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1 Xbox 360

You need to pay for an online multiplayer service, the controller is downright huge and clumsy with the battery pack on the back, no Internet browser, older models need adapter for wireless Internet, fan base is mostly prepubescent boys, uses DVD/HD-DVD, which means smaller games, technical problems, such as the Red Ring of Death, and the disk scratching issue, hardware is inferior to the PS3 hardware, doesn't come with charging mechanism for controller, nor does it come with a cord to connect to the console and/or PC.

You have to PAY for online, the graphics aren't as good as everybody says they are, all the xbox gamers say xbox is amazing and ps3's rubbish- why? The xbox isn't exactly complete crap, (I am a ps3 gamer) but it's no where near as good as it's built up to be. Oh, and Playstation on this list? THE REVOLUTION OF GREAT GAMING. If we never had PS, we wouldn't have ps3. No Infamous, no Uncharted, no littlebigplanet- and we'd all have to pay to play online. NO!

The XBOX 360 exclusives are boring to me. I regret buying a XBOX 360. The only exclusive that was decent was Fable 2 in my opinion. Wii & PS3 has way better exclusives then XBOX 360. I don't like Halo, GOW 1, Crackdown gets old fast. The XBOX 360 doesn't have any quality exclusives in my opinion. I enjoyed my Sega Dreamcast days better then my days having a XBOX 360. For those who like it enjoy, but I just don't like XBOX. - quantaerobinson

I have one and I rarely ever play on it. Why? Because I'm afraid of Xbox. Don't get me started with the fandom!

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2 Playstation 3

The controllers feel so uncomfortable. In my opinion, I like the xbox 360 much better. (I have both, so I have a good idea on which console I prefer).

Too expensive for too long, disappointing controller with bad analogue sticks, weakly implemented online services, weak security system, frequently has inferior third party games, way too complex hardware that doesn't give the benefits its expense suggests and is too difficult to develop for, blu ray drive is too slow for games and mandatory hard drive installs are a frequent annoyance, utter arrogance from a Sony and missed opportunity to build off of the success of PS2.

Amazing console, but overrated to the point where it makes me sick. Good console? Yes! Best console ever, let alone best Sony console? NO!

Xbox 360 is better.

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3 Xbox One

It's not even out yet and has way too much hype over it! The Kinect sucks, the console looks lame, it is more about television than gaming, the controller seems to be worse than its predecessor, and has NOTHING to offer the gaming community other than great graphics. Halo 5 will be the first game from my all time favorite FPS franchise that I do not purchase because I'm not getting this. Not to mention that Nintendo is the only company who consistently releases consoles with backwards compatibility.

As of the beginning of 2015, the Xbox One has seen really lackluster games for the sales of the console it gets. 2014 was a terrible year for gaming in general, but mostly for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This console makes the Wii U look like a god. Maybe in the next few years, this will change, but as of now, the console isn't living up to its promise. - Zeebs

Microsoft, is this a television, or a gaming console?!

Way to move backward microsoft. every time you play there is an update, all games have to be installed, constant glitches, can't play old games, tiny hard drive, must have xbox account for split screen, who thought this was a good idea!

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4 Playstation 4

Its a very nice console, slightly overrated also but... Not a bad one.

It's just the same thing. I call this the PlayStation 3.5.

I was excited at the reveal, and at E3. Now I have a useless box with Infamous being the only game I have enjoyed... And it was still a letdown from Infamous 2.

Eh take this off! This console is best! - wenkernboys01

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5 Nintendo Wii

The controller is a bit odd besides that it had good games like donkey kong country returns super Mario galaxy but I hear many people complain about the graphics and I can agree with that actually

But do graphics make a game good? No. The Nintendo Wii is my system of choice, and despite having technology based off the Nintendo GameCube, which means 2001 graphics, the Wii is way better than any of the high-tech systems such as the PlayStation 3.

First of all this console is designed for children and adults, not teens. And they don't care or don't know what graphics is so it is low anyway, and the wii in later years became extremely underrated - Harri666

IPhone is more overrated because at least this plays real games like megaman and super Mario bros. The iPhone has nothing at all except non-game games (I can't even call these causal games. It is that bad) These games Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and Flappy bird are not even close to even being real games. iPhone also has a butchered version of both Megaman 2 and Megaman X due to horrible controls and Miro-transactions.
In other words, IPhone/Smartphone is the most overrated and Wii is a close 2nd.

Wii mini is most popular but camera inside of Wii sensor bar - wenkernboys01

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6 Playstation 2

This sold better than the Xbox or Gamecube, but I think BOTH of its competitors were superior. The Xbox didn't need memory cards, and the Gamecube was Nintendo (enough said). Also, they both had better controllers and four controller ports instead of two.

Came out after the dreamcast and was less powerful, cost more. Unacceptable. I will give it credit, though. The DVD player built in was a good idea, and had a lot of good games.

The console that was overrun by licensed games. Especially since the best games that were original utterly destroyed by licensed Game's. Psyconauts is an example. Plus the only game I have fond memories of is Star Wars battlefront 1 and 2. I wish I had a GameCube because it was such a great system and was way cheaper and more powerful. Witch is not usual for Nintendo. The only reason why 'this sold well is because of the DVD drive. Gosh darn

The PS2 breaks easier by being dropped than an Xbox, 360 or Xbox One. And not to mention anything made by Nintendo. - computerfan0

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7 Nintendo 64

WHAT! This was a living god of the 64bit era!

It was a good console and all, but many of it's great exclusives aged badly. And the controller had a horrible analog stick. - SuperNESBrony

Although it had some amazing games, most of them haven't aged well, the controller looked like it was made for aliens, and used still cartridges when discs were becoming very popular.

But Nintendo 64 controller analog stick is stupid flaw - wenkernboys01

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8 Nintendo Entertainment System

While the NES was revolutionary and played a huge part in saving the gaming industry it's just not that great of a system. There are many good games on it don't get me wrong, but there is not even 1 game on the NES where I would want to replay it over and over again and yes I had a NES. the Super Nintendo is miles apart a better console.

If people think that this was preferred over the genesis they're wrong. When the genesis came out, it was passing it in terms of sales. Nintendo panicked, and released the SNES. It's a good system, but people need to stop throwing it on a pedestal, and worshiping it

Because it's Nintendo it's automatically the best in absolutely everything... Yeah.

(Not really, SMS was more powerful and 2600 had a better library)

Nes is just basic game console by Nintendo since first console making. - wenkernboys01

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9 Nintendo Wii U Nintendo Wii U

This console is extremely underrated, how many times have I said this? Nonononono don't give all the credit to Xbox, get over here you! - Harri666

It's only thought to be overrated because of little third-party support. But nobody cares about third party games when you have Mario, Link, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Toad, etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

So crap, developers don't want to make games for it, however I do hate how now that just because PlayStation and Xbox have crap like Call of Duty everyone hates on Nintendo consoles. Ones like SNES and N64 practically made video games what they are today. Also the 3DS is so underrated. It's so fun and addictive with so many great titles to choose from. STOP HATING ON Nintendo. - ShadowArceus736

This Makes Xb1 And PS4 Look Underrated, really Look At How high Xb1 and ps4 are ranked on worst game consoles list, yet this is at the bottom because Nintendrones Are Crybabies - VideoGamefan5

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10 PC

Better than everything else. I understand the convenience of consoles, but now it's gone. You have to do the same thing with consoles today, just with crappy graphics. PC games always had better graphics than consoles did. Now it's less expensive to have a PC because of steam. I understand why people had game consoles in the 90's and early 2000's but now consoles are all crap

PCs aren't even classified as consoles, the people who voted for this need to get their heads checked.

One major fault - can't trade in games after activation! - Skullkid755

Just another stupid ass console peasant who thinks that only fat people play on PC. - GamigDude800

And another even stupid person who thinks people who play consoles are peasants.

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? Xbox One S Xbox One S V 1 Comment
? PlayStation 4 Pro PlayStation 4 Pro

I have Xbox One and I haven't use it since this game to the house, Heavy Rain, Until Dawn, Beyond Two are just way better looking than Xone ones, can't wait to get my hands to Detroit Become Human

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11 Nintendo Gamecube

What in the heck is PlayStation 2 Doing on this list!? Also gamecube is awesome!

This is a great console but the problem is that people nowadays treat it like it's the most amazing thing ever. Every console has their strengths and weaknesses, not every console is perfect.

This was actually one of the most Underrated consoles. - Gamefreak23788

The GameCube is so underrated! This shouldn't even be ON the list!

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12 Xbox
13 Playstation

It's the best PlayStation of the bunch, sure it had it's bad games, but there were many titles for various genres, not like today where a lot is shooter-based stuff. (Don't get me wrong I like shooters but if anything is overrated it's the shooter genre).

The only reason it was successful was the fact that it was easy to program for. The first controller sucked. The d pad was awful to use with fighting games. Beyond metal gear solid, it was just a bunch of watered down ports. The Saturn and N64 was way better. Even the 3do was better

It is RIDICULOUS to me that anyone would even THINK to buy this instead of the N64. I've played two of it's greatest hits: Rugrats and Crash Bandicoot, and NEITHER of them were very good.

What the hell...PlayStation is best ever - wenkernboys01

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14 Playstation Vita Playstation Vita

Do we really need a portable PlayStation

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15 PlayStation Portable V 3 Comments
16 Super Nintendo

This was a great system. It was revolutionary. That being said, it does get a little too much credit. It had the L and R shoulder buttons, which were good, but kind of unnecessary for 16 bit games. They were awkward to use with fighting games, especially street fighter 2. The controllers in my opinion were too small, and fatigued my hands after a while. The Genesis was 50 US dollars less, and had just as good games, and a more comfortable controller (still didn't have enough buttons, though). This is too opinion based, but that is what I believe. Don't get me wrong though, the SNES was an outstanding piece of hardware, I think just a tad too much credit.

Snes is awesome why is it on this list it had video games that REALLY pushed the limits like donkey kong country and star fox

The Super Nintendo is a game system I really like. However, I believe it's a bit overrated, as it overshadowed the Sega Genesis, which was considerably better. I'd pick Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, Road Rash, Toejam and Earl, and Ghouls n' Ghosts over Super Mario World, Star Fox, Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Donkey Kong Country any day.

They had extreme competition from the Genesis. Both were successful, and the SNES is given way too much credit

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17 Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS

What is this doing on THIS list? Did someone think it was for the best consoles?


Best console on earth! And this should at least be in the top five because you can get amazing games that you can't get on other devices and its small and easy to take around with you and its not only games, you can also do a couple of other things too so that's why the 3DS is such a good console!

3DS is very good handheld console but major problems...

1. lack of second circle pad... psvita got dual joysticks... Nintendo is cut of second joysticks only have one joysticks on 3DS... addona is coming for that but its bad because second joysticks addons had lack of ports need, if you want to charge 3ds battery while you still attached a second joysticks addons for 3DS, you need to pull out the addon itself fron 3DS which is crazy.

2. touch screen is resistive, lack of multitouch support.

3. screen is not really bright, even with brightness adjust.

4. it does not have gameboy cartridge slots

5. they use full size SD card... again... Nintendo still put full size SD card on 3DS... we still use micro SD card which is crazy... Nintendo is do with new 3DS xl with micro SD slots but if you want to swap micro SD on 3DS xl new, you need to remove the bottom cover by unscrew you screws which is crazy and micro SD slots on new 3DS xl does not support up to ...more - wenkernboys01

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18 Nintendo Switch
19 Commodore 64
20 Nintendo GameBoy

One more overrated gameboy model is gameboy micro, it lack of backwards compatibility. - wenkernboys01

It's weird how this outsold the gamegear. The gamegear was in color, and you could actually see the screen

But battery life was practically none on the Game Gear. Game Boy's batteries could easily last over a day. - computerfan0

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