Top 10 Most Overrated Cities


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21 San Diego San Diego

This city is sooo overrated! So oo oo oo overpriced and not even close to worth it! Ug! - acchill1

22 Vancouver

Most overrated city ever, according to many, its "beautiful" in reality, it's a hellhole of ugly buildings, a Montreal ripoff, wanna go to a REAL lively beautiful city? Choose Montreal or Toronto, because this is simply hideous

After having visited it multiple times, its not nearly as good as they say, I'm a Montrealer, and its just expensive ugly and boring in Vancouver

While Canada is underrated, Vancouver is the most overrated city in Canada lol.
It is really beautiful though

23 Philadelphia Philadelphia
24 Singapore

Singapore is so overrated because of it's great shopping opportunities, expensive hotels, modern skyline and great airport.

25 Austin
26 Tehran
27 Sydney

As an Australian - it's just expensive and boring. Who really travels across the world to see a bridge? There ain't nothing else there

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