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Lucario is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Lucario first appeared as a central character in the film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and later appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and subsequent sequels, also appearing more.


I don't know about Lucario at all. I just know it has a mega evolution, yes, terrible design. And it's fighting and steel. It's so overrated. The design isn't that bad, but again, the mega evolution is terrible in my opinion. I never had a Lucario or a Riolu ever. I'm fine with Absol (Absol is overrated, I hate that, but I don't hype about it), Primarina, which is an incredible water-fairy type pokemon, Ampharos, an amazing Pokemon, and Luxray. To be honest, Luxray has better design. Just had to get it out.

Although lucario has got one of the best combination of types (fighting and steel) it still doesn't make him a strong as most think. people mainly judge him on his appearance all because he looks great and judging a book by its cover is gonna ruin your day in Pokemon. now I play modded games like pixelmon which adds Pokemon to the game. and recently with the new updates all you ever hear about is lucario and how its gonna make the game 10x better. I'm sorry but people need to calm down about lucario its actually starting to make me feel bitter towards him. :i

70/70/70 defenses suck, 90 speed is low, if you have a speed nature, your 110 attack or 115 special attack is low. If you run a special/physical attack nature, your speed is crap. It is relatively hard to set up with microscopic defenses and people basically go crazy over it due to some dumb movie.

My cousin like's it people on the internet like it What's next? My cousin wants a Lucario People on the internet is hunting/already caught a Lucario What's next? It has a mega What's next? It's a plain pokemon I don't hate it I just think it's a little too overrated I don't love it

70/70/70 defensive stats, only 90 speed so it is easily killed. Yet some people still think it is among the best Pokemon... The highest of its stats is not too high either... 115 special attack is high but A lot of Pokemon have special attack more than that.

Why did this ugly thing seemingly become a secondary mascot (to Pikachu) for the whole franchise? I see Lucario everywhere, including SSB, having a huge part of the story in XY, and a ridiculous amount of merchandise compared to, well, pretty much everything but Pikachu and Charizard. While it's a decent Pokémon, I just do not understand all the love it gets. There are literally hundreds of Pokémon that are cooler than Lucario.

Dear god where do I even begin. I start with people saying that, in personal experience, Lucario was pathetic. I try my hardest to see what's so great about this 'god' but I just don't like it. The design tries to be cool for the sake of being cool, the movepool is not the most diverse for my liking and the over hype, oh man... Lucario is often hailed as the best fighting type while I stick to my guns.

The mega was alright, but the fact it's the first one just reeks of fan service which ticks me off because I had to work to get my favorite (Hitmonlee who thank god isn't on this list)while Lucario was given on a silver platter.

All in all, I want to slap this thing. And all the fans now are sharpening their pitchforks.

I was gonna say charizard, But then I saw lucario, Hands down overrated, Everyone overlooks zoroark because lucario has a type advantage, Give zoroark focus blast and lucario is dead, I will admit, I love lucario however, I have one in Pokemon X named anubis and he sweeps easily because he is epic, Still overrated, But I don't hate him.

From the moment I saw Lucario I was in love with the guy. I just wish he wasn't nearly as overrated as Charizard...I loved his character in the movie, and his many (sigh) anime appearances were okay too, but honestly he isn't that good competitively, so don't go saying that he is the strongest Pokemon or whatever. Nonetheless, nothing will stop me from loving Lucario, no matter how many cards, anime appearances, Smash Bros. appearances, Pokken appearances, or movies he gets.

Location is garbage people only like to for the steel typing which resists 11 types and its decent stats but it takes neutral damage from fairy so the steel typing is useless 2 moon blasts can take this out.

Lucario is awesome, it should be overrated and for good reasons unlike that stupid Pikachu that gets you nowhere in the game while you can beat the champion only using a Lucario.

It's weird how this thing is below blastoise. Yes, it has a ton of hype from genwunners but wherever you look on the Internet people praise lucario. On every top 10 list people say it's the best steel and / or fighting type and mega, show some love to the underdog megas like ampharos (my favourite mega) instead of furbait crap like absol and charizard. And yes, mew IS overrated. I don't understand why ampharos is even on this list, it did deserve the mega though

I absolutely LOVE Lucario in every aspect! I don't see why he is listed as more overrated than a lot of other Mons on this list.

Where do I start. Everything about this Pokemon is overrated. Aura Sphere is not that good of a move at all, considering its only 90 power. Somewhat a slow Pokemon. And one shot of a fire, ground or fighting move will OHKO this thing.

It is so horrible. Slow for a sweeper and its absolute frailty will get it ko'd.

Lucario cannot escape the wrath of ha ha there's a better aura sphere mon! Not even gen 4. Togekiss gets it and is better at it

I love Lucario, not because of Super Smash Bros, not because of the other fans, not because of the mega, just because it was one of the first Pokemon I saw in the anime - SheepBuggy

Maybe yes for normal Lucario. But, he has Mega Evolution, Mega Lucario is strong, with 112 base speed stats, 145 Attack, 140 Spa.

Is relatively slow for sweepers and is extremely frail. Overrated means it gets more credit than it deserves. Lucario had a movie, and don't get me started with the Kame-hame-ha thing

70/70/70 defensive stats, 90 speed, have fun

It's so ugly and stupid, it didn't need a movie and/or mega evolution

Baggy shorts and Aura aren't cool.

He/she can mega evolve also they look so cute!

No doubt second most overrated - Espeonz

I don't like him but I don't think he's overrated