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1 The Exorcist

How is this film terrifying? How is it the scariest? How is it the best horror movie? Why is it below Steven King's IT?

I watched this film as a child, and as you would expect, it failed to terrify and impress me. Everywhere I go it is always praised and is considered "scary" and "horrifying".

An example of to point out is the "stair-crawling" scene, it isn't scary nor disturbing, it looks like a moment from a comedy film.

I watched The Evil Dead, another film involving possession, a couple of years later and that film gave me nightmares for weeks, the difference here is that the former lacks any sort of build up and scare factor while the latter has a bucket-load of it. The film also had more admirable and intelligent protagonists.

With mention of the No. 1 spot, IT isn't overrated, I haven't heard a mention of it from anybody due to it feeling obscure and rare. IT is also very scary and it doesn't even involve jumpscares like ...more

This movie is the king of all horror movies. People who think it's too slow or boring, don't understand the concept of building suspense. It maximizes each scare in the movie, unlike these faster pace movie's where the scares fall flat because they depend on special effects that come up looking lame.

I don't really understand how this is considered the most scary and best horror movie for some people. I understand maybe when it first came out, but why still today. I would definitely say this movie is great, creepy at some points, has a good story, nice characters, a really epic third act, and some funny moments (when this is supposed to be a horror movie). So I am not calling it a bad movie, but I just think it is extremely overrated. Keep it up there as a classic sure, but not as the scariest movie ever.

Dated, badly written at points, too slow and (most importantly) not scary! Honestly, the film is more like a philosophical drama about the nature of evil than anything horror related, something the original author confirmed. Still, for something touted as the scariest movie ever made, this one's quite weak. - Mrveteran

2 The Shining

Who ever put this on the list is a moron. Just because this move doesn't deliver stupid jump scared every ten seconds does not make it overrated. This movie is a masterpiece, with a great story, growing tension, and suspense. It isn't about ghosts like many may assume, it's about one man slowly losing his mind, while the rest of his family aren't.

It's just not that scary. And the film is a build up so 1/2 of it is just complete boredom. - csam_220

Good, but not great. It's pacing is all over the place, Jack becoming crazy is never explained or well built up for that matter & it isn't very scary. It's still quite good and has some tense moments here and there, but this isn't great. - Mrveteran

I heard a lot of good things about this movie so I decided to finally sit down and watch it a few months ago and I really don't see what the big fuss is about. For me this movie was extremely boring. The only half decent part was the last 15-20 minutes. I am a huge horror fan but this movie was a huge let down. It is one of my least favourite movies of all time and I would probably never watch this again. Sorry to all the fans of this movie but I hated it

How anyone considers this a scary film is beyond me. I can sit through movies driven by characters, but this was just boring. Definitely do not watch this on horror movie night, as it will be a weak entry compared to the rest - iconic film or not.

3 Stephen King's It

This movie wasn't able to live up to the brilliance of the book. I think with it being a made-for-T.V. movie, they were way too limited in what they could do. I hear they are doing a 2-part remake to be released in theatres. I hope they can capture the true horror in the new one.

I voted because this movie is awesome and how is it second. You get movies such as saw which are now just to see different ways they can kill off characters and this movie is villain is a clown. Better than saw which is an old guy or friday the thirteen where it's a retard

Using clowns as the main scare is very cheap. I don't find any of King's works to be frightening in the slightest. If you want to be afraid, watch Nosferatu (1922) or Halloween 2 (1981).

I actually thought this movie was a comedy as a child. The only slightly frightening moment is the "... You'll float too! " scene. - BKAllmighty

4 The Blair Witch Project

This movie was terrible. All I got from it was arguing and motion sickness. As for the rest of the top 10, I noticed that most of the movies are from the 80's or earlier. I don't understand why so many old classics are on this list. Most of the new horror movies that this generation likes, have hardly any plot and are crammed with cheesy looking CGI effects. I just don't don't get it.

I thought this movie was very boring. It was just people running around with a camera and screaming.

Works better as a experimental student film than anything else. Still pretty good in that regard though, even if it isn't very scary. - Mrveteran

Hard to watch, nothing scary about it. Truly pathetic if you enjoyed this turd!

5 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I honestly do not see why this movie gets so much praise for being one of the best horror movies of all time, when I got the chance to watch this, I was bored out of my mind, cause basically nothing happens for a good while into the film, it also didn't have that much blood and gore, the body count was also extremely low, there was hardly any atmosphere throughout the movie, the constant screaming of the girl kinda annoyed me, and one other thing is the title of this movie, it didn't live up to its title what so ever.

It's so boring, at first NOTHING happens, then they all die and in the end there's the most boring chasing scene in film history - NjakDjak

If you want to keep your children from ever walking into someone's house, uninvited, this is the movie to watch.

This is 1 of the cheesiest horror movies I've ever seen

6 Friday the 13th

Good first movie, quickly devolved into "People go back to Camp Crystal Lake, which somehow hasn't shut down by now despite several much larger massacres than the one that shut it down the first time, and Jason kills them."

No matter how many more kills Jason has, it will never cover up the fact that he, and his series, are largely just shallow Halloween/Michael Myers clones, and largely miss what makes those movies so much better.

I don't see why everyone says this is one of, if not THE most important, influential and legendary slasher series of all time. They're all poorly acted and predictable. I know acting isn't a huge concern in a lot of slashers, but that doesn't make it okay for the actors to suck. To the series' credit, however, I did like the first two films, and Alice Hardy was a decent character. Probably the only character in the whole series who I did care about.

Then they killed her in part 2's opening scene. Because Jason.

Another thing that bothered me about the series is how gimmicky it became. They put it in 3D, they had Jason take over other peoples' bodies, they put him in space, and they had him fight Freddy Krueger. Yes, I'm aware that Jason X started as a joke idea, but that doesn't make it any less stupid. I also know that much like Halloween's idea of "anything can happen on Halloween", Friday the 13th was going to be a series of non-related, stand-alone films. ...more

Friday the 13th is a amazing horror movie, how can people not like it?

I remember I found the first Friday the 13th movie on television on Halloween night. My friends had told me that it was so good and really scary and all of that, but as I watched this movie I was half way through until I said out loud, "This is really bad. " Of course it's iconic, but that's part of what bugs me: for none horror fans, ask them what horror movies they know and more than likely they will say "Friday the 13th" because this movie is spoofed and referenced everywhere. (It's also unbelievable that there are about 12 movies in this franchise. )

7 Halloween

This is a fantastic movie on a technical level, but I do have a lot of problems with this movie. One of them is that I just don't find it very exciting. Especially when night comes, there's a lot of scenes where nothing happens, and I understand it's meant to build suspense, but there's suspense and then there's boring. The first Alien does suspense a lot better than this movie I think because you're fixated on every single shot. I just don't feel like the original Halloween is that effective in this regard. Another problem I have is that they expect us to think of Michael Myers as kind of this unstobbale force of nature, "the boogeyman"...yet we saw him as a little kid killing his sister, which is a very human (albeit horrible) thing to do. I think this movie would have been better if you take out that beginning section, you take out his escape from the institution, and just have Laurie being stalked by a guy in a white mask, who we've never seen, and have no idea who or what he is. ...more

Overrated? Not at all. This movie will always hold up no matter the time period, because it doesn't rely on cheap scares and gore to terrify you, it instead builds suspense and thrill, which in turn is what really scares you. Laurie being chased by Michael Myers is terrifying because of the suspense and thrill. Laurie hiding in the closet is also a good example of suspense and thrill. I don't believe any other movie would ever be able to replicate the suspense and thrill John Carpenter presented in this classic film.

This is a classic, really creepy and paranoia filled throughout.

This film may be overrated, but it doesn't suck, it's amazing.

Other than not knowing why Michael snapped in the first place, this is still a very creepy movie.

8 A Nightmare on Elm Street

The first time I saw freddy, he cared the heck out of me. Most of the sequels felt cheesy but the first one was great.

Not really that scary, though better than The Exorcist.

WHO PUT THIS ON HERE?! - robertoiglesias271


9 Jaws

People who don't like Jaws or most of the movies on this list are not horror fans anyway. Stick to watching cheesy romantic comedies or whatever else you watch.

I don't even think this is scary enough to even be considered a horror movie. But, I still like it. It doesn't deserve the critical praise that it gets, but I don't hate it.

CORRECTION: jaws is a horror movie, anyone that says that this movie isn't a horror movie doesn't know anything about horror movies.

This is a thriller, not a horror. Though it is scarier than The Exorcist as many other people have said.

10 Paranormal Activity

All this movie did was make a new type of filming, having a clumsy idiot hold a camera and make the movie. It wasted my time to even bother with it, it is just paranormal thing going. It shouldn't be classified as horror, if a movie is really scary, it would give me nightmares. And I'm not easily scared so all this did was make the horror movie franchise lose a few bucks.

The worst horror movie ever made. Not scary, boring and hateful characters to boot, this stinks on almost every level. One scary image at the end of the film doesn't make up for 90 minutes I just wasted. - Mrveteran

I fell asleep when I watched it, that was the only film I ever fell asleep watching. Bad acting, boring plot. Its just a snooze-fest!

Why is the Exorcist number 1? This is the most overrated horror movie. - 445956

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11 The Conjuring

This movie was a breath of fresh air. Most of the horror films today have no plot, bad acting, and fake looking special effects. The Conjuring reminded me of 70's gems like The Exorcist and The Omen. They may have been slow by todays standards but the plots and effects were perfect. This movie shouldn't be nowhere near this list.

One of the best Horror films in modern times.

Why is this here? It's more professional than The Exorcist, it is also scarier.

Yawn... Predictable, not scary at all...

12 Saw

its not scary, it isn't for the people who like true horror but for those who live in misery and believe that gore is cool

The Saw movies have a certain reputation of being terrible, but the first Saw was actually pretty interesting and enjoyable

This movie is kinda freaky

This is the movie that all those fake horror movie fans, who in reality are just gorehounds, watch

13 The Ring

What are you all talking about? This movie is scary. It's normal when you see it after the first time you saw it that it becomes less scary ( every horror movie does ). But saying ( like one of the comments ) that this is crap and not professional is ridiculous. Naomi Watts gives an outstanding performance ( way better than the Japanese actresses and actors ). Another comment is saying that this only good for 12 years old because at 15 it doesn't make you scary anymore and it doesn't give you no goosebumps is hardly a serious comment about the movie itself. Just because you are not scary anymore doesn't mean that this is a bad movie. One of the best horror movies and not overrated at all.

I remember when I was 12 this movie was built up so much and was meant to be the scariest thing ever and at the time when I saw it, it was. However watching the same movie 3 years later it is really disappointing, no goosebumps or jumps throughout this entire movie. This is the type of movie that only appeals to 12 year olds.

It is creepy only if you have the time to sit and watch some hot chick solve a mystery about a haunted video tape that kills anybody who watches it in seven days. More of a thriller really. - Daviddv0601

For the hundredth time Hollywood, deformed ladies crawling on the ground with hair covering their faces are not scary!

14 Child's Play

Once, I loved this movie but now it's borderline stupid.

This film is cheesy - idontknow

This movie is more funny than scary. - Daviddv0601

Honestly, I laugh at this film (in a good way) than be scared.

15 The Grudge

Too slow and not really scary ( the music is more scary than the film itself ) but Sarah Michelle Gellar is always a Delight to watch.

This was arguably the worst big budget horror movie I have ever seen.

This movie is easily top 3.

It was far from being scary

16 The Cabin In the Wood

This movie had such bland acting and lazy performances. I felt no emotion to any of the characters and was quite dissatisfied with the feeling of the movie. This movie made me laugh more than it should have and that's not a hood thing. Just because it's different doesn't mean it's good. One of my least favorite films of all time. And dear god, don't even get me started on that horrendously stupid ending.

Not overrated, its actually amazing

It was okay but still creative - Daviddv0601

One of the worst movies ever

17 Zombieland

I recently watched this movie. To me, it was more funny than anything. Still, it wasn't bad enough to be on this list.

To the person who added this to the list: it's a comedy dumbass - Mcgillacuddy

No wonder it's on this list, because it's a comedy.

This is a comedy boi

18 Hellraiser

I am a huge horror fan and love most of them. However, I just couldn't ever really get into this one. I like it okay I guess, but I didn't find it that scary and am always a little bored. I have tried to give it a chance a few times, but my opinion hasn't changed. I can appreciate that it's a classic. Just not for me I guess.

Fell asleep 3 times trying to watch this

I love horror but this film is stupid

19 Jeepers Creepers

The cover. Illuminati Confirmed. - RiverClanRocks

Second one is so much better - RustyNail

20 Nosferatu (1922)

I'm not saying the movies bad or anything, but I'm gonna be brutally honest here

Silent movies make me bored

21 Scream 2

This one was no where near the movie the first was. The Exorcist/Thing were purely terrifying movies! - fireinside96

In response to fire, The Exorcist is garbage.

About Scream 2 though, this film lacks effort and fails to impress and scare me.

I liked the first scream movie better, this one was good to but pretty dull at times.

22 The Thing

The Thing (1982) overrated really? In my opinion no it is definitely not overrated in any way shape or form, The Thing (1982) is one of my all time favourite horror movies.

It is kind of overrated

Yes, it may very well be the most overrated horror film of all time.

23 The Sixth Sense

Agreed. While the scary scenes at least have an undercurrent of dread and tension, and the acting is great, this film doesn't work well. Too slow for the first half, too stupid in the second, characters who don't talk like human beings and (most importantly) a plot twist that makes absolutely no sense. All of M Night's usual faults that people whinge about crop up here, but this is given a pass? Why? - Mrveteran

If you're complaining about how this movie isn't scary, guess isn't even SUPPOSED to be scary. It's a drama film.

That ending wasn't a twist at all. It isn't scary AT ALL. You wanna see a scary thriller? Go watch the grudge 2004 - Cookiecutter26

Huh? Whoever made this list is insane...

24 Wes Craven's New Nightmare
25 Insidious

I'll give it this, the visuals, atmosphere and score are fantastic, but the problem with Insidious is that when it comes to the story, it is a uninspired mess. The main plot revolves around a couple whose child is taken from them by demons and then decide to get the help of a "psychic" to help get their child back. Hold on a minute, haven't we heard of that before... (Poltergeist). Anyways, top it all off with an ending that was obvious and predictable, Insidious mostly flashes on the outside instead of the inside. But hey that's just my thoughts.

It's just Jumpscare the movie - Cookiecutter26

It's ruined by the batch of over 22 jumpscares in like 90 something mins. 👎 - Cookiecutter26

26 Don't Look Now

The only good thing about this was it was shot in the beautiful city of Venice, otherwise it's garbage

Do not expected too much, it boring!

Can't believe I bought this after hearing so much about it
The ending was attrocious
You should watch this instead of slagging off the Elm St, scream, IKWYDLS etc movies, then you'll see what over-rated horror is

27 The Birds
28 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

What a scrappy movie

29 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors

This sequel was the true sequel to pt.1 to me. Pt.2 and the others weren't the best of sequels but they were always at least watchable. This one had Freddy in his wisecracking mode before it started being a bit of a pain.

30 An American Werewolf in London
31 Let the Right One In

How is this so popular? It did vampires no justice. They are supposed to be pure evil merciless creatures, who have no qualms about killing, but this movie displayed them as only drinking blood because they have to, and that's just dumb. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I just personally think that this film isn't that good. My favorite vampire movies are Nosferatu and Nosferatu the vampyre, which is so underrated!

The remake was MUCH better - Cookiecutter26

32 Poltergeist

My mom wants me to watch it and I know there's not too much scary parts and there is more dialogue. But I know something, the scary parts then are probably REALLY SCARY. So I want to watch Pulp Fiction instead, but I'm to young for that movie! I'm 11. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

One of the most boring movies that I saw in my life ( and I'm 52 years old, so, I saw a lot of movies ).

I thought this movie was the most cheesy, stupid excuse for a movie ever. The polerguist is the poor people who had to watch it. Why does everyone hate Halloween that was a great movie

Hoo boy. This movie started pretty good but then became extremely clichè during the last 20 minutes, and it seriously fell apart. I mean, for God's sake, why would you stay one more night at the house instead of at the hotel at the end? - Videogamefan5471

33 Scream

It was okay. It didn't "reinvent" horror movies though. Saw did. - Cookiecutter26

Oh yes

34 The Human Centipede

If people like gorefests, then they will not choose to watch more suspenseful films. - SwagFlicks

35 Scream 4

Not scary at all but a horror movie doesn't have to be scary all the time. It can be for instance be psychological horror without scary scenes. About this movie, I was really surprised ( I thought that it would be a let-down because it was the 4th of the serie ) because it was really good after all. Emma Roberts was in my opinion a very good choise for this movie. She really plays her part convincing and with great acting skills.

This film was actually a pretty good film for being the fourth instalment in a horror movie franchise, it wasnt perfect, but not overrated

What a pathetic excuse for a horror film. This is not true horror, watch a scary movie.

36 Final Destination

One of the dumbest flicks I've ever seen and only for people who like watching other people die for no reason. They cheat death but death always comes to get them? Yeah, death comes but why in such retarded ways? Why can't they just die like a normal person, like maybe... I don't know... FROM AGE? This is one depressing movie - Mcgillacuddy

The first 2 were decent films, but then it gradually got stupid.

Terrible from start to finish

37 Children of the Corn

Why is this on here? Since when does anyone even like this movie?

I like this movie. I upped it just to comment. Sry.

38 Alien
39 Scream 3

This is actually one of my favorites of the scream movies. I think that Parker Posey who plays the part of the little bit crazy actress is outstanding and funny to watch.

Everyone making these kinds of lists are trolls. No one gives a single crap about this movie.

40 Carrie (1976)

Come on, this a classic for a good reason. Sissy Spacek is outstanding ( as usual ) for the role of Carrie. Doesn't belong on this list.

Why is this here? I thought it was very creative.

Carrie is amazing - TheRingFangirl7

41 Psycho

Another masterpiece..This list is a joke, I'm out of here.

This isn't even scary. Its just a psychological thriller movie. What was so scary about the movie? - zxm

Why is this at 39? It deserves to be in the Top 3, it ISN'T SCARY AT ALL!

No, it isn't because it's the 1960s; look at Hitchcock's other film, The Birds, that film has effort and is terrifying.

This, on the other hand is just boring and unscary, the "iconic" shower scene is unprofessional and the acting is terrible.

We're talking about horror movies on this list and NOT wich movie is the scariest or not scariest ( I see too many comments for movies on this list that judges only if it's scary or not ). A horror movie doesn't have to be scary. Suspence, psychological horror, the situations in the story... are all ingredients that makes a horror movie. " Psycho " is maybe not scary but is nevertheless a good psychological horror movie with lots of suspence.

42 Final Destination 2
43 The Silence of the Lambs

Give me a break..This movie is incredible..It deserved the Oscars it won.

Its not horror. - zxm

44 Rosemary's Baby

Plain boring. Not scary, no suspense. Just a woman going through giving birth to the antichrist. The plot of the movie looks like it could be nothing but 15 minutes long.

This one It's more than just a horror movie, it's an experience that will stay with you long after the movie is over. - abyx

45 Ringu

Why is this on the list - TheRingFangirl7

46 Phantasm
47 Eraserhead
48 Dawn of the Dead
49 Final Destination 3

Worst of the FD movies. Poor acting, not fun kills, bad story just a mediocre film. Best acting in the series? You gotta be kidding me.

50 Audition
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