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141 Black Swan
142 The Sixth Sense

Looking back, 6th Sense has become an unintentional comedy

It's a great movie but it has a common misconception. Most think it's a horror movie, but it is not officialy - Username123

143 Dirty Dancing

Too overrated, bad acting, boring story. It's supposed to be a story of the early sixties and nothing matches with that era. Oldies combined with new music (? ), clothes that looks like 80's outfits, haircuts no one had in the 60's. I hate when they make movies of a certain era and where details like clothes, music and so on aren't well done. Just for that movies like this one doesn't deserve the attention of being appreciated or get the cult-status like it has now. A bad movie wich many people do like and for that reason way too overrated.

144 Shakespeare In Love
145 L.A. Confidential
146 Green Mile
147 Manchester by the Sea
148 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
149 War of the Worlds
150 Ocean's Eleven

Boring, boring, boring! Just because there is Pitt, Clooney and Damon doesn't mean that this is really gripping, unfortunately.

Not that bad but casting Julia Roberts to play the femme fatale was a big mistake.

151 Sirens

Boring! Just watchable if you fast-forward to the nude scenes.

152 Greenberg
153 About a Boy
154 Momma's Man
155 Essential Killing
156 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

It's to find people who agree with me on this but I can't stand this series! What is fun about three teenagers casting spells? Seriously, Emma Rupert and Daniel need to know that eventually they need to let go of their "I was a wizard in a movie" thoughts! Dumb franchise! Ba acting.

How can you say that, Harry Potter is a fantastic series

157 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
158 Silver Linings Playbook
159 Ordinary People
160 Schindler's List

Not anywhere as good as 'Escape from Sobibor' for a holocaust movie. EFS is sad one moment and very encouraging and entertaining the next moment, like when an elderly Jew is very excited saying 'we are killing the Nazis'. And the scene where the pistol fails to shoot a man but releases a bullet when pointed to the ground, selecting someone to die with, etc.

Just another " morality " movie to show us the eternally " we suffered so much " Jewish attitude. I think they have to stop their self- pitty seeking attention. Don't get me wrong, I think that Jewish people did suffered in the history of mankind but I think that it is now exagerated to seeking all this attention for something that is over. They are doing very well now in the world. Besides, in my oppinion, black people did suffered even more because they were taking away from their homeland for slavery, their names were changed and after generations all this men and women don't even know their origins.
Their souls were litteraly taken away from them. So, I think that movies like this one are beginning to get boring for the all-public and just because some elite people will Always trying to sell us pitty and saying that the movie is good ( it's so Obvious )makes movies like that genre very overrated. And after all " Schindler's list " was not a great movie. It did get just many ...more

It was good but overrated as a movie got too much on IMDB - zxm

This movie get heaps of praise for two reasons. The subject matter and the fact that it is B&W. It's not even well shot B&W. Liam Neeson is terrible in the titular role. The scene where he breaks down and cries at the end should have been emotionally charged but it's just cringe worthy. I can't take Spielberg's bookending his movies with modern day scenes. We don't need it put into context. He did it with Saving Private Ryan and he does it here with the colour scenes at the beginning and the end. It makes the whole thing feel like a play.

Ralph Feinnes is great. The one good thing about an otherwise terrible movie.

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