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Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Charizard first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels. They have later appeared in various merchandise, spinoff titles and animated more.


Guys... Oh god. First let me say I was on IGN top 100 Pokemon and I saw where bulbasaur was in relation of squirtle and charmander. Look guys I know that venusaur isn't necessarily, but two tings, first bulbasusr is better than the other 2 starters at the beginning with better stats AND strong against the first to gym leaders, but that's charmander, now before I say this, people don't overate pikachu everybody just knows him, but WHY THE IS CHARIZARD NUMBER 1 OVER SO MANY OTHERS (oh yeah nostalgia) (also I think squrirtle-blastoise line is the worst gen 1 starter and HOW THE DID HE MAKE 3 AND VENUSAUR MAKE 15) and all I will say in closing is that he is so overrated that I have come to HATE HIM WITH A BURNING PASSION, because before I was on the internet I thought he was okay (on level with venasuar the people who says he sucks) I still like him more than blastoise in battle but HE IS MY LEAST FAVORITE GEN 1 STARTER OUTSIDE OF BATTLE

Charizard. Why is this thing popular again? In the games where it can be chosen as a starter, it's weak to the first two gyms, and yet it was still chosen the most - compare that to Bulbasaur, the least chosen, who doesn't have a weakness until the sixth gym. And somehow, Charizard is the one who most players chose. Pikachu may be Ash's starter in the anime, but the developers treated it as if he had picked Charmander at times, most notably during the Silver Conference battle against Gary; if you watch the episode, you'll notice that Ash doesn't ever use Pikachu during the battle. The final conflict comes down to Charizard vs. Blastoise. Sound familiar? It's very similar to the Champion Battle against your rival in the first generation. Charizard got two megas as well. The only other Pokemon to do so was Mewtwo, a LEGENDARY. Then there's Smash; Charizard made it to SSB4 as a solo character, while Squirtle and Ivysaur were cut. As someone who usually skipped Charizard in Brawl, I find ...more

Everyone likes charizard just because its a fire breathing dragon and a gen 1 pokemon and that its a good pokemon but that's all it has to offer. People who have never played pokemon always say its their favorite just because its so overrated. Bottom line charizard gets way to much attention

I have a question: why did Charizard get two Mega Evolutions? I mean, Mewtwo makes sense because he is a genetic mutation, so he would mutate again into multiple forms, but why did Charizard get more Priority just because he is a fan favorite? If you are going to give Charizard two Mega evolutions, give Venusaur and Blastoise two as well.

I can't stand it when people say charizard is the best just because he's a big old dragon!

I can come up with excuses for the others. Pikachu isn't overrated, he's just the most well known. Eevee evolves into a bunch of cool Pokemon. Since when was Blastoise overrated, he wasn't overly popular and still isn't. The list can continue. But Charizard is in the top 5 most popular Pokemon, and compared to the other Pokemon of its caliber, all the other third stage starters, mega evolutions, some legendaries and even combinations of those, he is really lacking. Stealth rock, the commonly used example, wrecks it. Most Charizard lovers even admit that it's nostalgia based. I have no personal grudge against Charizard, but he is so overrated. And will no one bring up that until Sceptile in Hoenn it was the only Pokemon Ash had fully evolved? No problem with that, but I suspect that that's just a part of the reason.

Charizard really isn't as good as people said. It's stats are not bad but are definitely not the best. The only reason why many people claim that it's the strongest pokemon is only because it brings nostalgia back to us and because he looks cooler compare to the other two Kanto starters. It's times four weakness to rock is pathetic and since a lot of rock pokemons are pretty good physical attackers they can easily destroy Charizard due to it's weak defense. And then there's stealth rock, half of maximum hp going down when switched in is not funny especially when single battles are very important in hitting the foe strong and fast, it might go down within the turn it has switched in. Conclusion of all that, charizard is a pretty cool pokemon that a lot of us like but it got way too many praises than what he deserves, so he is definitely the most overrated pokemon of all time.

Charizard is so annoying. All I hear is! CHARIZARD IS A BADASS or something like that but almost all of the other starters could beat him, as long as they have a rock move do people pay attention to the game!?!?! Just because he seems OP in the anime doesn't mean he's good. And don't even get me started on the design. This fat lizard deserves this spot definitely

I don't know why GAME FREAK loves charizard. Why Game Freak gives two of mega evolve to charizard? WHY? Anime is same as. Why Ash's Charmander only fully evolved in Kanto starters and Ash loves charizard more than bulbasaur and squirtle? It is UNFAIR! Charizard is weaker than Blastoise and Venusaur, even Typhlosion. Because too weak by rock and not useful in game as starter Pokemon. I'm so sad people remember only two Pokemon Pikachu and Charizard. Many People and even many Pokemon fanboys think charizard is the most strongest and best Pokemon ever, but I don't. I think Charizard is the most overrated Pokemon ever.

Charizard is massively overrated. SO much attention goes into him. X and Y, he's the only starter with two Mega Evolutions. Why? Too many people pay attention to him. Show some love for other starters, will you? Because of all of these Pokemon being overrated, it has honestly destroyed Pokemon, especially in X and Y mainly. It's basically with Bulbasaur. The only Starter with Duo-Type in its very first form (but he's essentially underrated). Charizard, the only starter that has two Mega Evolutions, and one of them represents a Shiny. Am I seeing even half of the love for any other starter? No. All of the starters are given one, non-shiny based mega evolutions and no one even cares.

If you ask me, Mega's are just a waste of time. It's evolving your Pokemon a 4th time, and you're only supposed to do it at a maximum of 3 times.

Charizard is much weaker than you think. He's good in the beginning, after the first 2 Gyms anyways, but later on, he's absolutely worthless.

Charizard is definitely overrated. His weakness to stealth rock and rock attacks make him fairly easy to kill in competition, never mind his ROCK bottom defenses (get it laugh out loud). Only people who know nothing about competitive battle like him. There are bunches of fools on wifi who actually think it is a good lead just for it to be killed by tyranitar (and any rock type), most water types, and even my Yanmega's ancientpower laugh out loud. Think again before ever choosing charmander as your starter, or go ahead choose him, rage quit because he sucks, break your system, and waste $200 on a new one. he is THE KING OF OVERRATED AND IT IS ANNOYING.

I use Charizard for the campaign. he's good in the campaign. As for competitive fights, their re better options - HeavyDonkeyKong

Man, I hate this thing. Look up the definition of overrated. I dare you. You'll see a bunch of Pokemon fans (half of them being genwunners) saying Charizard is the best Pokemon ever. (By the way, I don't have a problem with genwunners.) Why does this thing get so much praise? It sucks in battle. I know, I've used it in competitive. And competitive isn't the reason I hate it. It's an overrated winged lizard with tiny arms. It hits hard, (only when it mega evolves) I'll give it that. But at least Venusaur and Blastoise can take a hit! This thing gets two mega evolutions. I know everyone says this, but it's true! And on IGN's top 100 Pokemon, guess who makes number one. Charizard.. Charizard. And Venusaur only makes 15?!? For 100 Pokemon, that's good, but he along with crapmander and squirtle were the first starter ever! For being one of the first Pokemon created by GameFreak, that's pretty low. It's like no one appreciates Venusaur. The only reason most people pick Charmander is becuase ...more

Do you know what I find HILARIOUS? People telling stories of how THEIR starters easily defeated charizard or a legendary. People, ALL starters are overrated! There's actually a picture showing the better replacements for every starter, with few exceptions (no charizard is not one of them, but venusaur is). Also Volcarona has a 4x weakness to rock and also loses half its health from a stealth rock... But it manages to be a great Pokemon! Here's somethign that REALLY bothers me- CHARIZARD GETS 2 MEGA EVOLUTIONS. WHY? They should've used Mega Charizard X as his only mega evolution and made the other starters' mega evolutions better! Venusaur gets not much else but a flower on it's head and some vines. Blastiose could have some improving, even if it is really good already. I'm not going to deny that Mega Charizard X is a good Pokemon, but that's the problem! They made an overrated generic dragon stronger and actually good instead of making some other already badass Pokemon stronger! (MEGA ...more

Why does everyone like charizard so much? He is just a dragon who breathes fire. I usually don't pick charmander because everyone gives him too much praise. Also, charizard is NOT the strongest pokemon and it has weaknesses!

Charizard is too weak, his design is unoriginal (dragon with horns, boring), and he's appeared in almost every episode. I like Charizard, but I don't think he deserves to be on this 1-10 list. I feel as if Arceus should be a bit higher, but those stupid Mewtwo fans won't admit his power. Mewtwo couldn't take Deoxys, Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, and Arceus, and she struggled with Mew. Mew, Arceus, and Giratina are my three favorite Pokémon, and I think due to their power and design (yes, Giratina, I'm talking to you), they should be higher, but that's just me.

I agree about all this. It has low defense and special defense. I rather having a venosaur. People think venosaur is the weakest starter because it has the lowest starter stats but it has good defense and special defense. It also uses some of the best moves for winning. It can heal easily with leech seed and synthesis. It also has a good special attack stat. Even venosaur can beat charizard if it has the right moves. I also think swampert is the best starter of all time. It has the highest stat count of a starter and it is immume to electricity and it could easily beat charizard with a move like muddy water because it has good attack and special attack. It also other stats that are good but speed is it's lowest stat.. Speed is not too important if the defense and special defense is good. Charizard has a lower defense and a lower hp. This means if a pokemon uses a physical water attack charizard will most likely faint. If it battles a fast pokemon such as Pikachu and Pikachu is faster, ...more - cjack229

Once I said charizard sucks, a whole bunch of kids said it is the best Pokemon ever. I asked why, they answered it has great stats. I told them it only has 534 while things like garchomp has 600. They said it has good move set, I asked what they run for their charizard. Kid1: fire blast, flamethrower, heat wave and ember. Kid2: flamethrower, heat wave, fire spin, ember. Kid3: ember, ember, ember and ember.
See what I mean? People say it is good because its design...

Everybody loves charizard. It's a favorite choice for many! It has a 4x weakness to rock type moves, which means stealth rock basically makes it faint, and I actually rather use Garchomp. I'm sorry charizard fans.

It's 4x weak to Stealth Rock, which means Charizard will lose half of its HP every time it switches in. Tons of people say "Charizard is the best, it's so powerful" when (1) Solar Power, its Hidden Ability, makes it lose 1/8th of its HP. Even though it boosts Special Attack by 1.5x, its average defenses and extreme weakness to Rock-type moves will almost certainly ensure that it won't last long with Stealth Rock up. It's completely overrated. A lot of people choose him as their favorite. Charizard is practically the DEFINITION of overrated!

The Pokemon anime ruined Charizard. They wanna make him look all cool so people are like, A CHARIZARD! HOW STRONG! It's flipping weak. A MAGIKARP COULD BEAT IT. Just because it's a big stupid fire dragon doesn't mean it's strong. It looks all good on the outside, but it's really just a piece of garbage.

Thumbs up if you think Blaziken is better than charizard - ShadowArceus736

OH MY GOD. THIS Pokemon IS THE GOD OF OVERRATEDNESS. I have seen dudebros/popular kids/non-Pokemon fans who just play the original game on their IPhone say how Charizard is so cool and awesome. Why? The thing loses so much health to rock attacks. Look at Venusaur! It has great stats with so much potential. Do people pay attention to him? Nope! I try to tell Charizard fans that they will get decimated by Stealth rock, and their response is FIREATTACKSLOL. Well, at least Venusaur doesn't have A 4X WEAKNESS TO STEALTH ROCK. Charizard is one of my least favorite Pokemon because of how overrated it is.

Awesome but seriously overrated he is super weak to rock he made it into top ten strongest Pokemon and he isn't even close to making it Charizard is one of my favorite starters but really people need to see that there are better Pokemon

You know something people who say my whatever STARTER creamed charizard people who use the starter Pokemon need to know that the starter Pokemon are buffed for the players sake so they don't get discouraged as much when they lose

It's a good Pokemon but its not the best. It's one of my favorites but if you ask me, he's kinda overrated, I mean, he's got his own Facebook PAGE!