Justin Bieber

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Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. ...read more.


Justin Bieber, should really... Just disappear. I mean, I don't have to listen to his music, and I don't spend money on his concert tickets, but every magazine I attempt to read, his girl looking self is in there. Shoot. And his fans are mental patients. They need help. They cut them self so the wanker could stop smoking weed. They let him spit on them. He yelled at them, and said why can't he be a normal person. Well, you prick, you are the life and soul of every 10 year old out there. In a few months, he will disappear from the public eye, and we can all breathe again. He's the worst idea since genocide.

Ever since he became famous I've HATED him. Everyone was like "Oh want to marry him when I grow up! " and was like "Um... Hello? Your 7 years old! " At one point this girl was like "My mom kissed Justin Beiber! ", like? Also, his songs! They make girls gush about him and stuff (Which is annoying considering the amount of times my friends talked about his damn songs.) My brother knew a friend who was obsessed with Justin Beiber. She would always send people Justin Beiber singing happy birthday link on their birthdays. And whenever he did something wrong she would defends him. Overall he is a talentless and ugly guy. With a fan base of pre teens who think he's 'so hot' and crush on him.

I see that the people who voted for the Jonas Brothers voted for them a long time ago. Jonas Brothers are dead now. Justin Bieber is the new overrated.

How is Daughtry before Justin Bieber? Daughtry is better than Justin Bieber yet not nearly as popular. This is more of a "Which musicians do you hate the most list" tbh.

First of all he doesn't have a good voice whatsoever! Not only when he started but even now he doesn't have a good voice! He rly shouldn't be this famous he is 100% the most overrated person on earth! I've seen a lot of people on youtube who are actually talented and who have great voice and who are 1 million times better than him! He's just a proof on how shallow people are! They don't care about the music!

I HATE this guy. He can't sing, his music SUCKS and he's a HUGE ASS! How can anyone even call him a musician? I never could understand why so many people think he's so great. He's NOT!

I don't see any talent in this little prick and before you go and tell me he can play a ton of instruments it doesn't matter because he rarely ever picks them up but before you tell me he can sing you should remember that in many of his songs he uses auto tune on his vocals and to end this I believe that it is better to be extremely talented at one instrument or vocals than to be "good" at 5 instruments! - TheThomasThomas

I hate Justin Bieber! He can't sing and all his music is written by other people. The actual sound of the music is edited and he shouldn't be what all the teenage girls are on about. I don't understand why U2 and Radiohead are on this list, they are two excellent bands and more teenage girls need to appreciate that! - HollyRolo

Fundamentally Jonas Brothers 2.0, or Backstreet boys 3.0. At least he'll go away soon just like they did.

Such an annoying little kid. And to Those of you who say metallica is overrated are plain wrong. There are times when a certain opinion can be downright wrong, and this is one of them. - cowboyskid2

All I can say from what I see here is that Justin Bieber should be number 1 on this list. He doesn't even have that much talent. The only reason why he is popular is because of his boyish looks!

And why is Eminem on this list?

I know, he's pretty terrible. I don't like his attitude, his ego, his singing and, well, him. But I don't think he's overrated. Definitely not on this site. He's way more hated then overrated. - TheAlbinoWolf

Justin Beiber sucks. I hate him so much. He is the most overrated, not the jonas brothers. people who think the jonas brothers still exist obviously haven't been listening to the news.

Justin Bieber IS overrated because his music is so bad, he SHOULDN'T have any fans AT ALL! And he has a HORRIBLE PERSONALITY! He's not a musician, he's a dumb wannabe. People who like him obviously don't know real music. He SUCKS!

Before voting, please stop and consider what the word "Overrated" means. How many people do you know that like Justin Bieber? Little to none, right? How can you say someone is overrated when he is almost universally hated?

Oh my gosh yes. I can't stand him anymore. His music honestly does not diserve all the places in the charts. He is steering kids away from really awesome music. All of his fans like him for his looks and it shouldn't be like that. He is also starting to get what too big of an ego and needs to just stop. I hate being a complete hater but this is so true. - Lissie19999

It's not his fault he's so overrated. You guys make him seem like he's the most despicable human being or the best human ever. If the haters stop overreacting and if the fans stop making him seem like the best singer ever. Then we have a solution. Damn. People are stupid.

Overrated? More like severely overhated! Every wish ranging from Hitler should've killed Justin instead of the Jews or deporting him to North Korea has done enough damage here. If someone in my class likes him, I don't mind him/her but you guys should show respect to those who like them! - Neonco31

Oh please Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift should be top 2! Okay they have like one or two good songs but people give them much more attention than they deserve.

Who knows why this woman is on the list. She has a dumb hairstyle, sings like a 4 year old girl with the flu, and can't think of any original songs. Sometimes, I sit down and think about blowing up his concert halls.

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who can't stand this guy. He has absolutely no talent at all, he can't hit puberty, and his lyrics are full or crap. Same thing with One Direction, Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Madonna. But why is Jimi Hendrix on this list? He was a LEGEND! - Alpha101

Justin Bieber is SO overrated. Every time he releases a new song, expect it to be on the radio 24/7 for the next month. And I'll admit, some of his songs are pretty good, but the majority is just whack. If the song is not trash already, the radio will make it trash

He's not overrated anymore.

And plus, why can't people shut up now! Even I hate Justin Beiber, but that doesn't mean that we just go around ranting on him...

Justin Bieber does suck! You people should definitely check out Vic Dibitetto's three rants on him. They really are worth your time I promise. Trust me.

I'm sorry, but how is Justin Beiber "overrated? " Everyone I know hates him. I don't know ANYONE that likes him. How does that make him "overrated? "

That annoying baby song is so so overrated. It is impossible to avoid it if you are in public places. It should never exist.