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381 Atonement
382 Shark Tale


383 Chicken Little V 1 Comment
384 Hotel Transylvania 2

Better than the first one in my opinion. Not overrated. Very good!

385 Grown Ups 2
386 Mad Max: Fury Road

People actually think this should have won Best picture off Spotlight. Spotlight is one of the best movies ever. This however is awful. The acting ranges from bad to bodacious. The script is hardly even there, the film is cheesy and has no plot. So yes this is the most overrated film ever.

I would write a more developed comment, but as this film has barely any plot, any description seems impossible

This and 300 are right at the top for me. This is way worse than Titanic, frozen and even Avatar. If you like this movie and think it is the best ever then you are mental.

How is this not in the top ten? Titanic is a much better film than this, and that is #2

V 4 Comments
387 Finding Nemo
388 Norbit
389 The Martian
390 The Passion of the Christ
391 Superman Returns
392 The Da Vinci Code
393 Dreamgirls
394 A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

Terrible weird sequel. in my opinion, it's worse than Freddy's Dead and the remake combined - nickisawesome

395 Rec V 1 Comment
396 The Jungle Book (2016)

So awful. it is terrible. how did anyone enjoy this movie. One of the worst remakes ever made. - nickisawesome

397 The Maze Runner
398 The Simpsons Movie
399 The Incredibles
400 Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

No, you're wrong it's underrated

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