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41 Tico Torres (Jon Bovi)

He is the worst drummer ever! He is bull, a metronome makes a better job than him

The band's name is Bon Jovi, not Jon Bovi

Worst drummer ever? You must have never seen Lars play.

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42 Mark Zonder

The work Mark Zonder did with Fates Warning tops anybody you can name. He is a badass drummer who puts all others to shame.

43 David Silveria (Korn)

David actually is a pretty good drummer. He is also a very weird drummer. He is very creative with his beats and fills (some of the weirdest ones I've heard) and they definitely fit with Korn's music. (Listen to "Lies" and "Freak On A Leash".) Honestly I feel like every famous drummer in the world is on this list lol

44 Michael Clarke
45 Sib Hashian (Boston)
46 Roger Meddows - Taylor (Queen)

The only reason why guys like Rog, Bonzo, and Peart are on this list is because meth head heavy metal dopes are mad that their favorite bands drummer is not on the top 10 list.

One of the worst drummers ever. His tendency to accent and open hih-hat on 3rd is simply annoying. Half of his beats is simply kick on the 1st and snare on the 3rd - that's no drumming. His sense of tempo was also nothing compared to the one of Freddie Mercury, so instead of leading the group rythmically he followed the others. Many Queen songs are unlistenable simply because the drum beat is so stupid that it offense your intelligence and taste.

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