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Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.


Normal is a weak type on its own. But that's not the worst thing about eevee. EVERYBODY LOVES CHARIZARD but yet I voted for eevee because... ! Everyone says he's overrated! No one says eevee is though but really.. Eevee is WAY more overrated than him. Eevee also has horrible moves like quick attack and bite. They treat it like it's a GOD GUYS! Only THREE Eeveelutions (if that's how you spell them) Are strong! So stop praising this fox and learn that its weak! EEVEE TAKES OVERRATEDNESS WAY TO A NEW LEVEL, ITS LIKE EEVEE THE MASCOT. But pikachu is, So stop loving this weak little Pokemon!, !

I will never stop loving eevee don't tell me what to do eevee hater! It would be fine if you said you didn't like eevee that would be fine, but to try to waste time out of your day to tell everyone to stop loving eevee is much more overrated than eevee supposedly is! Also eevee lovers aren't going to listen to u!

After spending 5 minutes on DeviantART, I knew eevee was and overrated furbait

How can this stupid cat thing even be loved? Who cares if it has many evolutions, that doesn't make it a good Pokemon. Not to mention it just had to be number one on the cuteness list.

Most overrated pokemon in my opinion. Everyone says it's the cutest, while I don't find anything cute about it. The evolutions are cool and semi strong, but not the kind I would keep in my team throughout the game

This should be in top 5 overrated Pokemon at least. Everybody loves him and says he's a great Pokemon just because he has so many dumb evolutions. Also, cute = extremely overrated.

Why get eevee when you can get another pokemon instead of working really hard to catch an eevee then searching everywhere for a stone or levelling it up in the exact right conditions like icy caves and mossy forest areas

Don't get me wrong; I don't hate Eevee. But it isn't the cutest Pokémon out there. Oshawott, Bulbasaur, Joltik, even Tepig are cuter. Snivy is cute and cool. I can't be the only one who doesn't care about its Eeveelutions. You'd think people would get tired of Eeveelutions. People got tired of the Fire/Fighting starter thing, even though they are all awesome (even Emboar). Oshawott, my favorite Pokémon, he's adorable. I do see some people saying the same, but everyone says Eevee is the cutest. Yeah, it's cute, but what about it is so much cuter than other Pokémon? Oshawott for example, his nose and freckles are adorable. His little paws and face, his blue flippers and tail, even his blue body, it's all adorable. I get it, people are allowed to like Eevee, but how do so many people like the same Pokémon? Again, I don't hate Eevee, but...what about it is adorable? I must be clearly missing something...or not because I'm my opinion, Oshawott, Snivy, Bulbasaur, Tepig, even the ...more

Everyone thinks that eevee is cute and useful but only it's evolutions are helpful, the real thing is garbage, also I think eevee is hideous, the world would be better if gamefreak didn't create this abomination, I'd rather have muck for goodness sake

Why do people love this thing? He's stupid! He has the worst moves and dumb evolutions!

This guy and his evos are hands down the most overrated Pokemon. Seriously. Go to any Pokemon related site and you can't spit without hitting Eevee fan art or some other Eevee related post. At least Charizard fans have started to shut up. Dragonite is pretty overrated too.

All the evolutions are the same except different colors +one extra feature.

Eevee IS overrated, due to being the cutest pokemon

I hate Eevee. It's more overrated than Charizard.

This has got to be the most overrated pokemon ever created. The majority of its fans are girls who don't play or casual players. It is a perfectly made gimmick. Too many people make eveelution teams but they are pretty weak. Umbreon is the most overrated of them all combined. One word, taunt. :D

Literal cancer to the fanbase, gives it a bad name and there is so much furry porn

He isn't overrated only his evolutions

Look it up and check one of the first things you see.

I personally think that server is kinda cute but is getting way to much love at the moment I mean Hitachi is understandable but what impact does this Philemon have in the anime accept for being a jerk and defeating ash's spinach in the anime.I even think it is getting more love than its revelations which is CRAZY

II want someone to answer this one question: Why is everyone obsessed with anything that even closely resembles a fox/wolf? Seriously, I don't get it. Evee is weak and there is always a stronger Pokemon than any of its evolutions, and don't get me started about Umbreon.

Sorry for bringing Digimon into this but.. I think Koromon is way cuter than Eevee.
Eevee is pretty overrated and also, appears in the most fanfictions and comics etc. And mostly, I googled "Warrior Cats and Pokemon" (never really got into Warriors just was curious) and I saw fanfiction and it had horrible grammar and also, had two Eevee brothers or something like that if I remember correctly. EVERYONE, EVERYONE loves Eevee. It's like Pikachu but, million times double overrated. Almost no one hates this Pokemon but, let's mention Pikachu and others get hate even though they are popular but, Eevee doesn't get that much hate. Ugh.

To many people talk about eevee

Eevee: Trolling Trubbish since when the darned eevee was created.

I was gonna vote for Charizard, but then I scrolled down a bit... The thing about Charizard is that everyone has the decency to say its overrated. But no-one says Eevee is overrated! Sure, its cute, but many cuties like Chikorita,Minnicino and Fletchling are overshadowed by this lil brute. That, and any list about the "Top Ten "insert type here" Pokemon is always topped by an Eeveelution. Eevee is practically a gimic now, and no-one wants to admit it because it's so cute.

Every Eevee picture in deviantART got hundrets of favorites

Eevee can be pretty strong if you evolve it. I caught nine, one for each Eeveelution and one to keep as an Eevee.