Twenty One Pilots

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Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo that originates from Columbus, Ohio. Currently there are two members. The lead singer, Tyler Joseph, and the drummer, Josh Dun. At the 2016 American Music Awards, they won two AMAs for Favorite Pop/Rock Artist, and Favorite Alternative Artist. Twenty One more.


I don't like their music but I'm not going to judge the band members. What I do hate is their fanbase. I'm pretty sure it's mostly hipsters. All I said was "Oh I don't really like 21 Pilots" and they flipped out and yelled at me. What even is their genre of music? It reminds me of mixing things that taste good into a blender to create a nightmarish concoction. People have told me that twenty one pilots is so good because they are against suicide. Their intentions don't make their music any better. - Saccharina

THANK GOD THERE ARE OTHERS WHO FEEL LIKE ME. I am a (kinda new) My Chemical Romance fan, and it seems that everyone thinks these guys are emo and that they are better than legendary emo bands. I got mad, but I still liked them. UNTIL THEIR STUPID COVER OF CANCER. Some people think it's better than the original (by the way, ITS NOT) and others have never HEARD OF the original AND THINK ITS TOP's SONG (Meaning they wrote it) THEY didn't. They're just some weird dubstep rappers that like singing like Reggae people and making their necks black and showing off their undies at the Grammys. Everyone take cover before they cover Green Day.

Twenty Øne Piløts are not the best ever and they are changing and growing (when I say they I mean only two people, the drummer and the songwriter/singer/rapper) and yeah they have gotten very popular it's because of the lyrics. Now, someone else said that "Car Radio" was about having anxiety because some stole the radio, that's not what it's about. It's more that they (and a lot of people) use the radio as a sort of static to ignore their thoughts by distracting their minds. It is a very poetic song. Also, a lot of the songs are pretty different from one another unlike a lot of pop bands. This means they might not prefect an instrumental sound but, it also means that they will not just be some one hit pop song with no meaning. If you don't enjoy it that's fine and don't look as the few extreme fanatics. All and all, not overly hyped (prohaps a few people are very excited because they enjoy the meaning and delivery of it but that will simmer down) and well written with fair ...more

This right here is pop-rap with a little too much pop. And whining. Whoever the vocalist is he has some of the most pretentious (not that a Twenty One Pilots fan would know what "pretentious" means without a quick Google search) lyrics I have ever heard, they (and their fans) also seem to think that genre hopping makes them "special" and their fanbase will drone on and on and on and on about how important their annoyingly rapped, poorly written lyrics are. Another thing is how the band tries so hard to be ambiguous (look that one up too, Twenty One Pilots fans) when in reality their lyrics can be deciphered by teenage girls, aka all of their fans. They are overrated.

Eh they're okay if I'm gonna be honest. Although I didn't like how you were stereotyping Twenty One Pilots fans as immature, brainless idiots because not all of them are like that. My 19 year old sister for instance is very mature and smart for her age (seriously she plans to go to med school someday) and is a fan of them. - Anonymousxcxc

I like them as a band but then they blew up and there songs got overplayed and now they sound like any other band, and I am a fan of them but I'm not afraid to say when I hate their songs, like the time ride got outplayed and some people I know get really buttery if I make a few comments on them, I wished they hadn't blown up because then there music wouldn't have started sounding generic and there fans wouldn't be so annoying.

Coming from a huge Twenty One Pilots fan, (not a teenage girl by the way lol), they are overrated. Their songs are overrated as well. (Stressed Out, Ride, Heathens, Cancer for sure) However, I suggest you give them a listen before you start speaking badly about them. I suggest you try Message Man on Blurryface and Guns For Hands on Vessel. My favorites. (Also, I know what pretentious and ambiguous mean thanks) (Yes, I know the Clique is annoying) - iLuc

What's so great about them? Most overrated band ever. You fangirls don't know real music. The music is...okay, decent at best. I hope they split apart so you people can stop obsessing over them.

Twenty One Pilots is very overrated. A good deal of their fans act as if they are some kind of pioneers. All the band does is pander to their fan base. A vast majority of their songs are autotuned and beat corrected, which winds up sucking out a lot of the personality they try so desperately to have. The lyrics are trying so hard to be edgy and "dark", when in reality they just come off as self pity and general whining, while also trying to maintain a sense of mystery, despite the tweenaged fanbase being able to figure out the "hidden" meaning to the songs. These are only a few reasons why Twenty One Pilots is overrated.

You can't talk crap about the songs like one guy said car radio is one of the worst songs he's ever heard,you don't understand it, hell I've heard it like 25 times and have been told what it means but I still don't understand it. I believe that song with fairly local are the only songs they've made that I even remotely dislike also if you want to talk about over rated go listen to hotline bling and then say you like Drake and Drake in general

I hate that band they should be number 1 because they are just losers that have only 2 people per band with no bass guitar or guitar they played guitar only in one song and sounded terrible there song writing is terrible teen girls my age think they are real Rock artists but They are listening to the wrong bands and in my opinion they are just 2 losers with just a terrible pop band

Put them in the top 5. This band pisses me off to infinite levels. Everyone at my school never shuts the hell up about these annoying rejects. A lot of people adore these little skid-marks because they kept trying to be My Chemical Romance 2.0, but they aren't even good at doing that! There are a couple of songs from Twenty One Pilots that I actually don't mind like: Stressed out, Heavydirtysoul and Heathens, But the rest is just whiny and obnoxious BS. It's not a good thing to bring up these failures in heavy metal and rock discussions, they're pop-punk at best. BUT! I could forgive all of this - ALL OF IT... If the fan base wasn't full of such mentally challenged juvenile junkies. Whenever a big youtuber slightly mentions them the entire comment section just turns into complete sewer drainage. Screw these losers. Burn in hell. - TheMETALgiant

They're essentially The White Stripes mixed with Green Day and Fall Out Boy. No unique style, no specialty in lyricism or instrumentals, no real greatness. Compare their music to that of the earliest records of legendary rock bands and you'll find they're just average. - naFrovivuS

Their songs are retarded for example "Car Radio" what the hell were they smoking. "Heathens" All they are talking about are feelings like ALL their songs. "Ride" Overrated song that is bland. All I can say Twenty One Pilots is overrated and has retarded songs and obnoxious fan as well. - spodermanfan1000

As Twenty One Pilots is my favorite band, I don't necessarily agree with you, but you are entitled to your opinion. (Even though most of the fanbase is teenage girls. I hate that haha.) - iLuc

The fan base ruined them. They obsess, and I mean OBSESS over them. The fans are a bunch of hipster fan girls that worship Tyler. If you insult the band or their music, be prepared for hell. - Ayazo

Why do people call these guys a rock band. This is 100% pop - Himalayansalt

This should not be behind Metallica. At least Metallica has quality music. - Psi

The most overrated band in history by far. Their only fans are teens who think that they have a bad life or who think that it's cool music. I wouldn't even call them a music group

Music is good but fanbase is trash - iLuc

I'm a fan of their band for sure, and even I know some fans dedicate themselves to the band by wasting their lives focusing on one and only one enjoyment of their's. I'd give their music and lyrics plenty of credit any day, but I notice a few problems plenty of listers find annoying.

My thoughts on what their band's (maybe? )-issue?
#1: There's only a few times there's anything to counteract the themes they use over and over again. Suicide prevention and self-depreciation deserve plenty of talking about, but TØP typically doesn't do anything new with their thoughts on it. Metaphor after metaphor, feeling after feeling, over and over.

I like anything and everything I like for certain and different reasons than the next interest of mine (duh?! ) and barely think about substance like "what a unrealistic, overwhelming, problematic plot! " but instead like having fun listening to, reading, or watching something. I don't ignore what other people say on my favorite shows, ...more

I hate this band with burning passion. They're fangirls are phillistines who don't know real music. "Twenty One Pilots have the most deepest lyrics" Bull, I can name 10 bands that can create better lyrics in a heartbeat. Fangirls are directing kids away from real music and onto this piece of garbage.

Seriously the only songs I enjoyed are Car Radio and Fall Away. Ride and Heathens have gotten old.

They're not original. They're not groundbreaking. They're just another crappy pop band, and that's it.

Their drummer sucks they can't sing they are so band and should stop now

Post script.
Also, the lack of distractions (because of the stolen car radio) is what causes him to become more and more distressed because of pre existing anxiety. Lot's of road and nothing but your thoughts can do that.