Lil Wayne

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Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. is an American hip hop artist and is often referred to as one of the worst rappers of all time. He was signed to Cash Money Records by Birdman at a young age. Before he became a household name and the artist he is today, he was 1 quarter of the southern rap group The Hot Boys, more.


The thing is, he never fell off. You know why? Because he never was good in the first place. This is coming from an avid hip-hop head who was convinced that all the hype surrounding Wayne and how "clever" he was had to lead back to an actual trail. I was wrong, and overestimated people. They really are as simple-minded and stupid as I initially thought. This shameless piece of garbage tainted a genre and its fanbase. I listened to every single Lil Wayne project, from the Block is Hot to his latest... zero displays of true brilliance. Sure, a couple of "Hey, haha, I get it" sort of lines but nothing that transcends this level and is just absolutely shocking and mind altering. Set aside these few good lines, and there's nothing less. Substance? Barely, and when there is some he either:

A) executes it terribly

B) is uninteresting

C) both

Flow? Decent, sometimes it fits, but nothing more, no flows he has spit ever have changed rap or made me ...more

About you saying he isn't good lyrically, you do know Lil Wayne doesn't write his lyrics down, he freestyles and then makes minor adjustments to it after playing it back. He is the only artist to never have an official copy of his lyrics, for his albums a person of his team does it for the internet. He just straight up freestyles, He sits there and just raps what comes to his head. Him, NAS, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, are the only rappers that still have that ability to freestyle successfully like all the rappers did in the 90's. Even Emenem has stopped freestyling and has became all about his lyrics and making sure it is all planned out correctly. Rap started out as freestyling, then pop culture turned it into something to make money off of (I was going to be a Music Major and took all these classes on it). Yeah Lil' Wayne might not be nearly as good as he was before, but that's what happens when you have produced and recorded more songs then any other artist out there today and ...more

Number 1 by far. I went to the Eminem concert in Sydney last year. Lil Wayne came on before Eminem. The difference in talent was amazing! Eminem delivered. Lil Wayne is an overrated joke. I can't believe all these young people who rate him. Old school rap forever. Biggie, Pac, Wu-Tang, Big L, NWA, Jedi Mind TRicks, Nas. All this new crap sucks!

He has built himself up so high that he can come out and say things that don't even make sense and people eat it up. I don't even know what he is talking about anymore. He doesn't even rhyme anymore and when he does, he is rhyming a word with the same word. He has forgotten what it is like to be a person, and has forgotten what it is like to try to be he best because we are now so brainwashed that we think he is what hip hop should be now. Easily the most overrated rapper of all time.

An already poor voice would make him a bad singer, but using those vocal chops to rap makes a dire situation even worse. Not to mention how he raps about nonsense like food or how great he is, and this awful combination is about as much fun to listen to as Freddy Krugeur's finger knives on a chalkboard. An utterly terrible rapper whose success helped to ruin rap and turn it into the mess it is in today, not to mention how thanks to his Young Money record label, he has more talentless minions to inflict on the public and keep on messing up a once great genre. - Mrveteran

I'm not a fan of Wayne but he isn't overrated. There is not a single rapper who is overrated. The term overrated is basically saying "you shouldn't enjoy this thing you enjoy because I said so" I don't like Wayne but people are free to like whoever they want. The term overrated is pointless and only leads to pissing people off and stopping intelligent and meaningful discussion.

Lil Wayne was valedictorian of his high school, and while grades and intelligence are almost completely unrelated, you can't deny that he is one of the smarter rappers, if not one of the smarter humans. If you ever sit down and think about what he just came up with off the top of his dome while stoned and on syrup you might appreciate it more.

If you listen whenever he's around other REAL rappers he always seems have the weakest lines and just not talented to listed by other like Eminem and Drake (Drake fell of massively) and when Royce the 5'9 did a song called "I'm me" he used the same beat that Lil Wayne used and if you listen to both songs it's obvious that Royce is WAY better (he would be on a underrated list)

All Lil Wayne does is talk slow and make the lyrics rhyme at the end. Anyone can do that. So OVERRATED to where it's ridicuoluss (how ever the crap you spell that crap). All he does is boast about all the money he gets from all his idiot fans that think that he is so cool. At least Eminem and Hopsin can rap and they rap about real stuff and not about how many blunts they can smoke in an hour or how much money they have.

Worst rapper ever, he's so overrated, can't believe he's rich cause Iggy Azalea can rap better than him, he's the worst ever, he can't rap, he can't sing, he can't make write a good song, all his songs are about money, lux and sex and about banging girls. - LukeTargaryen

Autotune, no flow, horrible lyricism, dislike his voice, all sex, money and drugs crap, no freestyle ability, calling him a rapper is not really what he is. The only thing I like about him is his work ethic. - COD123

I see people hating on him sometimes and I see people showing him way more love than a bellow average rapper should ever get.The fact is that he isnt the "best rapper alive" or even close not even top 100.

He Sounds Like A Pelican Crossed Nicki Minaj And What Came Out Is On Its Period And While It's On Its Period It's Trying To Rap
And He Looks Like A Skunk Who Traveled In Time To 1977 And Became An English Punk Rock Fan, Then He Did A Ton Of Drugs And He Came Back To This Time And Obviously Because He Was Still High On Crack He Forgot To Change His Face. - 12cc

"I'm the F, baby, and the "F" is for phenomenal"
"When it Waynes it pours"
"Bullet-proofed my ride, now I feel like armadillos"
"Real Gs move in silence like lasagna"
"I get payed by the letter, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z"
Enough said.

Some people think he's the best and I really don't understand why. Rap is lyrical and he lacks that. Many people who judge don't understand hip-hop and hip-hop is often judged by the mass pop market. But even so, Lil Wayne sounds terrible as well. So why he is even liked by anyone is beyond me. I literally can't think of a reason.

He raps poorly, his lyrics are poor and you can barely understand the fool, he's incompetent and deserves a bullet to the head, the goose. Wish he would burn in hell so Tupac could return and save us.

He sucks. I mean, he has no flow and no rhythm and I have no clue anyone likes him so much. He was 7th on the Top Ten rappers if all time list which proves he is overrated. He is a head of Eazy-E, Busta Rhymes, DMX, and many others that could win a rap battle against this retard any minute of the millennium.

I beg someone to figure out, a meaning behind his lyrics. His "music" sounds worse than a bag of cats being swung at a wall.

I gotta say its a relief to see this wanker on top I'm glad there is more people out there like me that can see him as the phoney he is.. I divorced my wife for listening to this trash all the time... No joke!

You know, I was just searching to finally see who understands. And thank you people so much. I mean I used to like him but it was getting annoying listining to llllllll lollopop with fat girls in it. This fool sucks but I love him for some reason.

What's black, immature, and rich all over? Lil Wayne. Extremely annoying songs his only good ones are collaborations. Lil Wayne needs to leave

He's overrated, but he's fine compared to Pitbull. Just can't even get how people like repetitive things by Pitbull "Dale" and added some "lyric" like 4 cities and Spanish word. As far as I know, most Pitbull songs are different to latin songs I hear. Say, ricky martin, MAM, Daddy Yankee. Yeah they come from pop to latin reggae, but it's not what Pitbull songs sounds like.

Lil Wayne raps about girls drugs and shotguns enough said no meaning at all and terrible flow and to put the icing on the cake he don't even write his own stuff

I really don't understand how people can listen to this dribble, it's not even clever, getting p**** and poppin' bottles in the club isn't what rap is about.

I'm from New Orleans (born and raised) and I don't like Wayne. His early albums such as the block is hot is ok which I'm used to that.

But most after that is crap