Jim Carrey

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James Eugene "Jim" Carrey is a Canadian American actor, comedian, impressionist, screenwriter, and producer. He is well known for comedic roles in films such as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask , Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, The Cable Guy, Liar Liar, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, ...read more.


Jim Carrey is the same person in every movie. He is over the top all the damn time: there is no nuance to his comedy. He's a goony, annoying hack. I have enjoyed one of his movies, and that was "The Truman Show"--the only movie in which he didn't act like he was a four year old. Those voices and faces are cheap gimmicks and will never, ever be funny.

One of the most awful comedians of all time. Relies on one gimmick (his stupid voices and faces) which is terrible to begin with. Only people of extremely low intelligence would find his in the slightest way amusing.

Since I like some of his movies and thought he was good on In Living Color, I decided to watch a few of his old stand-up gigs. It's the most worthless excuse for "comedy" I've ever heard. All he ever does is talk in wacky over-done voices and make ridiculous faces. I think he also said something about an orgasm, seemed like he was just trying too hard to be edgy with that one and it just came across as lame.

Awful stuff. Jim, stupid voices and making faces can only fill so much time. At some point you need to get into some ACTUAL material. I'm sure his stand up is hilarious to fourth-graders, but you can count me out.

Agreed! This man has NEVER been funny EVER! His style of humor stops being funny around first grade. He is a truly good actor though. He should just stay away from comedy.

I find this guy's humour puerile, facile and weak. He's probably one of the most unfunny people ever born. I read recently that he's bipolar, which would explain his on-screen manic energy - but not excuse it. And before everyone jumps on my back, I've got bipolar too, but I don't think I'm funny when I am high - usually I'm just annoying. Can you see the link there?

Jim Carrey doesn't belong on here! Sure, there's a segment of the population who doesn't like the over the top animated comedians, but to those who do, Carrey's the best ever at it.
Some peeps have this thing where they hate when it seems like a comedian is trying too hard (that's me with Robin Williams), but anyone who's ever been on a set with Carrey says that's his real personality. And good luck finding anyone on a set with Carrey not laughing at his insanely talented gyrations.

He is terrible, needs to be further up on this list. He is a rabid over actor in all of his movies. Recently he's going nuts over his anti-gun stance and in in barest himself with stupid videos and comments. I'd like to see him go back to Canada, for good

I don't know. I guess I don't get it. Laughing at Jim Carrey is about like laughing at The Three Stooges. It seems like it's more about the funny faces he makes. I guess if you're into that kinda sh! t, than you might like him. He never made me laugh really unless he occasionally had a funny line in one of his movies. He's a lot like Kevin Hart. It's more of a physical comedy that I never really got into.

He is so overrated. Best actor ever? Mediocre at best. All he ever does is make stupid faces and stupid sounds, and when he tries to be serious, it still looks like he's trying to be funny. He shouldn't have won an award for "The Truman Show."

Crazy, positive, great humor. What else there is to say? He does not belong in this list. Maybe the new Dumb and Dumber brought him here, and quite rightfully so.

His claim to fame was being the token white guy on In Living Colour. He was the weakest link on that show. He got even worse when he was given full length movies. He did OK in some of the serious dramatic roles where the directors reigned him in. But in comedic roles he is terrible. His name on a film that is considered a comedy always means I can save $20 and a few hours.

Completely unfunny actor with over reacting actions that keep my face neutral if not disgusted. On top of that, 95% of his fanbase is made of (autistic) 12 year olds that copy him with annoying sounds and jumping into walls while making crazy faced, because hoho that's so funny and original.

He doesn't even do stand-up. I think this list should be only stand up comedians. There could be another list of comedic actors. Also, have you ever heard him speak? He seems like an awesome guy.

Oh and go watch "In Living Color". End of argument.

It was so palatable that you could taste the man was at the bottom of his comedy barrel in dumb and dumber 2. He needs the silver bullet of accepting the 90's are well and truly over for his style of entertainment

I think he over does everything in a very annoying way. I've only liked him in dumb and dumber and the cable guy. Other then that he really comes off as someone with a few screws loose and not in a good way.

Jim is very intelligent and sensitive...too smart for Hollywood. His early comedies were indeed slapstick but also social commentary. Love him.

Absolutely not, take him off this list. Jim Carrey is a legendary comedian, and while he was never as renowned for his standup career his movie work is classic and brilliant. He is not overrated.

Stupid. His whole gig is faces. He's not that good at it. Too forced.

I think Jim carrey over does every thing and don't like it. I just think that he make Stupid noises in his movies that are not funny to me

Jim Carry's attempts at being funny always involve his stupid facial expressions.

TOO annoying, I can't stand watching his movies.

Jim Carrey should be number one on this list... Anyone that disagrees with his being on the list has no humor. I have spoken.

Sorry, my daughter totally gets his humor and I hope it is in some of his better performances because he is mostly way over the line sad clown!

I've never actually found him funny and he's always the same character in every movie. a spaz. it gets old really fast just like the man child thing will ferrel does. The noises and expressions he makes are not comical and just come across as creepy.

Jim Carrey isn't really a comedian he's more like a clown. Clowns can be funny, but they are still clowns.