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Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 300 million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of D12 and (with Royce ...read more.


Telling a Stan that Eminem isn't the best rapper is like telling a kid that Santa isn't real.

Eminem's two best attributes are is sense of humour and his story telling ability, and he barely uses either of them.

People say he raps about real life... When? What song? Did I miss it?

Unless this world is full of; wife beating, wannabe psychos, with an imaginary personality disorder, then I don't see how he is relatable.

Since encore, he's had the odd good song, but the rest is just "Til I Collapse" re-written in different rhyme schemes and put back over a new beat.

His ability to rhyme is second to none... Not necessarily because others can't do it, more that others don't bother or need to... But with that said, it still deserves merit and credit given where its due.

If rap was an athletic sport, Eminem would be the best rapper ever, just for going that extra mile... But it isn't... It's a poetic art form, one he uses to fight invisible ...more

If he wasn't white, he would be considered good, and possibly very good, but not even near Nas's stratosphere. I respect his music, but damn, this man is mad overrated. - strategicnuclearmoose

Dear all those who believe Eminem isn't overrated... You're all stupid.

He is a main stream chart rapper for chavs and people who don't appreciate good rap. Eminem is the single handed reason why the wider majority of people believe rap is bad music. Furthermore, all those who believe his lyrics are so "deep" and have "deep meaning", you're just as idiotic also! If you want deep. meaningful lyrics then listen to the likes of Pink Floyd! In addition to, his record "rap god" isn't even that fast and all those who believe its talented ; listen to the likes of Mac Lethal, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Tech N9ne, Yelawolf etc...

My overall point is that Eminem is incredibly overrated and isn't even a good rapper, despite if his lyrics have "meaning" or not. He is the most mainstream idiot ever! There is better rap out there people, look for it! And if you believe Eminem is a good rapper, you also probably believe that the "Top 40 ...more

Though he is actually quite decent his stupid fanbase madly overrate him, most of them haven't heard any other artists but him and Wayne

I think Eminem is overrated not because he has bad vocal skills, its because literally everybody who is white loves him so much. I go to a catholic school in New Hampshire (about as white as it gets) and everyone loves his music, everyone but the vast majority of them don't even know who Nas is and other great rappers. In reality he just has a lot more bad music then good music, his whole slim shady thing was funny for about 10 minutes before it just got annoying AF and a lot of his music is just half pop, because white people like pop singers. He does have some good music but not a lot. I also think he gets more credit then he deserves in being "deep". All he has done is rap about his relationship with his mother and other personal instead of addressing actual issues. I do like Eminem but I think that his skin color has made him produce bad music and become overrated.

Eminem wouldn't be as big if he was black, you heard me. The funny part is his not even the best white rapper. He and 2pac (no hating on Pac though') are the most overrated MCs in the history of hip hop, believe that

Eminem is by no means the greatest rapper of all time. Not even close. I can't comprehend how so many people can rank him the greatest rapper of all-time. He really only has two albums that can be considered genuinely solid and where he reached his potential. He's not a bad rapper, but he's crazy overrated.

Way over rated only reason people like him cause he's white!

I don't even see how you can argue that Eminem is the most overrated rapper ever. Sure, he's a great rapper and can be a really good lyricist and storyteller, but most of his recent output has been straight trash, and yet people all over the Internet still praise it for addressing "real life situations", as well as cramming 12 syllables into a second. Even his great old material is extremely overrated. If you say anything bad about Eminem on the Internet, you're in trouble. In conclusion, he's a great rapper but he has been held back in recent years by mediocre production and flow.

Don't get me wrong, Eminem is good, but how is he not overrated? Sure he has some good music (mostly his earlier stuff), but now he's just an artist listened to by edgy teenagers and people from foreign countries. If he were black, he'd be no more popular than maybe Tyler the Creator or some other gimmick artist. I see Lil Wayne at the top and I just think to myself, "what, doesn't everybody hate him? " This list is for the most overrated rapper, not the worst rapper.

You know what I hate, you Stan's who think he's god and that he's UNDErrated though he's so OVERRATED
-Me and other real HipHopHeads
I do admit though, sslp, mmlp, & em. Show are probably 5 star albums plus I recently made a 50 greatest list and had him as the 24th best

Yikes. Eminem is insanely overrated. Not bad but their are dozens of emcees wit just as much lyrical complexity. Qwel, wu tang clan, rakim, jedi mind tricks, nas and big pun to name a few. Oh yeah how many of you 13 year Olds can name more than 10 rappers from the list 90s. That's right you can't you don't listen to hop hop and your knowledge is limited. For those that say em only raps about life obviously didn't listen to his first two albums about popping pills killing homosexuals and shooting up schools. The worst part is you kids say he is the greatest thing to happen because he raps bout real life when you don't even listen to rap. It's like saying "Rolling Stones is the only good rock band because they don't sing about slitting their wrists, satanism and self indulging poetry about how some girl doesn't like them" pretty ignorant thing to say eh?

I honestly love Eminem, he's on my top 5. The only problem is people consider him the GOAT. Stan's won't listen and consider you a fool who knows nothing of rap. Eminem is amazing but people forget that he did multiple song with lil Wayne and considers him a close friend. If you want other rappers who are amazing its immortal technique, nas, mgk is actually pretty good, and I enjoy scar face ass well.

People only like Eminem because he's god dam mainstream and has a big pop sound, he's not the best rapper of all time or alive or even the best white rapper

He's good but no just noi like his music but love it? Besides lose yourself I haven't been moved, hi my name is and the real slim shady are impressive and changed hip hop but to be fair and Stan was clever but the people keep hopping on the mathers fanboy train without thinking just plain fanboy instinct its just sad but he is talented so no hate but I find it stupid how overrated he is that and Lil Wayne

A lot... And I mean a TON of Eminem fans don't even listen to other rappers and yet consider him the greatest rapper of all time.

That's like saying Barcelona is the greatest soccer team, without knowing who Chelsea, Real Madrid or Manchester United are.

Just because he's white now he gets a lot of attention but he hasn't made a good album since the Eminem show... People say he's the best but he's lyrics aren't even that good compared to other rappers... I'm from South Africa and over here he's highly overrated... Where I'm from you only hear Eminem or lil Wayne... From where I'm from Ludacris quite underrated so I don't buy that

HE don't rap about real things he talks about killing his wife and how he's a psycho killer but he doesn't really do it. He also throws in random words that rhyme but make no sense to his songs

Let's get something straight people. Overrated doesn't make someone bad. Bad, no. Overrated, yes. To be honest, Eminem is one of my favorite rappers so I am not dissing him, but, many of his fans are calling him the GOAT. Has anyone ever heard of Tupac, Biggie, or Nas? I love Em (even his new stuff) but people are jumping the gun a little with the "Eminem is the best rapper in the universe" stuff. He may be the greatest still alive though. - ILikeChocolateMilk

He absolutely doesn't get more credit than he deserves there is not a single rapper who does get more credit than they deserve. People are free to like whoever they want and overrated is basically saying people should like this guy less because I don't. I hate drake and he's one of the most successful rappers now. But is he overrated. No. People can think whatever they want about him and I don't care, everyone can like whatever they want to.

I love Eminem but all you people are so dumb you think he's better that god and that no one comes close to him but he is the most overrated rapper ever in my opinion.

Eminem is one of the best, lyrically. But musically, he is not even close to the first place. And there are too many fools who think they are wise just because they listen to Eminem. There are too many fools who say everywhere that he is the best without even listen to other rappers.

Not that he wasn't a solid rapper it's just that people seem to consider him one of the top 10 some even consider him the best. No way he should be in the 20-10 area and I rank him 13 I think that's a suitable spot for him I'm not going to bash Eminem he was a good rapper.

Jeez some of you need to chill. Yeah his skill is insane and he is one of the best to touch the mic, BUT he is SERIOUSLY OVERRATED. He does deserve credit, that's true, he also will go down as the best white rapper ever, that is also true. But he is getting old, his new stuff is weak. He is getting surpassed by Kendrick as a lyricist. Now that's is a BOLD statement but its true but he will go down as one of the greatest of all time.

I don't think people understand the meaning of the word "overrated". Overrated does NOT mean "bad", it just means it's constantly given too much credit. Anyways, Eminem is a GREAT rapper, and I may as well call him my favorite rapper of all time, up there with Kanye and Jay-Z. But his fanbase is just SO annoying. The majority of them are white boys who know nothing else about rap other than Lil' Wayne. This is especially annoying when concerning his NEWER work. For example, if he's featured on a song, all the stans will rush over to the song and skip to Eminem's verse whilst ignoring the rest of the song. Also, "Rap God" is overrated. Enough said.