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Aubrey Drake Graham, known professionally as Drake, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.


I would clicked on Lil Wayne, but you all already think he sucks so he's not overrated, nor is Kanye, he's getting better, have you heard Watch the Throne, he annihilates Jay Z on every track, I just wish he'd keep it up instead of stooping to the GOOD music s***. But in the end I decided to pick Drake. He might have been good at first but now he stoops to this YMCMB tradition of rapping about money and pussy. Even his most poetic love song, "Best I Ever Had" was pretty wack around the end, once again rapping about p**** instead of being deep. His verse on Trey Songz, "Unusual" was by far the wackest s*** I ever heard, he's not so great on bed now is he.

Don't get me wrong, his R&B is dope, and I bet he'll improve on his love raps, but for now he is so overrated. He's not a legend yet, stop treating him like one.

MOST OVERRATED RAPPER TO EVER EXIST! Drake is about as deep as an empty pool. His music is the same stuff all over again. Just him blathering about some girl who doesn't love him, the the the. The prick has daddy issues. Get over yourself. His fans are even worse. They only song one song, Started From The Bottom, even though we all have seen him on Degrassi. And there is no way he started from this so called bottom, because five minutes after he finished shooting Degrassi, he flew out to Cali, to see another sell out "rapper" Lil Wayne. So no Drake.

Drake can only rap about girls. Switch it up. Trying to be smooth. Who he think he is method man. I think all of the girls that listen to rap now turned it into hip-pop. Give me Ja Rule back. At least he changed it up and did some hardcore stuff. Radio doesn't want to play the hardcore stuff. Ok. But man it didn't have to come to this. BET had him top ten in the last decade. Umm. Wow and these critics on MTV2 be like yeah drake he hot. Ross he hot umm no they not and people just go ahead and listen to them instead of listening to everything out there and deciding for themselves.

I don't even see why Drake is considered a rapper? Most of the time he just sings with a synthesizer. The only time he does anything even close to rapping all he does is blow smoke up your ass, his words have no real meaning. None of his songs have any staying power, all they have is a good beat.

Why Eminem is better than Drake in every way and why Eminem shouldn't even be on this list.

1) Eminem's songs have meaning. He raps about is life and his struggles. Drake just raps about love and things that mean nothing.

2) Eminem sounds like he means something, he raps so powerfully. Drake sounds like someone shoved an auto tune mic down his throat.

3) Eminem can rap FAST. Just listen to "Rap God" or "Speedom". Drake can't really rap any faster than a tortoise can walk.

4) Eminem is original. Who else has an alter ego called Slim Shady? Drake raps like every other rapper this decade by using the N word and sometimes using that horrible beat.

Drake is WAY overrated. Eminem shouldn't even be on this list.

This guy is such a joke as a rapper, it's really pathetic. He makes Rick Ross sound good. Him and TI are just the worst, although Drake is worse than TI. HIs flow is equivalent to an untalented hack in high school. 20% of people off the street could probably rap better than he does without trying very hard.

A rapper who can't rap all that well, and his songs are usually boring hip-pop songs that are bland and take no risks at all. I'm not against pop artists, but considering this guy is in a genre associated with such a controversial genre, his music has no edge or bite to it whatsoever. Honestly, his best songs are the ones where he sings instead of which he's actually quite good at. But considering his work mainly consists of rap music, his output mainly is rap with a capital C. - Mrveteran

Mediocre flow, basic rhymes, monotonous, sings more instead of actually rapping, kid who was born in the middle class family(maybe even higher) and acts like he started from the bottom and not to mention that he doesn't write his own lyrics! I cringe when I hear his songs and I can't believe people actually thinks he is one of the best rappers of all time.

The worst artist in the universe except Nicki Minaj, but since I don't count her as a human being I can't count her as a rapper. Therefore the reward goes to Drake!.

Drake is starting to become less of a rapper and more of a singer. Ever since Just hold on we're going home he started singing a lot more. Now hotline bling and a lot of his other new stuff isn't rapping at all. Only singing.

Drake is popular because he is different and the white girls think he hot. I like his music when I'm in a certain mood. On a music stain point his music sucks and is all over the place. I hate one word with different meaning thing - Mike48

Horrible. Sounds like he doesn't like music and he doesn't want to be there at all. So lazy and slow and yet calls himself a rapper. And I had that opinion before I watched How to sound like your favourite artists by Nigahiga. Did you hear he got arrested for domestic violence?

He is so overrated it's not even funny. I cannot believe how many people will listen to this sellout and believe the lies he says.
Started from the bottom? I never knew growing up in a suburb in Canada was the "bottom". I had no idea being an actor on Degrassi was the "bottom". But it's no surprise, everyone affiliated with YMCMB are so fake. His music is garbage, so he is on the "bottom" in quality.

Drake should be No. 1 on this list. Not Lil Wayne

He says the same exact thing on every song and people praise him for it. Kanye is a legend and his production should keep him off of this list alone. Drake does nothing to improve though. Views is his worst album to date and some of it has to do with how he NEVER tries anything new unless somebody already made millions from it first. Yeezus is an album that tested the boundaries of rap and it is a great album. Drake needs to learn from Yeezy and move out of his comfort zone to become a better artist. Is he bad? Definitely not. Overrated? Very.

I hate Drake so much. It's like listening to a chalkboard being scratched + the sound of someone making spitting sounds. But at least those things have a little musicality in them.

Drake's best song was best I ever Had. Everything else is just trash. And it seems like lil Wayne writes all young money's music even though Wayne isn't the greatest rapper (autotune king) lmfao

Dude was in Degrassi and he says he started from the bottom. Annoying flow and not much lyrical talent either.

His producers do all the work. His songs are bull and I don't care if he made it from the bottom. His lyrics suck.

Pure crap he's just crap he can't rap he's a singer who says he's a rapper because he's done a song with eminem I honestly hope this isn't were rap is going

Although I hate him I hate the fact I end up liking some of his songs from time to time (No not hotline bling... Although the video was cool)

Drake is totally overrated. He started hip hop and love songs. He's the 2nd laziest rapper ever! No rap, no talent, gotta be 2nd at least

How is hotline bling so popular? Most songs are not overrated, but hotline bling is

After Forever, Drake's musical quality just started dwindling down and down. - SwagFlicks

Drake is terrible at rapping all he does run his mouth that he has money - Scorpion20