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Saul Hudson, known professionally as Slash, is a British-American musician and songwriter. He is best known as the lead guitarist of the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses, with whom he achieved worldwide success in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


I really like his playing, but still, there are a lot better players than he is. I am NOT saying that he is a bad player. I just don't understand what people actually see in him that is so different and awesome.

A lot of the players on this list are legends, and music as we know it would not be the same without them, Clapton, Hendrix, Page, Richards, Santana, these guys can play better than most. It's not about who can shred or tap fastest, or who knows more chords or tricks, it's about the way it all sounds and fits in with the song, it's about feeling and emotion. When Clapton plays you don't listen to it, you feel it. Page has written some of the best and most influential riffs ever. Without Hendrix non of the others would be as good as they are. I've played guitar for over 30 years and I only wish I was half as good as some of the players on this list, except the Edge, my dog can play better than him

Slash is a great guitarist for sure, but the fact that a lot of Guns n' Roses fans consider him the best thing since Jimi Hendrix and have him as the second greatest guitarist of all time really annoys me. Slash is great, but there are a lot guitar player who were/are better than him. Amazing player, yes, but top 5, and maybe even top ten, no. Also, Hendrix shouldn't be here. Just listen to "Here My Train A Comin'" live on the blues album.

If the chord arrangement is good than the solo will sound a lot better,... And that is what slash is all about in my opinion,... He sounds great in G n ARE hits song,.. But generally he plays just the same,... I still love him as a band type guitarist, but to say that he actually really great guitarist? ,.. I have to say no...

yeah! I love Guns N' Roses, but many people think that Slash is the "best guitarist ever"... there are much better guitarists than him, he really doesn't deserves all what people says about him - rock2metal

I'm a huge Guns n' Roses fan, but even I will admit that Slash is overrated. He's a great guitarist, but he's definitely not the second greatest guitarist ever like some people say. He's not even top 5. People like him because he has a cool look with the top hat and everything, and he's a terrific soloist, but he's definitely overrated.

It's all about appearance with his hat and cigar in his mouth... Good songs and Izzy back him up, I only like sweet child, november rain and don't cry... Others just sound like crap... My 1st impression of him... "wow he is cool with his hat and cigar" but now I understand he is just THE MOST OVERRATED GUITARIST OF ALL TIME..

First, he is horrible at technique and melody. He is ridiculously so repetitive, and his solos are horrible nothing but Pentatonic/chromatic scales. And usually his "fast Solos" are literally just a bunch of hammer ons and pull offs on the same to dam strings and 4 different frets.

He's all about his stupid rock costume. The character, the persona, he made up for himself is more important to his fans than his actual guitar playing, which is not that great and definitely not unique. His place here is well deserved.

Slash is awesome, but there are a lot of guitarists that are better. Jason Becker, David Gilmour, Marty Friedman, Jimi Hendrix, and Randy Rhoads to name a few.

This list is incomprehensibly wrong. Slash may not be Hendrix (then again, how few can truly claim they can match the creative prolificity of that man), but does that make him a 'sloppy' player? Consider that he is responsible for some of the greatest solos known to man, including that of Rocket Queen, November Rain, Sweet Child O' Mine and Paradise City and you should realise that it is due to a progressively diminishing creative control in Guns N'Roses in favour of Axl Rose that he is often written off from being one of the greats. Given his contribution to music whilst in Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver as well as in his excellent new solo album, it seems bizarre that anyone could deny his importance as a guitarist.

Slash can play the guitar, no doubt about it. But please, he is a cartoon guitarist, he probably got pictures of all the greats, blackmore, Hendrix, mick ronson. And thought...". Bloody hell, I better get me a big hat" because I ain't nothing compared to these guys. The biggest pusher since Townsend. But Townsend had great tunes looked the bizz and can play a great rhythm.

Slash is a rock icon and a legend of this instrument, he wrote some excellent pieces with Axl. But yet I think it's way overrated thank he should be

A couple of good solos, some good riffs too. Definitely doesn't deserve to be higher than David Gilmour or Stevie Ray Vaughan on the Best Guitarists Ever list - BrianScott01

For me slash is number 1 is the overrated list. Yes he is good in guitar but inst he too overrated to be talked about every time. I don't even here some people talking about paul gilbert, steve vai, and other great guitar players.

he is a great guitarist and everything, but he is that good. I can't believe he is voted number 1 on best guitarist by you lot. Hendrix is the best.

"4 catchy riffs." Yeah, no. I'm no Slash fanatic, and I do think he's overrated, but he isn't the most overrated. He wrote 5 catchy riffs in Sweet Child O' Mine alone. Since you only seemed to have heard one song, you're being a huge hypocrite by saying only people that know nothing about music think he's good.

Guns n Roses itself is overrated. The only reason why people label Slash as good is because of his traditional ugly outift and look. That is the only thing he is known for and his crappy pickups which you cannot even hear. I saw him play with Zakk Wylde and Zakk just outperformed him easily. Slash is a disgrace.

Everyone knows him, but how many songs does he have a good riff in? Three? - whoomp12

Every beginner guitarist, myself included, or anyone that knows nothing about music says that Slash is the greatest guitarist of all time. He isn't. He wrote about 4 catchy riffs and people have been worshiping him since 1987.

He is victim of sudden accidents. Never knew himself what he was doing

I agree he's the most overrated along with Eric Clapton. He has some good momemnts with Guns N' Roses, however his post Guns N' Roses work shows how limited he is as a guitarist. I'd even go so far to say that Mick Mars is a better player than he is.

Kinda guy to wear sunglasses at night.

Guys, plesae stop hating on Slash. He surely isn't a top 10 guitarist, but he's still very good. Only because some teens say that he would be better than Page and Hendrix doesn't mean he's bad.

Funny thing about guns and roses: none of the riffs or solos are written by slash they're written by izzy. But they're played by slash because slash was a more technical guitarist. He still has no creativity