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Kanye Omari West is an American rapper, songwriter, and fashion designer. He was born on June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia. After West's parents divorced, him and his single mother moved to Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 10, West temporarily moved to Nanjing, China, because his mother was teaching ...read more.


"You idiots who think he's good should all just burn. He's not only a terrible rapper, but he also butchered Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and thought he did a good job. He over-rates himself beyond belief and only his idiot fans think he's a genius. How can you be a genius and yet make completely idiotic lyrics about how he could be a god if people let him? That's right- you can't.

This guy is the most innovative rapper of the past 15 years. He revived conscious rap with his first 3 albums. Trounced gangsta rap with a cartoony colorful bright electronic rap album. Then, he started the love song/autotune wave with 808's. Then, made one of the most acclaimed albums in rap history with Dark Twisted Fantasy. Then, he polarized audiences with a bold industrial album. - marmalade_skies

Solid producer and while I'd love to give him zero credit at all - maybe second best only to Dre. As far as rapping goes, this dude is just a clown. Everything he does oozes with entitlement, the one concept that should have no place in music. His flow is boring and basically just iambic syncopated syllables and the least creative rhythms imaginable - a shame because it ruins the actual music, which I won't deny is quality. Lyrically, where do you even begin? They don't tend to make sense or carry a consistent message or tell a story. He uses his lyrics to talk to the establishment, a cornerstone in rap, but he's uninformed and generally fairly racist. It's just not good or cohesive. Having a garbage perspective on life make writing real, quality lyrics. He's basically reality T.V. in music form.

Really? Why the hell is he on this list? Ye is the most underrated rapper... All you people that hate on him just actually listen to his lyrics. Yeah he may be an ass but he redefined hip hop. He invented the genre we hear today.

People always seem to hype up his upcoming album, and they turn out to be garbage. I don't get his style, as it just seems like he's rapping just to rap. He has stolen any style that has been popular at the time so he stays relevant in the game. He's not even good in my eyes.

I disagree that Kanye is an innovator because he samples, how can someone who takes portions of someone else's innovation be innovative? Makes no sense. I think most people over look Kanye's lack of rap skill, he often drags his lyrics, repeats his lines and does 8 bar versus instead of the standard 16. He simply found a way to sell a lot of music but not put in the effort to do so by not putting in the extra effort to carefully write out his rhymes, his best song he has ever written was his first hit "Through The Wire", if you listen, his lines were more fluid, he had all 16 bars versus and he didn't repeat or drag any lines. Kanye is a salesman not a true MC/Rapper, he is a manipulator.

Only on here because people hate the man but people need to understand how to separate the man from the music. Kanye West is a musical genius whether his haters want to admit it or not. He most definitely does not belong on this list. Eminem should be on here somewhere because he is overrated for sure but white people will make sure that won't happen.

Perfectly represents the social problem we have in the US. Just because somebody says something you don't like, nothing else matters. This man is more than a rapper, more than a musician, he is a creative genius. - chauncyg

People say how great he is at making music, but all I've ever heard him do is put 4 notes on a loop for a whole song. HIs lyrics are mostly meaningless, his music simple, and yet he is treated as a god.

I can't believe people that rip on Kanye for samping. You try taking two wildly different songs like on Blood on the Leaves and make it fit the way he did. He may not be the greatest RAPPER, but he is a great HIP HOP artist. He is incredibly talented. Seriously, if sampling music was so easy, why are you commenting on a forum instead of going out and making millions sampling songs? Derp

He is not that different from the other mainstream stuff, he is definitely not the worst rapper around, but he is waaay overrated. All he sings about is haters and stuff, anyway he has some good songs. And I liked him way more before graduation, I think it was around that time that he went nuts and started to ego trip completely.

Kanye isn't good lyrically, in fact he has ghostwriters pen most of his work. He also had a part in the killing of golden era rap, by running more like a pop artist then an emcee.

Lil Wayne sucks more, but at least everyone knows he sucks. Kanye is worshipped for some reason, when in reality, he's a condescending idiot who doesn't know what music is. - benhos

Elitist prick who thinks he is God. I lost respect after he disrespected Tupac and said he was better than him.

No matter how great his music is, you can't deny after beautiful dark twisted fantasy his lyrics are 99% trash

Terrible lyricist, great producer but lets face it he is the most pretentious guy despite the fact he has never spat a verse that sticks in your head.

Kanye shouldn't be so high up, he has one of the most consistent discographies of all time. He is talented. Anyone who disagrees must not of listened of his first two albums.

Most people don't know he's produced a huge number of the best songs we all love. But he's an IDIOT

Kanye uses copyright tricks such as sampling etc... To get around the music he "samples" or outright steals from. Hiding it behind usually offensive lyrics and a synth,

He's An Ass, jerk, idiot And He's Married To Kim. But He's A Good Rapper - 12cc

Production-wise no one would put him here, but lyrically he's awful, his flow is slow, purely as a rapper he's terrible.

"Hitch-hiking to fame; a short Kanye West diss track"

All your albums are crap, from the college dropout to yeezus
And you act like people should treat you like Jesus
Stronger was successful just from luck
But did anybody know that you hitch-hiked of daft punk?

Yeah you hitch-hiked to fame
But you act like you're the best in the rapping game
Thinkin' you can always interrupt the VMAs
Cause you hitch-hiked of fame
And you think you got the high score in the hip hop game
But imma like a lion; nowhere near from tame
If Em rap battled you, your lyrics would be maimed

He interrupted swift, I wish Tupac or 50 cent in her place, I bet they will whip his ass real bad, and interrupted her for what? to show off & to pronounce beyonce is better then taylor swift. somebody kill him please

Such an bigheaded egomaniac his music is just sounds with autotune over the top.

Kanye the type of guy who would sneeze and "say bless me thank me I'm welcome"
He's the type of guy to ask why you deserve do have him work for you during an interview.
He's the type of guy who told the teacher to raise their hand if they wish to speak to him