Michael Jackson

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Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 500,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under ...read more.


Who the hell thinks Michael is overrated? Kids, you need some sleep.

Michael Jackson is overrated? Are you guys on drugs or what? Have you ever heard his voice? How is thriller the best selling album of all time then? I feel so sad for this generation who thinks the king of pop is overrated! And all the teens idolise horrible people like Eminem. What is wrong with you all? Learn something. Go to YouTube and search for MJ songs. Then you will realize! Whoever voted for MJ on this list is just another dumbo who pays more attention to crazy tabloid trash. For heavens sake get a life!

Michael Jackson is only overrated by his fans. Before he died, he was a total has been too. How well did his Invincible album do? Not very. And hardly anyone remembers any tunes off it. As for his voice, he sounds like Mickey Mouse in comparison with Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley. Being able to dance and sing other peoples tunes with a Mickey Mouse voice puts him where he deserves to be on this list. Almost the top of the most overrated singers list.

He's all right, but people he's not god, I mean Michael jackson songs are good, but people are making a big deal out of some of his stuff

I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan, but his vocals were not exceptional. Michael Jackson was, in my opinion, not a great singer, but a fantastic entertainer. If only more people would give credit were credit is due and not just vote for someone because they're complete fan(boys/girls).

A legend that shaped music, of course he's overrated. I mean all he did was mark history one after the other and made it so that all your "idols" could exist. The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Queen and Michael Jackson are so overrated for all they did was make real music. I mean they were the most talented people in the world and every artist owes them. But of course they're overrated. Especially MJ, right?! He's broken every barrier there is and given more than anyone ever will. He's a King for nothing. Psst overrated guy.

Michael jackson is incredibly overrated. writing/creating/singing pop songs is not difficult and his music certainly didn't speak to everyone, as his fans would like most to believe. I don't care for simpleness, repetitive, easy words rhyming against other simple words over repetitive beats. in short, I prefer when thoughtful, profound talent goes into the music. uncommon instruments, voices, themes and words used in context and not just because they happen to rhyme takes far more talent and creativity than anything Michael jackson has ever created.

Don't get me wrong, I love Michael jackson. But I hate how he had tuned into the demigod of music after his death. It really gets annoying when the media and other mj fans claim he is the limit of musical talent when there are other equally talented and more talented artists out there. He is certainly innovative but he is overrated for all of the wrong reasons. The only reason he is under jb in this list is because of some sick reason most people on the internet want to bully this kid just because other people are doing it. People will claim they hate because he is douche bag for making some mistakes while they themselves ganging up on him and insulting him even before his "bad boy" transformation is not considered to be a fair description of that word.

His 'hiccups' in between his music ruined it. He spawned some of the most dumbest and worst fans. If it wasn't for the 'this is it' concert and his death, most of his fans wouldn't of been saying 'LUV U MJ XXXX' and saying 'SEXI WOW'. Utter lies. - PotBellyPup

Michael Jackson is THE King of Pop and I LOVE his music, but he deserves Number 1. I wouldn't call him my favorite singer at all because he was more popular for his music and entertainment instead of his vocals like Freddie Mercury and Amy Lee. - DCfnaf

I'm tired of people hating on Justin beiber, I bet half of haven't even heard his songs. They are only saying it because they like showing off. If anyone's overrated its Michael jackson. I hate it how he's stuffed down our throats by the media as "the greatest singer ever" when freddie mercury is obviously a better singer than him. People keep saying he has the most in the 80s when they fail to mention what they are or even compare them with the other artist's. I'm still wondering were all of this positive publicity was before he died.

Michael Jackson fan does not deserve to be on this list his nickname is the King of Pop, that doesn't mean that he is the greatest singer ever, it just means that he has the whole package of a pop singer and a super entertainer, great singing (doesn't neccessarily mean that he's the best) and AWESOME dancing. He is not overrated at all. SO LISTEN GUYS, HE IS NOT OVErrated AT ALL. PEOPLE AUTOMATICALLY THINK THAT THE KING OF POP MEANS THE GREATEST POP SINGER OF ALL TIME BUT PEOPLE GIVE HIM THAT NAME BECAUSE HE'S A LEGEND FOR THINGS HE DID. AND BELIEBERS, DON'T YOU THINK THAT MJ FANS ARE SICK OF PEOPLE HATING ON MJ TOO?!

I think you're missing the mark on what "overrated" means. It doesn't mean bad or too popular, it means "receives too much credit for what it really is." Michael Jackson revolutionized pop, with his very distinct vocal range and lyrics. So yeah, not overrated. Even the slightest. - naFrovivuS

I don't know why anyone would vote him, he could sing 4 octaves at the age of 5, what do you expect

He's no Freddie Mercury, put it that way.

He's absolutely overrated, tired of seeing him everywhere..

To the person that asks how can his voice not be good when he has the best selling album. Simple. Sales =/= talent. He could entertain, but he was not a great singer and not at all a musician. He has a few good songs but he's way overrated.

His singing reminds me of Justin Bieber. They both sound like little girls. I'm glad Eminem dissed him in the song "Just Lose It". And why did he get mad about it? I would be THRILLED if the RAP GOD mentioned me in one of his songs even if it was a diss. EMINEM FOREVER!

He's only famous for touching himself and being a human beat-box. And his voice is as high as Justin Bieber's.

The only thing that I believe made MJ so big was the music playing behind him. Smooth criminal would probably sound a lot better if MJ was not singing. That's why I prefer the Alien Ant Farm version!

His songs are good, but his singing and dancing really is nothing special. I never understood all the fuss over him. And he did not invent the moonwalk. Cab Calloway did in the 1930s. I really wish more people knew about this, because whilst he was a good entertainer, he really was not the phenomenon that everyone makes him out to be. I prefer Prince because he was a skilled musician, wrote all of his songs and had amazing stage presence. Michael just jumped about on the stage, moonwalking, yelping and grabbing his crotch. I admit he was talented for coming up with iconic songs such as Thriller and Billie Jean, but dancing wise, and singing, he's extremely overrated.

Who the HELL voted for Justin Bieber? He singing like a girl and he said he like Michael. He just Michael's fan? What the HELL who voted for Justin!

Michael jackson is a skyscraper, he sounds like a cupcake singing, I thought he was a stick.

People really need to makeup their mind. He is #1 at the best singer list and than #2 at overrated? I don't get it. Although m no jackson fan,but Britney deserves this place much more than him.

He is more famous than Freddie Mercury. How is that possible?