My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a children's animated fantasy television series developed by Lauren Faust, produced by Hasbro Studios and DHX Media Vancouver . Despite the target demographic of young girls, Friendship Is Magic has also gained a large following of older viewers, mainly young and more.


I still don't understand why grown men watch this crap (not because its for girls) it's because there is nothing special about it, the characters are annoying and uninteresting, the setting is a generic cliched fantasy land, the background ponies are even more annoying, the plots are weak, I hate the songs. Etc. I guess people like it because they have nothing else to do or maybe people like bright animation but one thing is for sure Indian shows are way more overrated.

I honestly don't see why people, even guys, like it. All of the stories and characters are just based on cliches. And the characters are just plain annoying. And the fighting is just the ponies chick fighting and it's really annoying. And plus, it was originally aimed for little children. So this is just a really stupid show in my opinion, steer away from it. The ponies possess you!


This piece of brainwashing @$%# should be #1 because nobody watches naruto. All people want to do is skip Transformers (best toys ever) and jack off to these ponies and these horrid monsters named bronies don't care about a cancelled show all they want to do is to take over and infect the internet with their lousy brony pride and possibly take over the world.

My little pony is the mashed potatoes of the cartoon world. It's bland, full of chunks, and so many people adore it and mix it with tons of different foods, saying it makes the other foods better. And for me, personally, I gag on it every time I try to eat it.

I am sick to my stomach of this cartoon. The day it goes away will be a day great for humanity. But that won't be for a couple of decades sadly, going by how the pathetic bronies are dependent on how. This isn't just overrated, its basic existence is an insult.

I think its more overrated than anything else and why is digimon on this list

Wild Kratts is much better than this piece of overrated junk! Check that show out, it teaches any type of animals and it has adventure comedy to be a combination of both education and entertainment!

I hate this show with a burning passion. I really hate Rarity since she's really annoying and her British accent fails.

Bronies are stupid. They think they are manly but in the end people laughs at them because they behave like retards.

The show isn't horrible, but it's SO OVErrated! 5 out of the 6 main characters are bland and boring. Why do so many people love this show?

What's the point of "love and tolerate" when the fandom disrespect people's opinions, not everybody should like it.

I have nothing against the show, but its fandom really annoys me!

The most mind poisoning cartoon show EVER!

I have actually seen quite an abundance of animation errors in MLP, so let's skip over that. The morals are usually well-executed throughout the plotline of the episode. Sometimes, though, I wish the characters would show more, rather than tell us the lesson, if that makes sense. Aside from that, I agree that the fandom can be a bit... much. Honestly, I would just ignore those creepily extreme bronies and enjoy the aspects of the fandom that are safe and creative. The characters, I agree, are not always the most likeable (though Twilight will always be my favorite, no matter what). Still, don't allow an annoying fandom to turn you off from a good show or make you believe that it's overrated. I didn't let the god-awful Billdip shipping stop me from enjoying Sock Opera (Gravity Falls). In fact, I was pretty surprised to see MLP as #1 on this list- I was mainly expecting SpongeBob to be honest. Overall, I don't think this show is that overrated, or at least not anymore (though I have ...more

This should be number 1. The show itself is a brainwashing machine and possessed many existing males to convert into bronies and treat the show like a religion. But cloppers are even worse than bronies. So much pony porn all over the internet! The show didn't make sense at some parts at all!

What's so great about the show and the movies? They are so overrated, girly, and stupid!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is The Worst Cartoon Ever For Kids To Watch in Their Eyes Pinkie Pie is Cute But So Annoying Rarity is a Beautiful Mare Too But Not Very And Extremely Awful Especially Applejack Rainbow Dash Twilight Sparkle Ever Since She Was Transformed Into a Princess By Beautiful Princess Celestia She is Also Being a Bad Character Worst Cartoon Characters of all time.

This show is enchanted to make men fall in love with it.

Twilight teaches girls to want to learn instead focusing on other things like beauty. I love this show. Even though I'm 24 year old woman. Why do we have put age limit and labels on everything. The morals of this series is carefully put into perspective although it's directed to children it's a stroke of genius in some aspects to this show. The finally made a main character smart instead of beautiful. That's girl power. Since there not many female scientists like 1 out of 7 that's 14% out if 100. I say..go ponies!

It is meant for educational purposes, but the entertainment in this show doesn't seem to interest me at all. I don't know why people are praising this show as something special, but it's just so darn mediocre.

My rating on this show:
Rating: 7.0/10
Grade Letter: C-

Good morals and animation, especially for education and learning friendship, but entertainment is NOT worth it. It is cute, but NOT the best; sometimes annoying.

This show is quite sweet and cute but it's fandom is the complete opposite. The amount of creepy porn of the ponies is honestly SCARY. What's even creepier is that a large proportion of its fans are middle aged men. I'm not saying that men can't watch things like this but when they take over and stop the shows INTENDED audience from enjoying it (5 year olds), then you know something isn't quite right.

If you say that this is the best show ever, including the movies from this show, then you are an idiot.

This better be number 1 on this list.

Some of the music is just stupid and unnecessary, but once every few episodes they hit gold. Have you even heard this day aria? Just go listen to it! This fandom is animators, producers, voice actors, singers, composers, musicians, script writers, and more all coming together to weekly think up a new plot and conflict for over a hundred episodes. Not one of you on here could do that, or come up with ideas half as good as what they do every sing or episode.