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Greninja is a Water/Dark type Pokemon introduced in Gen 6. It is the evolved form of Frogadier and the final evolve form of the water starter Froakie. Aside from the usual Torrent ability all Water starters have (Which raises the power of its Water moves), it also the the ability Protean, which changes more.


I hate Greninja, he sucks and is a stupid jerk. I wanna cut off his annoying fat old tongue and grind it up and deep fry it and incinerate this stupid, overrated Pokemon who doesn't deserve to be one. He looks so dumb, he looks like "oh I'm so cool and awesome I'm the best I deserve to rule the world" NO YOU DO NOT STUPID DUMB GRENINJA I CANNOT EXPRESS MY HATE FOR YOU IN WORDS I HOPE YOU'RE TONGUE GETS CUT OFF YOU GET BURNED EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE A WATER TYPE AND BLOWN UP AND GET DISSECTED ALIVE IN A SCIENCE LAB! Whatever stupid jerks like him and comments some hate on this you're got diarrhea of the mouth; constipation of the ideas, too bad, I don't care LOL, and DIE GRENINJA YOU SUCK SO MUCH I HATE YOU SO MUCH I LAUGH AT YOU WANTING TO BE A "Pokemon" YOU AIN'T A Pokemon YOU ARE A STUPID POKEYMAN LOLOLOLOLOOLLOLOLOL

CALM YOUR HAPPY ASS DOWN! He has the highest speed for a starter and he has a decent attack. He is overall a good Pokemon but he is overrated - shawnmccaul22

It makes even Charizard of all Pokemon seem underrated, a Pokemon that's overrated too and that says a lot. Greninja fans are also horrible people who shoves it into people's faces when they have different opinions and hurt them.

Oh lord, oh lord. Greninja is a DECENT Pokemon, with decent design, decent stats, decent etc. Just LIKE ANY OTHER STARTER. Why is this thing so overrated? I can't go on the Battle Colosseum without finding FIVE Greninjas using dark pulse on my ghosts. I still was upset that Dragons are overrated as hell, but at least they're all different like Salamence, Garchomp and Flygon. They're overpowered, but they aren't the same thing like a water-dark type. I'm not mad because it's a dark type and it KOs my ghosts, I'm mad because there's no reason to make this overrated when it's just a typical starter Nintendo adds every new Generation. Just wanted to keep this short, I still have a 900 page novel in my head about this. - Ohno

It is so OVERRATED it is ridiculous I just don't see what is so cool about it at all it has a tongue scarf so it is the best starter of all time!

It's stupid, terrible design, and Chesnaught is thousands of times better. - Goatworlds

SO OVERRATED! Delphox is a thousand times better!

I always get bashed for being a Delphox lover and actually LIKING Chesnaught. This damn thing hogs the attention. Delphox is better. "Greninja is so handsome and cool." So you think this thing with a tongue for a scarf is cool? NO. I prefer Samurott. Whenever I say "I'm picking Fennekin in Kalos," People say: "Shut up. Greninja is better. Don't you know anything about Pokemon? " I may not know everything about Pokemon, I just know Delphox is better. Everyone adores this attention hog, and they act like Delphox and Chesnaught are DISGUSTING. Everyone on Trugreen7's "Most Popular Pokemon List" said, "Where's Greninja? " "I think Greninja should be here instead." "You should have put Greninja here." Well, I don't think Greninja deserves the spot. Delphox and Chesnaught are lonely with no trainers that actually want them, because everyone acts like Greninja is the big hero. - lynxa

At least some of Charizard's fanbase are mature enough. Greninja? Well, not so much. I'd had a comment on a video named "All Pokemon Starters (Animated Sprites)" by Tom Salazar about which are my favorite starters. Some people who liked Greninja was bashing my choices because there was no Greninja, instead replaced by Delphox. - SoaPuffball

While not as overrated as Charizard, Pikachu, or Eevee, it's still undeniably a very overrated Pokemon. Also overrated does not mean bad. It's very useful competitively, so that makes it a good Pokemon. I'm okay with Protean Greninja, but Ash-Greninja is a bit too much. - Yungstirjoey

Too far down on the list for how overrated it is, which is even proof it's overrated in the first place.

It is so overrated, I say that any overrated pokemon is "getting the Greninja treatment"

How it's not higher in the list only proves how overrated it really is.

Greninja fans are also really cruel people. After several of them bashed on and some even outright bullied me because of Delphox being my favorite starter I've actually grown to hate Greninja so much and I honestly used to like it. The Pokemon just leaves a very bad taste in my mouth and it's the most overrated Pokemon so far, even more so than Charizard and Pikachu.

It's just so annoying! Oh cool, a frog with its tongue around its neck to get any on it. Personally, I prefer delphox

Greninja really isn't all that it's hyped up to be. It's pretty frail and gets OHKO'd by anything faster than it. And the whole Ash-Greninja thing is not helping. Greninja should definitely be higher on this list.

It's not in the top 10 of this list, further proof how overrated it actually is.

It's a really great pokemon but it's very overrated and ash-greninja wow they are trying to make it overrated

This Pokemon is really good, but I never wanna see him again.

I would make frog legs out of this overrated frog

How many times have you looked up "Best pokemon" or "most competative pokemon" and not found this ugly frog on the list? Furthermore, how many times was it not number one on the list? For me, best or most competative lists rarely don't have this hideous "pokemon" as #1, further proof on how overrated it is.

Oh come ON, Greninja wears HIS TOUNGE as a scarf. Am I the only one who's noticed this? - FennikenFan9

The only reason Greninja is popular is because Ash had one in the Anime, if he had got a Fennekin (my fave of the Gen 6 Starters), people would be hyping that. - DragonHarrier

People act as if Greninja is the best starter ever. I beat some in competitive online battles with a Delphox and it's supposed to be weak against Greninja. And every time I beat a Greninja with Delphox people expect rematches and that I HAVE to use Delphox. People, can't you use something else for once? Repetitive battles gets boring after a while, I want challenge. I actually had a challenging battle yesterday and while I lost it was the most fun for a long while, it taught me new things. While they used a Greninja they didn't force me to use Delphox on it.

Ok, WHY IS THIS BELOW OSHAWOTT? This god, I want to kill it. Ash Greninja is an AWFUL IDEA and everyone loves it. I hate Greninja. - InklingSethO

Greninja got a syncro and got into Smash Bros while Chesnaught and Delphox didn't, that just screams overrated. Greninja should be first on this list, but of course there's all the Grenintards preventing it to get higher on this one and further proving it's incredibly overrated. Greninja is the reason why I refused getting smash bros after he appeared there and I will never buy those games again. Greninja fans are also the worst kind of fans I've ever seen, truly despicable. I barely know about any fans of this Pokemon who's actually nice to other Pokemon fans.

Greninja's extraordinarily overrated. It's not amazing in battle, and people only like it because of Ash-Greninja. - SirBizmo