Steven Universe

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Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The show's based around a young boy by the name of Steven Universe, who is a hybrid of a gem and a human. He lives with his gem friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.


I am like, 99.9% sure that this show is only super popular because of the LGBT and minority representation it has. If it didn't have those things, nobody would pay attention to this show. And don't even tell me that's not true, the show exploded in popularity far beyond its much more tame level once that "Jailbreak" episode aired which is the episode where it was revealed that the show has canon lesbians. Also, it's getting really tiresome seeing everyone try to copy the art style that isn't even that great.

I cannot believe I had to scroll this far to find this one on the list, I saved my vote just for it. Steven Universe is EVERYWHERE. Especially on Tumblr, because of how "progressive" it is. Look you bunch of sheeps, just because something has representation does not instantly make it good. Also the art style looks stupid and everyone and their dog is imitating it,

It's a greatly overrated show, indeed. The fandom is utterly creepy. You know what's sad to see? Really talented young artists on Tumblr just imitating that silly drawing style. Come on, people, you can do better than that.

Well it's official guys, the new trick to getting people to watch your cartoon, now it doesn't matter what the show is about or the overall quality of it, as long as you throw some LGBT or minority representation in there tons of people will watch it, and they'll claim they watch it for different reasons even though it's quite clear that the representations are the only reason they watch it, and to all the fans out there who think I'm wrong I say this, "if you think the representation stuff isn't the only reason why people watch it then why is it the first thing you bring up when you're trying to convince someone to watch the show? "

Receives more praise than shows like a Gravity Falls and Star vs. the Forces of Evil, but honestly, it doesn't deserve it. Sure, I agree that it was nice for them to have a range of diversity and homosexual relationships, but that seems to be the only reason why people appreciate it. They give off emotion through nothing but sheer tears and musical numbers, and it's been done so much that it has become forced. The show is pretty solid and I will not deny, is good at teaching some very valuable lessons, but honestly, it's not a 10/10 show and is most definitely overrated.

I do like SU but fans overrated it too much... on a poll here I saw some people to say that it is the best fandom. But no... fans almost made a person commit suicide because of her art style! Their pvs and fan animations are getting annoying! Stronger than you, what can I do for you and almost all songs of this show are truly overrated. Fans keep calling it the best show on earth! I can point out some major flaws. One of them is that steven is overly idealised. Before you start to say "HE ISN'T IDEALISED! YOU ARE A HATER! " listen please ok? He has almost everything a mary sue/ gary stu needs. Sad backtory ( his mother died), his powers ( If you think of that he has much more powers than any other crystal gem: he can create some type of a ball shield, this shield has spikes, he can levitate, his levitation matches his mood, he can create shield REAL SHIELD, he can heal people well he healed Connie, he can heal gems), there are no any people in a beach town to ever hate him ...more

This show's fanbase is the worst. It's like the PewDiePie fanbase of cartoons.

The show is pretty good and is quite enjoyable to watch for all ages but it's fandom is TERRIBLE. Bear in mind, this is coming from a fan. They bullied a teenager so much that she commuted suicide. Did they stop there? No, they still posted nasty comments on the girls art work. Why did they do it? Because she drew a character slightly thinner than what she looks like I'm the show

I watched the first 3 episodes and I was immediately turned off by Steven, in short terms, he's a fat, annoying brat with a pig nose, a mouth that won't shut up, a Brillo haircut, and a pair of celestial guardians (fairy godparents? ) Either way I don't like the way he looks, the way he talks, or his orientation in the series. The crystal gems are charming enough where I can almost forgive the series, but the sentient refrigerator with the special Diamond in his Belly button (seriously, of all the places they could have chosen? ) will have to wait for me to ignore him enough to get a fresh start on this series. - Therevengewedge

You didn't really give it a chance. I disliked at first too, but it becomes much better halfway through the first season - purpleyoshi98

Oh boy, this show exploded in popularity thanks to Garnet being a lesbian, but then the female fan base turned savage and tried to kill each other over fanart. There's also the stupid obsession the Fandom has with Peridot, or Peri-Dork as I call this hole, since there's nothing redeeming about the character.

The fandom nearly made a girl commit suicide, and THEY WERE UNMOVED! - Goatworlds

I guess a show is technically overrated due to its fanbase, and in Steven's case, we have one of the worst fanbases of all time here. They worship it, and they are too stubborn to watch anything else. However, Steven Universe is a great show when you're excluding the fanbase. How the fans act is not Ms. Sugar's fault, but their parents', other fans', and anything else that would encourage this horrific behavior in a person.

Awesome show just bad fanbase. They judge by how you draw the characters especially if its off by a little bit they still complain about it.

This cartoon is okay but everybody says this show is the best but the characters are so blind and the plots are a mix of stupid and serious just like adventure time! - spodermanfan1000

Worse fandom in the world plus I just can't get into the designs. It tries to be a mix of Western and Eastern styles doused in this colorful shimmer or brights.

Started off strong, now it's dedicated to lesbian girls always fighting with each other, while the Fandom obsessed over a midget/green troll named Peridot. It needs to end.

It is not even a good show. It is too cliche and utterly terrible. Tumblr is the reason why this show is famous.

The show is okay but the fanbase put me off for life.

While the show is half-decent, I'm sick of it being rated as one of the best shows of all time. - kempokid

I like the show and watch it for the plot, but it isn't as good as you think. The animation goes crazy and the art style changes half-way through the episode, some of the characters have either no personality, or little character development where it is due(Like Lapis and Jasper where they should have gotten more of an explanation or screen time, or Topaz who should be barely considered a character.) Also, let's not talk about the fanbase, they think the moral of the show is
"Be gay, lol." While that was only a choice by Rebecca Sugar, she didn't do it because it was gay but to make a statement that she could have creative choice within a cartoon, yet that doesn't mean the fact that some characters are gay is the whole point of the show.

This show is quite awesome, but the fanbase! Ugh! The fans of this show drove someone to suicide!

I hate this show because of the fandom/fanbase. I don't care what anyone says. The show isn't that bad, but people talk about this show too much.

Steven Universe is an amazing show. However, the fandom gives it way too much credit.

I don't like this show I don't understand anything in it I want to just watch YouTube - Puppytart

Don't strangle me, but honestly I don't understand the hate