Most Overrated Best Picture Oscar Winners

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1 Titanic

Finally, the Titanic wins first place for being overrated! Whenever a discussion about the Titanic comes up, however, no ever mentions the first 45 minutes. They took place in the present day. When I first watched this movie, I was bored out of my mind during the first 45 minutes. It was just a waste of film. Some theorized that James Cameron only made this so he could see the wreckage of the Titanic (he did, twice)!

I hate that movie with a burning passion. Never understood why such a piece of garbage got so many nominations when there are dozens of excellent films. I also despise Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet and refuse to watch any of their movies. - MissionImpossible

Actually L. A Confidential didn't deserve to win either. The most deserving nominee in Titanic's year was The Full Monty.

Beats Good Will Hunting, L.A. confidential - Hernandez1614

2 Forrest Gump

This movie didn't deserved to get so much attention. It's an ok movie and the best performance came from Sally Field ( not Tom Hanks who won an oscar for it ), but it's certainly not one of the greatest movies of all time ( if you had to believe all the attention and awards this movie did get ). Too overrated!

How is this film overrated?

Beat Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction - Hernandez1614

3 The Hurt Locker

Beat District 9, Inglourious Basterds, Up, etc. - Hernandez1614

District 9 so should have gotten it, that film was not well recognised enough.

4 Shakespeare In Love

How this film won so many Oscars in the same year that the similar, but far superior, Elizabeth came out is beyond my comprehension. I don't know anyone who considers Shakespeare in Love a particularly good film.

Beats Saving Private Ryan - Hernandez1614

5 Slumdog Millionaire

Beat Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Milk, The Reader. THE DARK KNIGHT WASN'T EVEN NOMINATED! - Hernandez1614

6 American Beauty

Beats The Green Mile, The Sixth Sense, etc. - Hernandez1614

7 Crash

It beat Brokeback Mountain.

Too much to your face

Brockback Mountain, Munich, etc. - Hernandez1614

8 Chicago
9 Rocky

I like the movie, but compared to "Taxi Driver," it was pretty weak. - dureckl

10 The King's Speech

How on EARTH this beat any of other nominees is beyond me, by FAR, The Social Network should have won.

Beat the social network, toy story 3, black swan, and INCEPTION

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11 Schindler's List
12 Moonlight

That whole "Oscar flub" wouldn't have been a flub if it weren't for #OscarsSoWhite.

13 The Departed

Watch this movie and say you don't want your two and a half hours back.

14 Million Dollar Baby
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