Most Overrated Linkin Park Songs

There were a few Linkin Park songs that received just too much fame. Vote for the song which you feel was the most overrated.

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1 Burn It Down

Good song but Lost in the Echo, Lies Greed Misery, Victimized and such songs from Living Things are way better, not to mention Hybrid Theory and Meteora. It IS good compared to A Thousand Suns, but it is just an average song compared to many others. - savajevtic

Terrible song, and definitely the worst thing the band has ever done. - WonkeyDude98

I like this song though. - Camaro6

This is a good song in my opinion. - Userguy44

2 In the End

This song is average at best I've heard better but I've heard worse never was a Linkin Park fan never will be oh well and this song is so overrated I would rather be deaf then listen to it over and over on the radio.


God, that chorus annoys me. It makes me want to mimick Chester Bennington in a high pitched voice. Even back when I liked Linkin Park, I never understood what all the fuss was about. - IronSabbathPriest

A Great song but there are too many anime music video songs that use this song.

Honestly this song is mediocre compared to masterpieces like Castle of Glass, One Step Closer, A Place for My Head, etc. - Camaro6

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3 Waiting for the End

Not even catchy... This is the WORST SONG BY Linkin Park... WASTELANDS IS SECOND. I don't even know why people say that this is one of their best songs

I agree in this one, I don't know why people always vote for this as one of the best!

I totally agree. This is a weak song in my opinion, don't deserve top 10...

Not a lot of people know this song. its catchy, calm and not that bad.on my top 10. but there are better ones too. easier to run. with you.invisible. shadow of the day. jigga what/faint. krwlng. in pieces. nobodys listning. h! vlt3. forgotten and remix. just so much great songs.

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4 Numb

This song is awesome but there are far better songs

This is like, their best one, it is not even overrated, it is a fact! - Johnalove

Numb is OVER RATED, probably not.
Numb is ONE greatest song from meteora!

This is gthere best song! - Alpha101

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5 New Divide
6 What I've Done

This song is great! It's nowhere near overrated!

If nothing else this is their best. - WonkeyDude98

7 Bleed It Out

Insanely overrated, like it's the best music they've ever come up with. True the song's pretty good, but definitely no match for some of Linkin Park's legends like one step closer, lying from you, no more sorrow and in my remains.

8 Castle of Glass

Not overrated - Camaro6

9 Faint

This song is SO overrated. There are way better Linkin Park songs than Faint. - TheDarkOne_221b

Overrated but good - Camaro6

10 Leave Out All the Rest

Gets too much love just because Chester died so "it means so much! "

A simple song from Minutes to Midnight. It's good but overrated. - drishtantsolomon

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11 From the Inside

From The Inside gained too much attention. It wasn't really great while some other songs from Meteora were much better. - drishtantsolomon

Not really. This is actually underrated. I haven't heard much people mention From The Inside. - TheDarkOne_221b

12 Wretches and Kings

Song from A Thousand Suns that gained fame for Mike Shinoda's rap. It is another overrated song. - drishtantsolomon

13 Guilty All the Same

This music is really overrated! There are better songs like Halo, Bunker, Stick And Move, Holding Company And Much More!

14 Burning In the Skies

Featured on Billboard, this song from Minutes to Midnight was given too much importance. Again, it isn't what Linkin Park is known for. - drishtantsolomon

This song is from A Thousand Suns. Get your facts straight before you say something

I find it one of the most underatted song from them. in my opinion it deserves to be one of the best! - Rathernotbenamed

15 Valentine's Day

Another song from Minutes to Midnight that is very much overrated. - drishtantsolomon

This is probably the most underrated song on all of MtM - MrPuggy

16 Iridescent

What? This song is awesome along with bleed it out and waiting for the end. This entire list is pointless

Gained great fame when it was chosen as the theme song for Transformers 3. Yes, it is highly overrated. This song from A Thousand Suns is too slow and boring to get so much fame. - drishtantsolomon

17 The Catalyst

Definitely not one of their best, OVERRATED!

18 Lost In the Echo
19 Points of Authority

A good song but not the best. Linkin Park has many better ones and this was another overrated song. - drishtantsolomon

20 Blackout
21 One Step Closer

I love this song - Camaro6

Cool instrumentals and vocals,but the lyrics are too generic and didn't really showcase how unique the band was to its peers.

22 A Light That Never Comes

It sucks it.
Is boring and yet it is on the radio

23 Crawling
24 One More Light
25 Papercut
26 Lies Greed Misery
27 Pushing Me Away

Never been a favorite of mine, NEVER WILL BE. Hybrid Theory's second worst besides In The End

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