United States

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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


USA is very overrated. They are arrogant and they think they are the most powerful military on Earth. YES, they have the largest military budget, but budget doesn't always equal power. Their weapons are overpriced even compared to some European weapons and they never won a war ON THEIR OWN even during the War For Independence they had an outside help. Their entertainment now sucks too - new movies and music are not as good as the old ones. Also, they are slowly losing influence all around the Globe and their economy is nearing a new recession. - BearSoviet

What is making Haiti at the first place, I'm chilean and I'm completely disagree with booklover1. Haiti is poor so they can't fix the buildings destroyed, but Chile can, it doesn't matter which earthquake was worst, the important is how will it matter on the country. United States always think they're the most important country, and they call theyselves America, so there aren't more American countrys?

Americans aren't very kind. They are half kind & half mean. They try to act how they want. That is mean for good people because if you are a good person then you should act good. You should be perfect. (WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TRYING TO SAY). Everyone is like this everyone can be mean and others can be nice. I am sure everyone in France per say is nice (Not targeting France at all just an example). And then you go on to how you don't like the English Language. Well than move away, clearly it isn't that big of a deal because you still live here.

I am an immigrant who's lived over 30 years in America and I can tell you that this place is one of the most overrated country on earth. People are rude, dirty, has no manners, you can't argue with anyone because of gun violence, racially motivated attacks occur daily. America is filled with every losers on planet. You will see dumb morons from just every race, ethnicity. I hate this has been, half way bankrupt, dying hole country called united crap of America.

Just always think they're the most powerful country in the world and keep playing with the sentiments of others

Totes overrated; because of Hollywood everyone thinks that they live like superstars in massive houses with perfect families living in them, whose teens get stroppy but are forgiven - when does that ever happen in British teen characters? I've seen the poverty in America and it's so sad when you compare it to the average family.

Don't get me wrong I just think that too much is asked of them seen as they have the biggest national financial debt and they haven't got a good healthcare system! - thetopten

So many stupid people, ignorant and annoying. No history and culture at all, megalomanic politicians and a brutal lack of respect to other countries and nations around the world. Their diplomacy is strictly orientated to causing major global conflicts and destroying communities from Uganda to Tuvalu. Fat people, the most unpaid taxes out of any other country, massacres and mass shootings occur daily from Alaska to Florida, many poor and uneducated people... Sad, but all of this is the uglu truth...

United States is a country with no culture, there's racism as if it were 1944 Nazi Germany, and kids who smoke weed like if it were candy, the girls are stuck-up and the guys are complete ass, as soon as I have the chance to move to Canada I will take it

Yes. So poo overrated here. The Pacific northwest is decent, but the politicians are corrupt, not enough concern in environment, too many people, not free (capital punishment is evil people), and power-hungry.

United States is somewhat overrated knowing that it ignores it's own dismal human rights violations by interfering the legitimate right of Israel to defend herself from hostile countries. Israel has every legitimate right to reclaim biblical lands that was stolen by the hostile oppressors attempt to destroy the Blblical homeland of the Israelites. Also due to Israel's small size which makes it difficult to defend herself from hostile neighbors. And the US cannot distinguish the KKK and the Nazis as legitimate terrorists to the Islamic terrorists of the Middle East(excluding Israel).

This really is the most overrated country in the world.

I'm from this country but I think that most of the crap we get is true. I want to give the spotlight to another country for a change...

As Rage against the machine said, "What? The land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy! "

As a former American, this is the most accurate ranking. For sure. And the most underrated nation in my opinion is my current nation, the heaven on earth, Australia.

Americans are not kind they will always try to murder you but if ya looking for a place to be killed America is the place for you

This is the most overrated country ever

Not trying to be mean but how in the hell can a country be considered "overrated"? - Metalmaniakkk

I like how USA is out in #1 in all statistics. Let me check the country of origin, oh statistics collected in the USA. You can never believe Statistics/

America was founded by the illuminati.

well, if you make a top ten list about the most overrated countries; USA should be at least in the top ten! - rock2metal

America a country where they believe the moon landing is fake, but wrestling is real and Trump is a self made man of the people.

Especially those brain dead American troll asses who surf the internet

United States is a country where the people are so stupid and weird, I mean there's kids smoking weed like if it were candy and all the girls are stuckup and the guys are complete ass, as soon as I have the opportunity to move to Canada I will take it

America has a lot to give but there are many other amazing countries.