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1 Eva Green - Casino Royale Eva Green - Casino Royale

Cringe. Creepy smile, way too much makeup, and no presence on screen. She looks like a hungry barracuda.

Nothing special about her. She is very overrated, weak and annoying - Alexandr

Her eyes are so unnatural creepy. I can't believe that she was casted to play a Bond girl ( What connections, media and nepotism can do! ). Mucho overrated!

Traitorous bitch

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2 Honor Blackman - Goldfinger

Although it's close with Halle berry good finger is the most overrated film in the series it was one of those films that wasn't any good but still got a decent reception and galore is one reason why

I liked her but don't think she was one of the best bond girls. Not even close - Alexandr

3 Halle Berry - Die Another Day Halle Berry - Die Another Day

She was horrible. Can't believe people loved her overacting and showing-off - Alexandr

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4 Shirley Eaton - Goldfinger

So just because she had "golden" death we must praise her? She didn't show any acting talent and she wasn't even that beautiful - Alexandr

5 Jill St. John - Diamonds Are Forever

Definitely one of the worst bond girls - horrible look, behaviour. Not to mention stupid and weak - Alexandr

6 Diana Rigg - On Her Majesty's Secret Service

People love her because she had a very strong relationships with Bond but I think she was annoying and ugly. Just my opinion - Alexandr

7 Barbara Bach - The Spy Who Loved Me

Just overrated. I don't think she was bad but not great at the same time - Alexandr

8 Barbara Carrera - Never Say Never Again

Evil villainesses always were very popular but I don't see anything special about Carrera. She overacted all the time. Her treatment was so artificial - Alexandr

9 Daniela Bianchi - From Russia with Love

This girl showed so weak acting. Her character must have been smart and strong. She didn't show it - Alexandr

10 Lotte Lenya - From Russia with Love
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