The Differences Between Good, Garbage, and Overrated Rap

Let me break it down for anyone that doesn't know about emceein...

To even be considered a good rapper you MUST be an emcee:

A real emcee has 1) Rap/Verbal Skills 2) Authenticity (Credibility, True to Themselves) 3) Rhythm/Flow 4)Connects to and Broadens the scope of the pure artform of Hip-Hop

Whack Rappers do not fit this at all; for example Soulja Boy. He sucks and this can't even be debated by anyone who has even half a brain. This guy has no talent, he is fake (inauthentic/unoriginal), and does not help exand or elevate the true culture of hip-hop in anyway. He is a commercial rapper that raps to make money for corporations while bragging to everyone how rich he is and how many bitches he knocks up. In the meantime he shows no respect to the culture or artform that makes Hip-Hop a unique genre of music. He is the definition of wack folks!!!!

Overrated Rappers on the other hand are rappers whom people think are credible but are not because they lack in the areas listed above of what a good emcee is. Money/Success/Fame does not determine whether you are a good rapper or not. There are many dudes these days who have a flow, but talk about bull and use gimmiks to get where they are instead of their content of their songs and lyrics. A real rapper is true to themselves and uses honest emotion in their lyrics. True rappers don't just rhyme for a check and their own little egos. They spit from the heart because they realize, that their music is far more powerful than tangeible or material things. Im not saying that just because a rapper has money and fame that they sold out; as long as you speak from your own voice and creative mind while challenging your art, you havn't sold out in my book. Phony rappers like Soulja Boy or Lil Wayne pretend to be something they aren't in order to selfishly exploit the culture while profitting from it. This is what we call selling your soul!!

Now that we made these distictions clear; We can see now that some of these rappers do not belong on this list at all while others should be rated way higher in terms of being overrated. Most people know Soulja Boy is terrible has no credibility at all so he should not be placed high on this list. So don't vote for him lol!!!!! We all know he sucks d***. Someone like 50 Cent however is overrated because the majority of rap fans think he actually is good when he is in fact horrible and is all gimmicks. You would have to look long and hard to find music that Fiddy made that you can argue makes him a true emcee. He lacks all the foundations and still makes millions, has a large influence on the industry and people actually think hes good. Fiddy Cent is an overrated Nigga; and thats a fact.

Other rappers don't even deserve to be on here. You must be deaf to even have Eminem or Tupac on this list. How old are you guys, seriously? They are two of the best to ever pic up a mic, fact. If you say that Tupac is overrated and honestly believe it, all your views on rap are null and void from that point on because you don't really understand the culture. True rap has not, and will never be about being catchy or commercial (material, banal). It is about being witty, creative, original and having a lasting meaning. 90% of the phony artists and rap fans in this sorry industry do not recognize or appreciate the art of emceeing and accept banality and just straight up bulls*** that comes through their ears without question. If anyone wonders why real rap is constantly overshadowed, it's because the superficiality and financial success took presidence comercially with both rappers and rap fans over the lyrics, creativity and the art of emceeing itself. Rap is more about realising ourselves than ignoring our natures. If anyone who claims to be a rap fan tells you different or says that rap is just about having a good time, you can tell them to f*** off because they bought into the lie!!!!!

Hope this helps to determine a rapper who is worthy of praise, compared to bull**** rappers hijacking the music.