The Dark Knight


The main problem with this list is that all the people who like these movies are gonna dislike all the negative comments about the movie, why? Can you just let people have their opinion instead of just trying to convince them to like the movie, cause I hate this movie but I haven't met someone who agrees with me, they all say this movie is awesome and it really gets on my nerves, people even say it's better then the avengers, HOW IS IT BETTER THAN THE AVENGERS? And what's really stupid is that Avengers is higher up on this list but in reality The Dark Knight is WAY more overrated

We're aloud to have our own opinions too, and I'm aloud to dislike your comment. You didn't even give good reasons, get lost. - PeeledBanana

Why the hell is this even here?! This was a masterpiece. Ledger's death is a stupid reason to love the movie. All of the acting, directing, writing, and music for this film is phenomenal. All of the great things people say about this film is true.

Anyone who thinks that Twilight is more overrated than this should (Insert Disturbing Content Here) That movie is actually underrated compared to this in fact Twilight is underrated because it is hated so much. Heath's performance is fine but it isn't Joker like, Jack Nicholson made a better Joker. Christian Bale's growls are unbearable. The movie has a dull atmosphere and takes itself too seriously. Burton's Batman was dark but it was fun. This is just kinda boring. The Dark Knight is a fine film but best superhero movie ever, that is just exaggerated. The best superhero movie is and always be The Avengers.

This movie pales in comparison to another comic book movie that came out the same year. Iron man. The Dark knight does have some stuff going for it. Heath ledger does a fantastic job as the Joker, and its gritty realism adds to the tone of the film. But, as good as Heath ledger is, Christian Bale just sucks as Batman. And this is a comic book movie. Gritty realism doesn't fit with a man in a bat costume throwing sharp objects at things. If you're anything like me, skip this one and just watch Michael keaton instead.

This movie is so underrated it is unbearable. People constantly say it is one of the best films of the 200's and of all time. It is completely overrated and is really bland, boring and long. Heath was a good joker but they made him a terrorist not a comic book villain. Tim burtons films are way better in my opinion and Nicholson was a better joker. Batman returns is the best batman film

I get it. The film is great, but people get way too defensive about it. Yes, Ledger's Joker is fantastic. Yes, Christian Bale is a great Batman/Bruce Wayne, but people act like this is the only Batman film. Anytime someone mentions their favorite superhero movies, it's always this. - VicarSlayer23

Just here to say it was an amazing film. Feel free to disagree, I know I'm the minority here on this page

I liked the movie and Heath Ledger's performance but let's be Honest that it's a good movie but not the best movie. Come on why it is 9.0 in IMDb

Burton's Batman is better than Nolan's. Like that one comment stated, Burton acknowledged the surrealness of Batman. Nolan tried to make Batman into something realistic and philosophical, and I'll admit that Batman Begins was on those lines through much of the film, but the main thing Nolan's Batman(the dark knight, in particular) did was create a hardcore fandom that gave out threats to people that said anything short of great about the films. You know a movie is overrated when it has many fans like that. That's why the dark knight and twilight are on this list.

Although it is not a bad movie, this is one of the most overrated sequels I have ever seen. People make it out to be a better movie than it actually is when really it has a lot of issues. I will get hate for this but I preferred Indiana Jones 4 over this. There is said it.

The Dark Knight was definitely a good film, but its more of a remake instead of a comic-book-to-screen movie. The characters are not true to the comics at all, yet everyone bases the comics and the entire Batman franchise as a whole based off this movie alone.

The Joker was a disgrace to the character. Heath was a great actor but apparently he could play an evil guy with make-up on that looks nothing like the Joker, and BAM! It is somehow considered the best acting performance ever! - 445956

So many people put this as one of the best movies of all time. I think that's a load of crap. Put aside the 1 really good performance then all you have is an average comic book movie.

It might be one of the greatest Super-Hero movies, and that's not saying much at all. The fact that it's in the top 10 in IMDB is a shame. Not a bad movie though, but certainly overrated.

It's sad that Ledger's overrated portrayal as the joker encouraged several criminals to be like him. Those are probably the same losers that gave out death threats to people that said anything other than perfect about this movie. This movie is very overrated.

I like this film but I don't love it. I understand why many talk about this film a lot and say this is the best batman movie but the 89 version was my favorite. I don't hate this movie but I think it is over praised. And I am not saying this is the worst batman film I think BvS was way worse. This film is good but don't give it so much praise.

Don't get me wrong, fantastic film, but overrated. - BeatlesFan1964

This doesn't even deserve the top 100 in the best movies of all time. It's just another superhero movie. Everyone probably just came for the Joker. Nice try, Heath. - naFrovivuS

For some people it may be overrated,but you can't just refuse it's better than any other superhero movies - zxm

I hate batman voice in this movie... And story is not that great too... It's the most overrated movie of all time

The dark knight is on this list the avengers is on this list but no fast and furious how ironic

It always baffles me when I see this one in the top 5 or 10 of so many lists. What is so good about it? Everything about this movie is overrated.

Good movie, extremely overrated

This movie was good, but not as good as Batman Begins. - letdot52

This is 4x more overrated than Avengers