Adventure Time

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Adventure Time is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network. The series follows the adventures of a boy named Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada) and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio)—a dog with the magical power to change shape more.


Cartoons have lost their touch. They used up all the good ideas with Scooby Doo, Simpsons, Looney Tunes and SpongeBob. Now they think they can act like complete idiots with very annoying sounds. I believe that is all they are doing in Sanjay & Craig, Adventure Time and Regular Show. These shows annoy the hell out of me and I want to smash my head on the toaster. Even Dora, My Little Pony, Ed Edd and Eddy, Family Guy and Breadwinners are better than that. And those are also bad shows. They seem to want to shake butts all the time. What message is this to kids? I am sick to death with it. Some people don't learn when to stop. Simpsons lost its Magic, Family Guy has become disgusting, SpongeBob hasn't made a hit episode for years and Ben 10 is still going? What!

How is this not number one. Everything about this show sucks! Keep in mind this is a list for overrated cartoons. There is no denying that this is the most overrated show in history. It has gotten to the point where there is merchandise for everything in every store. I just hate it. The humor is dumbed down and immature, yet too mature for the five-year olds I see wearing the merch, and somehow, too immature for the people I see in there twenties wearing it. Watch two minutes of this show and you should feel dumber immediately. The opening theme is like a trip on shrooms. Just know that if you love this show, I probably hate you for supporting the most mind numbing and horribly nonsensical show to ever exist.

Adventure Time is really overrated. The show itself has a bad story (except for the Ice King stuff everyone is talking about), and some characters act like if they were obligated to be jerks/dumbs. Yeah, this show has really sad moments, but it has the kind of humor than makes kids to "act like dumbs" like Sponge Bob (wich must be on a really high place too on this list). Still it's a good show, but it has the " I MUST TALK ABOUT THIS" from many annyoing people on social webs like Facebook.
Sorry if I misspelled something, my first language isn't english.

I'd expect a random show from the guy who also worked on Rocko's Modern Life, and it's random as heck, but it's not the greatest show ever. Everywhere I go I see at least one person wearing Adventure Time merch. Every day at school, I hear someone talk about this show. It's an okay show, but the creepy (in a bad way) animation style and the immature jokes just weigh this down. Oh well, I guess I still have Batman TAS.

Show is so overrated. Many kids that I know watch this believe it is the best cartoon ever, even better than Looney Tunes. This show is really bland and one of the most boring cartoons to date that I have seen. Kids only like this because the other cartoons that are on CN today are atrocious compared to it (cept for Regular Show). I miss Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Samurai Jack, and the old Spongebob. :(

I despise this show with a passion! There's nothing good about it! It should be canceled! No wonder why it got a 4th season and people still like it!

I honestly don't understand why people hate adventure time so much, many episodes either introduce new characters, develop existing characters or make a really funny/ interesting episode ( King worm and Jake suit). The trick with adventure time is to never watch the first season and most of the second one. - kempokid

Terrible overrated cartoon. Most of the episodes have terrible, stupid boring plots, the characters are bland. The only good thing was the Ice King/ Marceline apacolypse plot, but besides that this show is not good. People like this show due to the fact that the other cartoons on CN are terrible. Great cartoons such as Courage the Cowardly dog, Samurai Jack (won 4 Emmys) Batman The Animated Series, Fosters Home (won 7 Emmys), and Dexters Lab makes this show a generic show that is mediocre at best.

I don't hate this show, but I don't love it either. The humour is weak, the plots are hit or miss, and there's only 3 characters I found myself liking (ice king, Jake, and marceline) the shows insanely over merchandised, and I have a bad feeling that its going to end up like SpongeBob where the show will start getting worse.

People in my school love it! This show just wants people to have a butt transplant. Literally. I always wake up 6:30am on Cartoon Network for Ninjago and then adventure time is on when I'm waiting for Mordecai and Darwin to kickstart my day. Butt humour, the plots are stupid and I hated this show from the beginning. Just cancel this. Its overrated and last year it got a Mcdonalds happy meal toy brand. Kill me please

One of the WORST cartoons on the planet! And unlike a lot of cartoons on Cartoon Network, it's being continued. It's just got a godawful sense of humor that rots your brain to mush if you were to watch it. Definitely deserves no. 1

This show is one of the only good cartoons on Cartoon Network right now. maybe you've seen better shows but hey, this is what good you have today. and with six seasons so far and counting, they must be doing something right. so in short, the show may be overrated but what other cartoon could you watch right now and still look forward to?

Theme song and Finn are both so annoying - Ajkloth

Super Mario Bros. plots is better than Adventure time plots. because what?
Adventure time = Super Mario Bros. Rip-off.

It's lost its touch. The show relies constantly on the same jokes, innuendos, and other plot lines that it gets so boring. It practically teaches children to swear and misbehave, and the people still on this show are hypocritical. *cough* Emily Partridge *cough*.

I tried to watch the show but it was too immature. I watch the 20 episodes I watched from the first seasons and it was terrible, the creator seems to have a fetish with butts because he every episode has at least one butt joke, and he forced us to see every single character's butt. This makes the show feel likes it was made for 5 years olds.

The art design isn't that great and seems like a 1st grader could do better. The adult humor is overused and feels like the show should be something on adult swim. Also, in roughly half of the episodes don't even have the "adventure" this so-called "show" promises.

I agree with many. This show is overrated!

Reasons why:

Well, this deteriorated my childhood. Let's look what they did wrong:

It has so many explicit scenes. (ex. Finn saw a naked Marceline who is taking a bath in the episode "Marceline's Closet")

Trying to make it in anime, but the anime version of this show never exists, only in fanfiction.

Annoying lines of some characters. (except for Lady Rainicorn, who is speaking in Korean)

Ice King is a pedophile. (always obsessed with young princesses)

So, so overrated!

My friend raved about this show, saying it was AWESOME and AMAZING and SUPER GREAT and I HAD TO WATCH IT... and then I did, and was completely unimpressed. It's not a bad show, just not nearly as great as so many seem to think.

This show is totally overrated and but dubs, it sucks! Make it stop, already!

The characters are clones of other great characters. This show is a mix of legend of Zelda, Mario, and a load of cocaine. The animation is ugly, the characters are strange, the humor is mediocre, the plot is overused and take it self way to seriously. - spodermanfan1000

Someone cancel this already! I am getting sick and tired of Cartoon Network cancelling the good shows and putting in crappy ones! By far, this is the most overrated and annoying behind SpongeBob. Just cancel this!

It's putrid, disgusting, teaches kids to act out, and takes too many hiatuses. Not to mention it's been on air for far too long. It needs to go, along with its egotistical crew, (looking at you, Emily Partridge).

I am very sorry but I tried to watch this show but I stopped after 7 minutes of the first episode, the plot and characters are so damn idiotic.

Why isn't this #1? Here are lots of AT fans out there who are not respecting opinions. And he show itself is so boring and overrated. Sure, map is overrated, but I don't thing the show, but the FANBASE. Get this back to first.