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Nirvana was an American grunge band that was formed in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. Nirvana disbanded after Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. The drummer of the band, David Grohl, went on to start the Foo-Fighters, an alternative rock band. more.


Seriously most overrated band. Most of the people haven't listened their much work, still they keep on calling them to be the best because Kurt committed suicide and suddenly they became a cult. I bet any random music listener won't like any of their songs except - Smells like teen spirit, heart shaped box and Lithium. No doubt Kurt was talented but he wasn't a good musician, because all their songs sound same with no variation. Just listen to them then you'll come to know.

I like some of Nirvana's songs and I get why they related to disgruntled teens in the 90s but I don't understand why they got that huge, I mean they where massive and the songs that they where playing at that time weren't that great, I think Bleach is a better album than anything they did. If Cobain didn't off himself they would only have made one or two more albums and wouldn't be talked about much anymore.

There music isn't supposed to be complex and I don't really see anyone ever saying that. I love their music especially In Utero though it is all great. Also not a single band is ever overrated. The people who like them like them and the people who don't don't. There is no overrated. I don't care what other people want to like and dislike calling something overrated basically comes down to "people should like this less than they do" which is wrong. People are free to like whatever they want and the term overrated only succeeds in causing anger and lack of good discussion.

Let's play a game of name the band. This band was very successful based on the strength of one song, which was only made popular because their lead singer was the first lead singer to be good looking and make grunge music. Through they had some okay songs, they are only judged by this one song only, and many people I know who are grunge fans can't even recognize one of their non-hit songs. Their songs were mostly about the same things (drugs, violence, and disobedience), but you honestly can't tell because of the amazing incomprehensible abilities of the lead singer. This lead singer is also only popular because he was good looking and was married to Courtney Love. Did I mention they were also master sellouts? This band is... Nirvana. For good 90s alt/grunge rock, I'd recommend RHCP, Pearl Jam, or Beck.

Nirvana is a rhythm savvy group with extremely deep emotional connections in there music. Nirvana is not overrated in my opinion, they have many great hits that influenced all of grunge. They did it all in only 3 albums, which goes to show the talent they had. Smells like Teens Spirit is an overrated song, but is typically the only song "fans" know. But the other hits are fairly underrated because of all the attention being hogged by teen spirit.

Idiots. If you think Nevermind is their best album, then you know nothing about the band. From the moment it became popular, Nirvana tried to steer clear of its sound and change it as much as possible. Hence, the reason why In Utero sounded so different (and better). Their first album Bleach is by far their best, but sadly I bet half the people that call themselves "Nirvana fans" haven't even heard it. So go listen to it (not just "About A Girl", but every song). - Kfox101

Where Do I Begin? First Of All The Only Good Song That They've Ever Written Is "Smells Like Teen Spirit" And An 8 Year Old Could Learn That In A Day. I Know I Did. That Just Proves How Talentless They Were. Second All The People Who Say Kurt's Voice Was Amazing Are NumbSkulls Because 1. You Never Understood What He Was singing 2. He Sounded Like He Was On A Ton Of Drugs (Which He Was). Third Is For The People Who Say Kurt And NIRVANA Are Better Than Led Zeppelin Don't Know What Music Is And When Robert Plant Screamed You Could Understand It And It Sounded Good. Let's Face It Nirvana Was Just Bad

I totally agree, he moans on every single song and the Rolling Stone should be ashamed to name him one of the greatest rock voices, when others not mentioned are better...
I really think he is one of those musicians that death pulled him to the top. - MC1989

They are a good band, but they are overrated. It isn't even so much Nirvana is overrated. It's Kurt Cobain. He wasn't very talented. At all. I like Nirvana, but his voice gets really old, really fast.

A band with only one song which is in fact some average piece (I know 2000 songs which are better than it, but not so popular). Though it is bearable anyway (I can say - not a bad average song), their other songs are just a joke. And this band is hailed as if one in the best ten? Completely ridiculous. Even worse bands like (brothers Gallagher band) are higher than them. Instrumentally amateurs. Even child can play this song. - ilper

It isn't a bad band I just doesn't understand why they has to be so negative about everything

Like them, but they've been overrated since Kurt blew his brains out. I vote them overrated, not because they get on my nerves like Metallica and Slipknot, but because they've always been given more attention than they've deserved.

Any fourteen-year-old could pick up a guitar and learn the entire Nirvana discography in one sitting. There was nothing musically groundbreaking about Nirvana. Although the Beatles are extremely overrated, they at least were revolutionary when they were happening.

All the dead artists I don't know why everyone thinks are the best because they died. eg: Michael jackson, whitney huston, amy winehouse, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, chuck schuldiner, cliff burton, bon scott... I don't say that they were bad artists but not the best. If Kurt was alive nirvana wouldn't be considered as the best grunge band. by the way rip all the above

Most overrated for sure. Of all the bands that came from seattle in the grunge era, Nirvana were worst. PERIOD!

Nirvana was not in any way important or influential. Grunge/alternative was popular beofre them, and many of the bands that people claim are inspired by Nirvana came before Nirvana's breakthrough. In terms of technical skills Dave Grohl was the only one who had anymore than some guy playing for fun. And that cool little dirt in Kurt Cobain's voice was already done before.

Everybody who thinks Nirvana is overrated only listened to Nevermind, which is, in my honest opinion, their worst record. It's really one-dimensional and boring. Listen to MTV Unplugged, In Utero and Bleach to understand why Nirvana is great.

A monkey could play every song on Nevermind and could learn the guitar solo on smells like teen spirit in less than a minute! That's how bad they are

Kurt knew that people don't care about lyrics so long as the hook's good. Proven by his own admission that most songs on their first album he wrote in one night. Marketing genius in the right place at the right time in the music scene. - Xean45

Nirvana should be #1 or #2 on this list. Without Kurt Cobain's suicide, Nirvana would have been almost forgotten and, today, the vast majority of people would see this band as a one-hit wonder. Besides "Smell like teen spirit", Nirvana never really had famous songs.

Sure they invented a new genre and only had 3 albums BUT THEIR MUSIC IS NOT THAT GOOD. "Smells like teen spirit" does not deserve to be anywhere close to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Metallica on the list of top 10 best songs!

Definitely overrated, especially considering the vastly superior grunge bands from their time. Most Nirvana "fans" don't even bother to listen to the bands that influenced them, like Pixies and Sonic Youth.

NIRVANA is very overrated, but I'm a really bug fan

I always wondered, if Kurt didn't off himself, would he be seen as a talentless hack like Fred Durst or whatever the guy from Nickelback's name is? - Nickelstickman

They were emo pussies and inspired no single good band. They're not punk. Just pop-rock.

Nirvana is just garbage. The guitar sucks, Kurt Cobain sang like he literally had marbles in his mouth, it's the same repetitive trash over and over again with every song, and they're very boring and uninteresting to listen to.