Most Overrated Megadeth Songs

The band itself is underrated, however these songs are way too overrated!

The Top Ten Most Overrated Megadeth Songs

1 Symphony of Destruction - Countdown to Extinction

I understand why people think this song overrated. I thought the same thing, but after listening it more often I began to appreciate this song much more.

Not nearly the best on countdown. Very overrated.

This is a very good song, but it's not nearly as good as some songs like Ashes In Your Mouth or Rust In Peace.

Great song but It gets to much credit for what it is worth.

2 She Wolf - Cryptic Writings

Cryptic Writings as a whole was a boring album. This song is no exception. - Metarock

This song needs to be dropped from their setlist, for good.

Boring, overrated riff. Doesn't belong in any "top ten best megadeth songs" list

One of the worst songs on Cryptic Writings. The song is super mainstream and the twin solo at the end isn't much. The Rude Awakening version is so much better!

3 Sweating Bullets - Countdown to Extinction

I don't really find any Megadeth songs overrated. In fact I find Megadeth as a whole underrated as most people have never even heard of them. I just voted this because I do find myself skipping this most times.

Don't understand why this song is called overrated. This song is awesome.

Still a good song and all, put I still my find myself skipping this track from time to time when I listen to this album. Though I do like the video I find the song overrated and overplayed.

This is my favourite Megadeth song... -.-

4 Moto Psycho - The World Needs a Hero

YES this is very overrated this track is mediocre at best yet its called one of the best on the album when their are better tracks - christangrant

This song gets barely ANY recognition. It isn't overrated. - Alkadikce

Pretty basic riffs and sort of dumb chorus.. there's many better songs on this album, like The World Needs A Hero and Dread and The Fugitive Mind.

5 Peace Sells - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying

Most of the songs on the album are more technical, dynamic, and interesting. Title track is way overrated.

A great song, but almost every song on this album is better than the title track.
Megadeth should play my last words or good mourning black friday at their shows, not this one after 25 years straight.

Peace Sells is a great song. More underrated than overrated. Same goes for the rest of this list.

This one is DEFINITELY the most over-rated, but it's still in my top 3 for Megadeth.

6 Anarchy In the U.K. - So Far, So Good... So What!

Nobody likes this song. It's not overrated at all. - AdamDestructorJr.

Why was this a single - christangrant

7 A Tout Le Monde - Youthanasia

This "thrash" metal ballad is way too over popularized. I don't understand how the song continues to be played live!

Megadeths first ballad doesn't even come close to the greatness in return to serenity, cemetery gates, etc.

8 Skin O' My Teeth - Countdown to Extinction

One of my favourites -_-

Another very boring Megadeth song that is just a mainstream grabber. The solo is not one of Marty's best as well as the whole song.

9 Mechanix - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!

Agreed! Compared to the rest of the first album, its just a filler. Rattlehead, last rites, and down the cross are so much better.

While it's a good song, its not nearly the best song of the first album. The four horsemen is BARELY better due to the added solo and riff section.

It sounds like a demo, and the backing guitar makes weird sound too. And mustaine is screaming in some really random lyrics.

But the song still somehow makes sense in the end.

10 Crush Em - Risk

This song doesn't even come close to a true masterpiece, so why do I see it in the top 20 of "best megadeth songs" lists?!

The Contenders

11 The Scorpion - The System Has Failed

There are plenty of better songs on System. Blackmail the Universe, Die Dead Enough, and Back in the Day are all better. The scorpion doesn't even come close to Megadeth's finest work either.

The solos= O.K. lyrics= pretty decent. Vocals= alright. Overrated factor= maxed out.

Again, this song isn't bad, it just receives too much praise.

This song is kinda cringy. - AdamDestructorJr.

12 Trust - Cryptic Writings

I wasn't a huge fan of Trust, honestly. The drum intro & the build up are outstanding, but the rest of the song is mediocre in my opinion. - Metarock

This is just overrated in every concert you go you will always hear that song.

This song is so poppy, it hurts. Lyrics may sound deep, but actually they are pretty silly.

13 Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Rust In Peace

Good song but it's way overplayed and overhyped for what it is. It doesn't have the best riffs in the album, it doesn't have Marty's best solos in the album, it doesn't have Dave's best solo in the's a great opener because it gives you a taste of everything the album has to offer but Take No Prisoners and Five Magics absolutely destroy this song.

This song gets too much credit and while it is very, very good half of the album is better. I fact RIP as a whole is a bit overrated.

Great song, not as great as many think.

Good guitar playing, but the lack of song structure or memorable hooks reminds me a bit of St. Anger.

14 Hangar 18 - Rust In Peace

Tornado of Souls is way more overrated than this masterpiece.

By all means, Hangar is an amazing song, BUT!, there are many better songs off of R.I.P. plus this song gets old live- deth should throw in some rogue stuff off the first couple albums.

15 Head Crusher - Endgame

Some people say it's the best on Endgame. Others, the best song of all time.

Its not a bad song, it just receives way too much credit, plus there are far better songs on that album.

16 Five Magics - Rust in Peace

This is the only song off of Rust In Peace that I hate, but many people seem to like it. The lyrics on this song ruin it beyond repair.

17 Public Enemy No. 1 - Th1rt3en

Whose Life (Is It Anyways) is better but this is good too

It's not even that good compared to the rest of Th1rte3n

18 In My Darkest Hour - So Far, So Good... So What?
19 Wake Up Dead - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

It's okay, but not super

20 Hook In Mouth - So Far, So Good... So What?
21 Tornado of Souls - Rust in Peace

This song IS my fourth favorite Megadeth song, BUT I certainly think that the fact that its solo is always in lists is a bit too much. Sure it rocks, but for me is beaten by Hangar 18, so I'd say that it's the most overrated. However, no Megadeth song is overrated in my opinion, this just gets too much credit.

It's a great song and solo, but nowhere near the BEST.

22 502 - So Far, So Good... So What?
23 Dystopia - Megadeth

Loved it

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