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81 Adam Carolla Adam Carolla

How could anyone consider this vile human being as a comedian? Never been funny!

Not a good comedian but very funny conversationalist. Don't know if I'd say he's overrated because he isn't really known for his comedy.

Never heard of him. That probably sums it up.

An--Incredible carpenter --- then gifted us with incredible comedy skills.
From the Man Show team to his follow up career with
morning commuter radio /club shows/T.V. handyman show.
Together with Jimmy Kimmel they set the standard for
adult/ non-political funny works..Most. without the trace of Sarah Silverman Slime or Sleep Walking David Letterman Libtard -isms

82 Stephen Lynch
83 Kumial Nanjiani

Stand-up about your cat shouldn't be considered comedy

I want to worship this guy most days

84 Pauly Shore Pauly Shore

Never was funny, just acted stoned all the time.

Can't imagine that he ever quit working at the convenience store.

Only reason he got a job at any club was because his daddy and mommy owned the club...! Really! They owned the club.

Total friggen idiot... and so very unfunny.

85 David Letterman David Letterman David Michael Letterman is an American former television and radio host, comedian, writer, producer, and actor.

So into himself that he can't get the funny across! I hate when he jabs at people with his liberal commentary. This guy thinks he's far more respected than he is!

All he does is just tell stories! However, he actually once was funny.

86 Vince Vaughn Vince Vaughn

Please find a job for Vince at a Taco Bell. Maybe then I will not have to suffer his presence in film!

I won't honor his lame professional profile with a comment...

He and Owen Wilson give each other hand jobs. A tough guy in True Detective 2? Right. I had to stop watching.

87 Norm Macdonald Norm Macdonald

So desperate, you could pay him 5 bucks to wash your car and call it a comedy.

As funny as any Comedian who ever lived. Hilarious on SNL. Will tackle anything or anyone.

88 Brian Regan Brian Regan Brian Joseph Regan is an American stand-up comedian who uses observational, sarcastic, and self-deprecating humor.

Get Brian Regan off of this list right now. He is hilarious. He (unlike George Carlin) can make people laugh without swearing or offending anyone, which is a rare feat in the world of stand-up comedy. One of my two favorite comedians of all time (Jim Gaffigan).

Brian Regan is hilarious. He doesn't rely on vulgarity or shock to be funny.

You have to remember that this is the most "overrated" list. Brian is funny and he's even got a few hilarious bits but he's not nearly as hilarious as a lot of underrated comedians I can think of. If you listen to his stuff beyond "boxen", you'll realize he's not really funny enough to be a headliner.

This guy is funny! - Pegasister12

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89 Cedric the Entertainer

Terrible... famous for being fat and black

I did enjoy his stand-up Taking You Higher

Surprised to see that This guy is not even in here yet! He is one of the worst comics I have ever had the misfortune of hearing. He is a big d bag.

90 Emo Philips

This man is not over-rated, he is under rated. If his odd voice throws you off, his comedic craft more than makes up for it.

Emo lives his goofy character. Other comedians say he won't even drop it when they're just hanging out having beers. Very dedicated and very funny.

I just saw a picture of Emo, looks like a bad satirical version of John Lennon! Hope I never see any of his standup.

He looks like the fifth Beatles member!

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91 Tommy Wiseau Tommy Wiseau Tommy Wiseau is a director, screenwriter, producer, and actor based in the United States . He is best known for The Room, which has been described by many critics as "one of the worst movies ever made" and has gained cult film status .
92 Kevin Nealon Kevin Nealon
93 Jim Gaffigan Jim Gaffigan James Christopher "Jim" Gaffigan is an American stand-up comedian, actor, voice-over artist, and author.

Gaffigan is amazing. I like him for the same reasons I like Brian Regan. His clean, non-offensive material is what I appreciate about him, not that I am an easily offended person. I appreciate comedians that can make people laugh without swearing and offending people because it requires much more thought and talent.

If you like fat, bland, borderline retarded thought-process "jokes", here's your champion! "And go buy a Chrysler minivan, you dumb fat Americans"! Total garbage.

Jim Gaffigan is a stupid fatso who sits around talking about hot pockets in stupid voices all day long. Worse than Vince Vaughn. Worse than Adam Sandler. Worse than Eddie Murphie. Although, maybe you might find Jim funny if you are like six years old

I've personally never liked Jim Gaffigans stand up.

94 Carrot Top Carrot Top Scott Thompson, known by the stage name Carrot Top, is an American stand-up comedian, actor, director, producer, writer, and best known for his bright red hair, prop comedy, and self-deprecating humor.

I don't know if I'd say Carrot Top is overrated. He's not funny, but most people know it.

I like Carrot Top. Some of his props flop...but others are very funny and clever.

95 Kristin Kreuk Kristin Kreuk
96 Roseanne Barr Roseanne Barr Roseanne Cherrie Barr is an American actress, comedian, writer, television producer, director, and 2012 presidential nominee of the California-based Peace and Freedom Party.
97 Drew Carey Drew Carey

Say what you want, but this guy is genius! I used to watch The Drew Carey show all the time, very funny guy!

He's not funny, just annoying and a nobody.

I used to like him when he was fat. I don't like him anymore. If he gets fat again I will like him again. But for now he sucks just lije everybody else on this list.

98 Ralphie May

I just watched a special, well part of a special, I think he was one of the most awful comedians I have seen. His jokes were predictable and it seems he falls back on racism and his obesity too much. Overall I though he was not funny. Sorry Ralphie.

Ralphie can be funny when he's not totally wasted. When he got up on stage at Wiseguys, I thought he was going to pass out before he even got started. Jokes were horribly timed. As he sobered up a bit though, he got funnier.

99 John Pinette John Pinette
100 John Mulaney

He sound's like 90's sitcom character and his jokes are of the same caliber. Each one sounds like, "What's the deal with airline food?! Am I right?! Like come on! " His delivery is so cartoony that it sounds like he's reading a script (hence sounding like a sitcom character). My grandmother might think he's funny, MIGHT.

Totally not a ripoff of a certain 1990s comedian or anything...

He's easily one of the most hillarious comedians ever

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