People Need to Learn What Overrated Means

Most of the rappers that people listed here are not even considered good rappers. Most people acknowlede that Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, and Plies suck. The title of this list is the most overrated rappers; meaning artists who are noticed in hip-hop, by fans, as being dope emcees who really are not as good as they are acclaimed to be. So soulja boy would be in the category as one of the worst rappers to ever pick up a mic (believe that), not the most overrated. Rappers who are overrated put out s***ty music, yet people still buy their albums and support them by making them money. Which rappers are overrated could definitely be debatable but it doesnt make sense to put someone like Nelly or Waka Flocka on here that other rappers even know are terrible. Also to anyone who voted for Tupac or Eminem as the most overrated rappers should seriously get smacked upside the head, they penned some of the best lyrics ever and defined and continue to define the genre!!


Can't agree more - visitor

I totally agree. People think overrated means bad. I would put Pac as #1. - Bosain3

Eminem has ALWAYS been and will always be overrated. He's created some of the goofiest music, give him that. The only reason he's as big as his is is the fact that he acted like he was the only white dude to ever do this, and WE ALL know that.

Tupac was very skilled but his death made people automatically put him on a pedestal. In reality, had he still been around, he might not even have a big following today.

Point is: just because people tell you to believe something, it doesn't make it true. - visitor