Most Overrated Cricketers of India

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1 Rohit Sharma

Rohit and Kohli both are really talented. Both have the talent to carry forward SACHIN's legacy but the probably with Rohit is : He thinks he is better than SACHIN already and hence never feels a need to learn from his mistakes. He also doesn't respect the opposition (his remark on amir in Asia cup and champions trophy). On the other hand Kohli is a quick learner and respects the opposition. In conclusion he is nothing more than a flat track bully and just because he has the talent doesn't mean he is the greatest batsman as tagged by his followers

Saying talented rohit sharma is insult of word talent



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2 Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is a former Indian cricketer and captain, widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

Tendulkar is not over rated. It is just people not agreeing to it are jealous of his success. He has been the sole reason for people watching cricket in India for nearly two decades. His performance and records speaks for itself and is the best way to keep anyone shut. People tend to get jealous seeing other's success.

In India people are so driven by passion. I mean seriously "GOD OF CRICKET"? He would have been a normal, respected legend had he been born in another country, but here media & folks not only overrated him in his prime, they are still getting ecstatic beholding him now. He alone didn't win the matches & has a worst win record as captain. Let it go guys, another sachin may not be born again, but certainly a better someone is on the cards.

He great player, and most importantly a great person. Its not easy to play for India (considering the expectations). He has been consistent for a greater part of his career and is rightly considered by many other cricketers to be the best.

Played more for records and personal glory over team interests. Was never match winner or good captain. A shrewd business man, who wanted to earn crores of money, and not have the dignity of clearing his gifted Ferrari's customs. Was at his worst from 2011-13, but still dragged around his career for the greed of 100 international tons and 200 tests, at the cost fielding a virtually 10 man a side for those two and a half years. Overrated, selfish and overentitled. Only IAF had the balls to kick him out from honorary squadron leader rank. The Bharat Ratna was sham to seduce the gullible, naïve and jingoistic sycophants, and so was the Rajya Sabha MP nomination, by the UPA, to save it's ass.

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3 Ishant Sharma

He has got more chances than any other more deserving bowler. Doesn't have the spark. Has to be dropped permanently

He's not overrated... People do think him as a bad cricketer... But they should give him a chance to prove his abilities like faulkner had said/////...

One of the greatest bowlers to ever bowl, I personally think that he is a legend, good job ishant

Underrated, really good bowler

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4 Virat Kohli

To be honest he's simple a mediocre domestic type player at best... just scoring plenty of runs and Centuries against substandard and pathetic bowling attack and that too on flat wickets doesn't make anyone a great batsmen as how he is chanted and hailed by his obsessive knucklehead fans who doesn't even possess a slight understanding of the game... if you just have a look at his records in both the format not including nonsensical T20s, most of his runs came against weak bowling attacks in the flat dead pitches of India, Subcontinent & Australia... can't forget the 2014 Australian Tour where he smacked 4 Centuries and all of them were on flat cement smooth pitches where there was no hope left for the bowlers to do anything except for running and pitching the ball... if you've observed the only match in that series i.e. 2nd Test in Brisbane where the pitch was challenging, fast, nipping and bouncing a hell lot and guess what he failed to even get the ball on the bat and bit the dust ...more

Virat is all passion, enthusiastic and diligence but none of maturity, class and temperament. Well if he doesn't possess the latter then at best he a good cricketer if not a great one. So yes he is overrated.

He doesn't belong to the international league. He doesn't possess the technique or the skills/temperament to survive in the top level.

True story he is the most overrated player of all time

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5 Irfan Pathan

The most promising bowler of India

Sabse chutiya player..self-destructed his abilities

6 S. Sreesanth

Another arrogant player, fortunately became the scapegoat to save all the big players in the match-fixing scandal.

7 Ajit Agarkar

virat kohli should not be in th list... agarkar deserve the first place...

Medium pace at best. Would contribute 25 with the bat at max. Felt like he was only their as Indias talent pool was lacking back then!

8 Ravindra Jadeja

This guy is good for nothing cricketer in India. He is neither good in bowling nor batting. Just an average cricket.

The most overrated and pathetic Cricketer of all time...possesses neither batting nor bowling skills and talent whatsoever...merely a good fielder...he is lucky and fortunate to have the backing and trust of MS Dhoni despite chronic failures...he should be kicked out of the team...

Indian selectors should have given chance to all-rounders which have proven them in domestic cricket much better than jadeja but dhoni showing confidence in him +few match-winning knocks is too much for selectors. at least in t-20 Indian national team, he should not be allowed at all; there prevails good bench strength besides him to be tested.

He never have won any game for India... He's never able to fulfill the role of neither a reliable tail-ender nor a pinch slogger...esp in ODI or T20I

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9 Yusuf Pathan

The worst cricketer in this list. Look at the amount he gets paid by kkr and then look at his contributions. It tells everything

He is the definition of cricket pervert if he plays for nationals side. He is a player of IPL for which he had said "critics don't know how hard I work" it is his moral duty not to dream of spoiling Indian side again.

Blinded by the money in IPL and thinks he is indispensable. Made millions already, so no more motivation to play for his country or franchise.

Can't play.

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10 Ramesh Powar

One of the finest gems ever laid a step on the cricket field.

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11 Yuvraj Singh

100% True...
But, Young 'Virat Kohli' Should Not Be on The List. Who Avgs Over 50 Runs in ODI Matches. He Have Lot To Prove.

You are right. But sachin also should be here. Yuvral plays a nice innings once in every 2 years. I am an Indian. But I think he's just hype created by media. He's got no class. Just an angry young man who thinks he is the best. Steven Smith is a lot better than him.

Why the hell virat? He is great in every aspect of the game. he is the future and by the way yuvraj has no consistency.

Yuvraj has had his good times, yes. But that in no way justifies his selection in 2016. God! It's been almost 5 years since his WC heroics. Will people ever let go? The WC performance is no longer a criterion. His fans justify his selection by invoking the sympathy of his cancer travails. Well, they just lend credence to my point. He's gone through a hell lot to be the same player, and it's good enough for him that he can still play. But he by no means is he nternational class. And if he is, he better prove that on the domestic circuit and not act like a priviliged arse who gets a free pass every time the side's one man short. He doesn't deserve to be within a mile of the current side. The selectors, as usual bringing in the good ol' corruption and favouritism, and his unrelenting and insufferable fanbase is doing the rest.

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12 Ravichandran Ashwin

Most overrated player in world cricket... Absolutely useless and doesn't get any wickets because of ability but because of slow speeds and luck

Very arrogant person

Best all rounder in the world because he is from Tamil Nadu

Nathan Lyon, Steve O'Keeffe, Mitchell santner, in past Graeme Swann and monty panesar also took wickets in Indian pitches. If those any spinner played in Asian pitches like ashwin played. They would be also record broken spin bowlers. He is the greatest spinner in turning pitches only. Most overrated player in cricket history. Taking tail ender wickets for 5 wicket hauls.

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13 Sourav Ganguly Sourav Ganguly Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, affectionately known as Dada, is a former Indian cricketer and captain of the Indian national team.

Mostly the hype is given by the people of west bengal, because they don't have other glories to cherish about. There is nothing good about the his batting skills after 2000 he played good in some matches till 2000 after that he was only going through the fame he created years back. He is the most overrated cricketer we will ever see in our life again

Undoubtedly he is the most over rated batsman and captain who played only for personal glory and has proved it time and again

He should be number one. Why is he at number 11. There is no more overrated batsman or captain than this guy. How many lines have I got to write before I can post this?

India Had One Captain that is DADA

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14 Mahendra Singh Dhoni

We have better wicket-keepers in India and cannot consider him a proper batsman, he needs dead pitches to blast that too once in a while. In 73 test n 219 odis he has made just 5 test hundreds n 8 odi 100s and has never succeeded to score a 100 outside the indian subcontinent

He is overrated captain. India would have won 2011 world cup even without him

The most worthless player ever.

Useless now

15 Suresh Raina

He is the best1

My favourite cricketer

Suresh raina is the best...

My favourite player

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16 Hardik Pandya

Worst player ever



Most arrogant and egoistic cricketer.
Arrogant facial expressions every time

17 Ravi Shastri

Failed as a player and is even worse as incharge of the current Indian cricket team. There is nothing that he brings to the table. All he is interested in is making money by hook or by crook.

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18 Shahid Afridi

Lol. Shahid Afridi is from Pakistan, not India.

I just agree Afridi is overrated

Morons! He is from Pakistan!

19 Harbhajan Singh

Chucked and has a bad temperment

20 Cheteshwar Pujara
21 Ashish Nehra

No Need, He;s an awesome cricket - Adron

22 Virender Sehwag

Idiotic player.

God Knows why everyone like him.. even though he's not India's best batsman after Sachin... - Adron

23 Zaheer Khan

Gets Wickets but leaks too many runs.
Not A very fit cricketer too.
Neither a very good fielder

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