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Pikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.


"Oh, you can't hate Pikachu, he's the mascot! Without him, Pokemon wouldn't exist! "

Shut up. Just...shut up. Okay, yes he is the mascot. But let me ask you something, why? Why is Pikachu famous? Simple. He didn't evolve. If he did evolve into Raichu, then Raichu would be the mascot, and be famous for all the things that Pikachu is now. He basically started an incredibly silly trend of Pokemon in the anime that refuse to evolve. And for what reason? I don't know, they never explain it! Little kids are confused once they start training their Pikachu in the game, because Raichu (surprise! ) turns out to have much better stats. The anime is feeding impressionable children false information!

On top of that, the games are really trying too hard to make Pikachu good without evolution. Sure, the Eviolite works for ALL unevolved Pokemon, but the fact that they are trying to make them stronger without evolution is just another sign that evolution is frowned upon in the ...more - DemonSpider253

He is cute but far from cutest. And, many people are getting confused with overrated and popular because the have great stats and are a great part of your team. Some pokemon on this list are not overrated, they are just popular because you are not going to put a 300 base stat pokemon on your competitive team. You need pokemon with base stats of 500-700 or are really tactical. For example, Arceus is not overrated, he is the pokemon God. I just think that people should remember, some pokemon are strong and used more often. Your getting that confused with pokemon being used more often because of the people who think pikachu is super strong because ash beat some strong pokemon with it.

Get Pikachu to number one! This little electric rodent has been hogging up the limelight since gen 1. Nearly every girl in my class had a Pikachu on their team, and named it Daisy or Buttercup or something stupid like that. I was the only kid who had a Raichu. The boys, on the other hand... 90% of them adored Pikachu due to it being OP in the anime. 10% were these two brothers who I was actually pretty friendly with. They both knew the Mew behind the truck hoax was fake, and they also knew that Pikachu is the WEAKEST THING EVER. come on. Every time you evolve your Pikachu into a Raichu, someone in the world catches a shiny. That could be you. Evolve your Pikachu!

Pikachu may not be used much in the game, but Pikachu is shoved down everyone's throats by game freak when it comes to games like Pokepark. Charizard is used and well liked. Pikachu isn't really that special just a yellow mouse that shoots lightning and is crammed down your throat.

Cuteness doesn't equal a good pokemon, it equals fangirls saying that he is their favorite, even though they don't know anything about Pokemon.

He's awesome... He WAS. Nowadays when you ask a kid who is the cutest Pokemon, they would simply answer Pikachu. Who's the strongest? Pikachu. Pikachu. Pikachu everywhere. Out of all the 700 Pokemon, why did this yellow fat b! tch get to be the one in the spotlight always? Even I remember watching Pokemon when charizard saved ash's life and then who did he reach out to? Pikachu. He reached out to pikachu, despite the fact that it was charizard who saved him. Pikachu. Pikachu always. Seriously, why was it pikachu who had to be in the spotlight always?

Where do I start, he has hogged the spotlight for like 20 years now. Pikachu is the center of the Pokemon world in EVERYTHING! Charizard is still in the top 5 overrated Pokemon but at least he is a good Pokemon unlike Pikachu who is weak and powerless (Except for Ash's Pikachu). That stupid episode where Pikachu beats Raichu still makes my blood boil to this day. Everybody now thinks that (Every) Pikachu is better than Raichu! HE IS NOT. WAKE UP YOUNG POKEMON FANS AND FANGIRLS WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT POKEMON. In Pokemon GO Pikachu gets to have the Santa hat but nobody else does. GET PICKACHU NUMBER ONE!

Where do I start? Everyone knows what Pikachu is. Not saying that's bad, but when you compare how many people know what Pikachu is then to what Pichu and Raichu, nobody knows Pichu and Raichu. I have a Raichu in Kalos, but of course I evolved it. WHO WOULDN'T? Pikachu gets too much love for just being Ash's partner. Say it's a kid show, right? He should have let Pikachu stay with his mother, so the creators of Pokemon would debate about the best starter! The winning starter would be Ash's. This would make the show a lot better. Nobody cares about a POKEMON SCHOOL.

"just like Team Rocket, Pikachu seriously does annoy it's audience."

Team Rocket never annoyed me (except in BW where they acted like machines because of losing their personalities) and I'm part of the audience, if they weren't there I'd probably would care about the show. They're actually underrated.

Pikachu's popularity makes sense considering it's the mascot and all, but I agree it's a bit overrates as it hogs the spotlight of better Pokemon. A lot of viewers of shows like this automatically likes the mascot and-or main character just because they get most attention.

Don't even get me started with this weak yellow vermin... People pay attention to him, claiming he's strong (because of the T.V. series) but it is stated that Ash's Pikachu is a rare one-of-a-kind who's electricity is as powerful as he's evolutionary's form electricity (as in weaker than Lt. Surges and those other quite powerful Raichu's). But that's only Ash's Pikachu. Too many Pokemon "fans" pay attention to him thinking he's the "Center of Attention". No. He's not. And Pokemon would exist without Pikachu. He wasn't even the first Pokemon to be created by the creator of Pokemon (it was Ryhorn). In all honesty, they could have chosen anyone as a mascot. That mascot would be overrated and the center of attention. Pikachu is still seen stronger than he actually is though. He is weak.

Why doesn't anyone EVER evolve Pikachu? Raichu is way better and has better stats, but STILL, everyone uses this dumb weak mouse (wait a minute, is it even a mouse? )

SO OVERRATED! At least Charizard is actually very strong in competitive due to his mega evolutions. Pikachu has none of that. He is complete crap in every way. He should be the uncontested number 1.

Which pokemon has its own game? Pikachu. Which pokemon has brought about at least one copy in every gen? Pikachu. Which pokemon is the only 4th starter? Pikachu. Which pokemon appears in ALL the anime episodes? Pikachu. Who does everyone use as the mascot of pokemon? Pikachu. Which pokemon is used by a pokechamp even though it has a better evolved version? Pikachu. I AM SO TIRED OF SEEING THIS HALF WIT ELECTRICAL YELLOW RAT! HELL THERE's EVEN A BETTER YELLOW ELECTRIC TYPE (ELECTABUZZ)!

The only two things keeping that overrated attention hog Pikachu from falling into the sadly forgotten Pokemon void is that it's the mascot of Pokemon and there are those annoying gen one fans who think that there should only have been 151 Pokemon.

LISTEN! Saying pikachu is overrated is saying like Mario is overrated! He is the MASCOT of the whole FRANCHISE! It is the mascot's JOB to stand out and get attention. The mascot's job to be overrated! Like I said, Pikachu is the FACE of the franchise, and it HAS to appear everywhere. I agree, IT IS OVERRATED, put it gets a PASS because it is the darn MASCOT!

If anything should be the mascot of Pokemon, it should be Red or Gary. That way we would all find our favourites through hardship, love, and all that sweet stuff without Pikachu being shoved in your face. Hey! Did you know you can dress up this Pikachu? Hey! Did you know that Pikachu can say it's own name? Hey! Did you know that Pikachu has its own Z move that only it can learn? Hey! Did you know that this Pikachu can wear Ash's hat? Okay, I'll stop now, I'm beginning to sound like Navi.

I really hate those Ash-followers who I battle. They're all "I WILL BEAT YOU! " but they only have Pikachu and I cream them -_-

Pikachu is to overrated and it is because of that show everyone is like pikachu is the best I here it over and over he isn't even that good of a Pokemon. Almost every Pokemon that is not pikachu is better than pikachu.

All you have to really look at is the fact that the developers go out of their way to put Pikachu in the spotlight. Pikachu has been the signature Pokemon of both Ash AND Red. Ash I can honestly forgive, it was his starter, but Red? He's a game protagonist, meaning he got one of the normal starters. He even uses them in his Mt. Silver battle! And yet his ace is Pikachu. You could argue that he's the one from Yellow, but that's complete bull since his rival, the Viridian gym leader, would have to have an Eeveelution in that case. He doesn't, which closes that theory. Pikachu also got special treatment in the manga, not only as Red's ace but as Yellow's ace too. There are two event Pikachu with special moves, and we can't ignore Cosplay Pikachu. Why Pikachu? Why not Zigzagoon? This electric rodent has hogged the spotlight for too long. I'm on team Change the Series Mascot to Foongus.

Pikachu is so overrated its not even funny. One of my friend is just all about Pikachu, and of course, I don't dislike him, but come on, seriously. I mean 2/5 close friends has Pikachu here as their first or second favorite. He is just overrated and a mascot for the Pokemon franchise.

People only like him cause he is the main starter.

Where do I start, I absolutely despise this little yellow mouse called pikachu. To start off, he is WAY to Weak! His base stat total is 300, 300! Who would even give a crap to get this dingus to level 100 anyways when it'starts highest stat is speed! But maybe I am being a bit to harsh on pikachu, wait a second, most people choose NOT to evolve their pikachu into a raichu! WHAT! Are people this stupid to not evolve their pikachu, raichu is stronger, cuter, and way too underrated. But their is one good part of pikachu, is that in pokemon adventures, Reds pikachu is his friend, not his main pokemon used for battle. Well that is pretty good. Now let's just play some good old fashioned Pokémon Silver! Wait, Pikachu is reds strongest pokemon when you fight him! That is It! Pikachu gets a rating of 4 out of 10 with a few final words of way too overrated.

AHHH! This pokemon is more overrated then Charizard, trust me! Ash Ketchem had gotton rid of all of his pokemon after his adventure in that region is over, but not this one! Why do people like this pokemon so much? For on thing lots of people think its cute. There are many others reasons but this is the main one. Ash had this pokemon for so long and in the Anime they act like Pikachu is a BOSS! He's so weak really! In the Anime, this PIKACHU can beat Legendaries! In the Anime PIKACHU can beat his weaknesses! If you try that you will fail miserably! He can beat Team rocket with one move, THUNDERBOLT! That doesn't even make sense. Not that the Anime makes sense... I could go on and on. I bet if Raichu didn't exist they would give him a mega form. AHHH! The only reason my brothers favorite pokemon is PIKACHU is because of the Anime. Every time I start talking about my favorite pokemon(s) he's like "SHUT UP! PIKACHU CAN EASILY BEAT ALL OF THEM WITH THUNDERBOLT! " Like what? POKEMON, GET A ...more

I mean why people like it so much, take a look at its stat, 35/40/50 defense? Mediocre 90 speed? Lol

It was tough not to pick Charizard, but Pikachu is the Sans of Pokemon (never in my life will I take that back). He is not the cutest, strongest, most interesting, or most unique Pokemon, but non-Pokemon fans catch a Rattata and "I caught I Purplechu! " Every entry in the franchise worships him. The people behind Pokemon exult him enough to get him his own game, and the rest of the world follows suit.