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21 Jeepers Creepers

The cover. Illuminati Confirmed. - RiverClanRocks

22 Nosferatu (1922)

I'm not saying the movies bad or anything, but I'm gonna be brutally honest here

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23 Wes Craven's New Nightmare

This movie is scary and interesting

24 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors

This sequel was the true sequel to pt.1 to me. Pt.2 and the others weren't the best of sequels but they were always at least watchable. This one had Freddy in his wisecracking mode before it started being a bit of a pain.

25 Insidious

I'll give it this, the visuals, atmosphere and score are fantastic, but the problem with Insidious is that when it comes to the story, it is a uninspired mess. The main plot revolves around a couple whose child is taken from them by demons and then decide to get the help of a "psychic" to help get their child back. Hold on a minute, haven't we heard of that before... (Poltergeist). Anyways, top it all off with an ending that was obvious and predictable, Insidious mostly flashes on the outside instead of the inside. But hey that's just my thoughts.

I'm sorry but really? This movie sucks balls big time! Horror is dead right now.

26 Don't Look Now

The only good thing about this was it was shot in the beautiful city of Venice, otherwise it's garbage

Can't believe I bought this after hearing so much about it
The ending was attrocious
You should watch this instead of slagging off the Elm St, scream, IKWYDLS etc movies, then you'll see what over-rated horror is

27 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

What a scrappy movie

28 Audition
29 Poltergeist

My mom wants me to watch it and I know there's not too much scary parts and there is more dialogue. But I know something, the scary parts then are probably REALLY SCARY. So I want to watch Pulp Fiction instead, but I'm to young for that movie! I'm 11. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

One of the most boring movies that I saw in my life ( and I'm 52 years old, so, I saw a lot of movies ).

I thought this movie was the most cheesy, stupid excuse for a movie ever. The polerguist is the poor people who had to watch it. Why does everyone hate Halloween that was a great movie

30 The Birds
31 An American Werewolf in London
32 Let the Right One In

How is this so popular? It did vampires no justice. They are supposed to be pure evil merciless creatures, who have no qualms about killing, but this movie displayed them as only drinking blood because they have to, and that's just dumb. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I just personally think that this film isn't that good. My favorite vampire movies are Nosferatu and Nosferatu the vampyre, which is so underrated!

33 The Human Centipede

If people like gorefests, then they will not choose to watch more suspenseful films. - SwagFlicks

34 Scream 4

Not scary at all but a horror movie doesn't have to be scary all the time. It can be for instance be psychological horror without scary scenes. About this movie, I was really surprised ( I thought that it would be a let-down because it was the 4th of the serie ) because it was really good after all. Emma Roberts was in my opinion a very good choise for this movie. She really plays her part convincing and with great acting skills.

This film was actually a pretty good film for being the fourth instalment in a horror movie franchise, it wasnt perfect, but not overrated

What a pathetic excuse for a horror film. This is not true horror, watch a scary movie.

35 The Thing

The Thing (1982) overrated really? In my opinion no it is definitely not overrated in any way shape or form, The Thing (1982) is one of my all time favourite horror movies.

Yes, it may very well be the most overrated horror film of all time.

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36 Scream 3

This is actually one of my favorites of the scream movies. I think that Parker Posey who plays the part of the little bit crazy actress is outstanding and funny to watch.

Everyone making these kinds of lists are trolls. No one gives a single crap about this movie.

37 Carrie (1976)

Come on, this a classic for a good reason. Sissy Spacek is outstanding ( as usual ) for the role of Carrie. Doesn't belong on this list.

Why is this here? I thought it was very creative.

38 Psycho

This isn't even scary. Its just a psychological thriller movie. What was so scary about the movie? - zxm

Another masterpiece..This list is a joke, I'm out of here.

Why is this at 39? It deserves to be in the Top 3, it ISN'T SCARY AT ALL!

No, it isn't because it's the 1960s; look at Hitchcock's other film, The Birds, that film has effort and is terrifying.

This, on the other hand is just boring and unscary, the "iconic" shower scene is unprofessional and the acting is terrible.

We're talking about horror movies on this list and NOT wich movie is the scariest or not scariest ( I see too many comments for movies on this list that judges only if it's scary or not ). A horror movie doesn't have to be scary. Suspence, psychological horror, the situations in the story... are all ingredients that makes a horror movie. " Psycho " is maybe not scary but is nevertheless a good psychological horror movie with lots of suspence.

39 Children of the Corn
40 Final Destination

One of the dumbest flicks I've ever seen and only for people who like watching other people die for no reason. They cheat death but death always comes to get them? Yeah, death comes but why in such retarded ways? Why can't they just die like a normal person, like maybe... I don't know... FROM AGE? This is one depressing movie - Mcgillacuddy

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