Most Overrated Rappers of All Time

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121 Gzus

He should of continued rapping

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122 Schoolboy Q

Can't rap and people just say he's good because they bandwagon every new artist.

Schoolboy Q is underrated what you talking about

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125 Speaker Knockerz

His Flow was sick and while rapping about his stories are even better. RIP Speaker Knockerz

He had amazing flow, wasn't rapping about what every other rapper was trying to rap about. He was real, R.I.P; died of a heart attack just so everyone knows

His songs where the best too bad he died he had potential so much R.I.P Speaker Knockers

126 Sirah
127 Canibus V 1 Comment
128 Fort Minor
129 Kodak Black V 2 Comments
130 Killer Mike
131 Chanel West Coast Chanel West Coast

I don't know about her rap skills but I heard she is signed with Young Money so they can't be good. I know her laugh is annoying as hell and she is very ugly.

She makes Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea look like the rapper versions of Picasso and Van Gogh - DaLizts

The most over rated piece of garbadge ever. She the worst flow. She's the worst female rapper ever. She killed hip hop.

A complete fruit cup along side of Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea.

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132 Kamel Wehbe
133 Yasmine Daouk
134 Sandeep
135 Joseph DaVinci

Overrated Rapper on YouTube, he makes good beats but tries to copy Lil B and he fails at it, stick to making good beats n you will be signed

136 J.N.V.

He is a rap-rock emo flow that is too much like new cage

137 I.B.Dunkin

He funny that's it

138 The Sacrifices
139 ASAP Ferg
140 Childish Gambino Childish Gambino

He shows almost no emotion in his songs if you watch the video. He's just so calm its awesome!

He writes his own music, produces it sometimes, & finds the beats. He writes amazing songs. Plus he's a good actor. & like his song says "they ask me, why every black actor gotta rap some. All I know is I'm the best one! "

He stole that name from a rock band in tampa Florida

Worst famous name in rap ever.

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