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101 James Acaster
102 Atze Schröder
103 George Carlin George Carlin

Who the hell wrote this? Carlin is indisputably one of the greatest comedians of all time, arguably the best (along with Pryor and Bruce). The person who put him on here is clearly a narrow-minded, cynic who does not understand the art of standup comedy on a larger scale. My guess is that this is the work of someone young, probably under the age of 20 who can only appreciate new comedians that cater to the modern sense of humor. This person needs a much broader view of the history of comedy: Carlin was one of the most influential and talented comedians of all time, he is a legend and a genius. Take him off this list.

Carlin isn't supposed to be entirely funny, the man was a philosopher and I'd go as far as calling him a genius. He spoke about important matters and spoke the truth

His so-called "jokes" basically consisted of bashing religion and right-wing politics. Of course, because he did these sorts of bits, he was called a genius, that's just how the world unfortunately works. I mean, I've listened to pieces of his stand up, and this old curmudgeon is so beyond unfunny that I don't even think there's a word for it.

Simply not funny. A preacher for pseudo-intellectual hipster chin scratchers.

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104 Chris Rock Chris Rock

One of the best comedians in stand up history.

Honestly, just go to one of his shows. People applaud more than laugh because he doesn't really do jokes, he just states facts.

Most annoying man ever, and looks like a donkey. Have never even chuckled at anything he has said.

Relies too much on delivery and not on unique content.

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105 Joan Rivers Joan Rivers Joan Alexandra Molinsky, better known as Joan Rivers, was an American comedian, actress, writer, producer, and television host noted for her often controversial comedic persona - where she was alternately self-deprecating or sharply acerbic, especially toward celebrities and politicians.

I never could stand her.

Oh my God! She is the most annoying comic ever! Every time I saw her on T.V. , I wanted to slap the plastic right off her face. Her nasal voice makes me want to cry and her comedy wasn't really that funny.

This harpy is dead,don't worry Melissa will milk her own talentlentless shallow impression on mediocrity SOON.

The bitch is dead,long live the bitch.

106 Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert Stephen Tyrone Colbert is an American comedian, writer, producer, actor, media critic, and television host.

His constant sarcasm just gets grating after a period of time watching him. And there are times when he doesn't come across parodying others so much as he comes across as just another ass with a T.V. show.

I must admit, he seems like an extremely nice man! Is he entertaining? Yes. Funny, I'm not quite sure.

He's not a comic. He's a gimmick actor, hence the reason that late show ratings are trash.

The comments for Colbert are pretty telling. People don't like him because he is way over their heads.
The comedians who make it big for the masses are unintelligent fools like Dane Cook, Larry the Cable Douche and Gabriel Iglesias.

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107 Steve Martin Steve Martin

He used to be funny... That is if you remember how ridiculous lounge performers could be...

He has that innocence in him that I like. He rarely ever uses vulgarity to get his humor across. Really pleasing to watch his movies!

I just don't find him funny. He is good on banjo though.

Excuuse me, but steve martin is not funny in my opinion. although I somehow enjoyed ' the jerk'

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