Most Overrated Rappers of All Time

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141 Sandeep
142 Joseph DaVinci

Overrated Rapper on YouTube, he makes good beats but tries to copy Lil B and he fails at it, stick to making good beats n you will be signed

143 J.N.V.

He is a rap-rock emo flow that is too much like new cage

144 I.B.Dunkin

He funny that's it

145 The Sacrifices
146 ASAP Ferg
147 Childish Gambino Childish Gambino

He shows almost no emotion in his songs if you watch the video. He's just so calm its awesome!

He writes his own music, produces it sometimes, & finds the beats. He writes amazing songs. Plus he's a good actor. & like his song says "they ask me, why every black actor gotta rap some. All I know is I'm the best one! "

Gambino is so sick!

He didn't steal it from a band, he used the wu tang name generator idiot...

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148 Danny Brown

If you think Danny Brown is bad... we can't be friends. - SwagFlicks

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149 Ace Hood Ace Hood

Ace Hood would be a good voice for a new Sonic the Hedgehog male or someone else.

He is way batter than most of all listed

Ace is one of the best rappers out there!

150 B Mike

He thinks only psychopaths go to therapy. When I have other Mental conditions that make me have therapy! Well B mike can go suck a dick because therapy is one of the things keeping me from cutting! And a funny things is Chief keef is more famous than his stupid ass. I hope B mike dies, never sees the light, and relives his painful unmereful death!

151 Ol' Dirty Bastard

I guess he shouldn't be in this list cause he ain't rapping at all.

152 Lloyd Ahlquist
153 Peter Shukoff
154 Yung Lean

He sucks dick just like all the other rappers with a young in their name

155 Bohemia

Bohemia world only best rapper.

156 Tony Yayo
157 Money Boy
158 Flavor Flav

My eyes! Flavor flav was a hype-man not a rapper! Geez!

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159 Lil Reese Lil Reese Tavares Taylor, known by his stage name Lil Reese, is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He is signed to label Def Jam Recordings.
160 Fredo Santana

Scary. He brought back trap music... He's real asf. One of the most underrated rappers. Better than most mainstream rappers. He runs GBE and is the reason Chief Keef is famos he's actually chief keefs older cousin. King of chiraq hands own. If you haven't heard him give him a try

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