to the album meteora. With living things every song brings something new to the album, that's why I like it. That and the hunting party

Why is Linkin Park even on this list.. Yeah, They changed their music but still they are awesome.. They set an example for every other similar Rock bands..

What is it with this site and Linkin Park. Best songs list their there, Best bands list #11, Best rap rock songs their there, groups that have gotten worse over time their there. Best albums list their #20. Make up you minds already

They Aren't Bad At all. They're great and their music is food too but they get the attention they deserve. Not more and not less.. that doesn't make them overrated

Ok, what the hell is the deal with this list? The majority of the greatest rock bands are on here. I get some of them; "30 seconds to Mars, One direction, Nirvana, and even though I love Guns N Roses I understand that one. But Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, Rise against? Nobody talks about Linkin park anymore, Rise agianst isn't even close to mainstream, and how many people can say they know more than 4 or 5 of Imagine Dragons' songs? Some of these bands I've never even heard of. I honestly believe people just vote because they don't like these bands. Half of Rock bands were just thrown on this list. Where the hell are the hip hop artists. That would make the most sense.

Does anyone know what overrated means?
Yes you outgrow them. But not overrated. They actually need more credit.
Get over Hybrid Theory and Meteora and listen to some of their better albums (Minutes To Midnight, A Thousand Suns). Innovative and intelligent

I do actually enjoy Linkin Park's music but many people don't realize just how similar their songs can be like, "Numb" and, "What I've Done." They are a good band and have a lot of talent but they are over rated.

I don't understand why everyone hates on Simple Plan because they're "unoriginal" or "boring."


Linking Park is the same damn thing. Literally ALL they're songs sound the same.

I love Linkin Park, but I agree they are overrated. People treat them like they're the best band that has ever walked the Earth and they're on every single list.

Just because Chester Bennington (RIP, he was a good singer despite the band's flaws) killed himself doesn't mean the band's music is good. - Sop

They stuck. Seriously. This band should have been forgotten over 10 years ago.

I really like Linkin Park, but they are extremely overrated, mainly because Chester Bennington has the potential to be a great singer, but never really reaches that level. - Elric-san

They're not that good. The only good song they made was In the end, and even that song got boring fast.

This band sucks. Rage Against The Machine and Faith No More are the only bands that did rap rock right. Linkin Park wishes they were even a quarter as good as those bands.

I'm tired of seeing linkin park everywhere - Sabbath

To me, they only had 2 really good albums. Hybrid Theory and Meteora. Almost all the songs on those 2 albums were great to rock out to and I enjoyed it a lot. Their next album, Minutes to Midnight was ok but after that, they just weren't the same. Their music lost their great nu metal songs that a lot of fans enjoyed.

They join my list of most overrated bands with Metallica and 30 seconds to mars. Seriously, this site has these bands taking up three of the top four rock bands of all time. Hello? Linkin Park has about one good album (Hybrid Theory) before they started to suck.

Fits right into your 10 year old record collection, loved by all the upper class kids who think that they have been "abused" and "had a hard life" because they failed a test at school, only scratches the surface of a
Alternative rock

Why is Linkin Park here? They are my favorite band. They have a unique style and amazing music. - BillyBobJoe