Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen


Queen as a band are overrated as it is with horrible albums that no one remembers and having the singles be the only ones people remember and for good reason. It frustrates me how teens my age love Queen but hate far greater bands like The Beatles and Pink Floyd, Queen didn't do half the stuff either of them did. Anyways, enough ranting, this song is good, nothing more nothing less. It's definitely unique, but it's actually not all that great of a song in my opinion.

This is one of those cases where one song overshadows an amazing band's decades of work. Yes, it is indeed a great song, but not enough to be consider the greatest. Similar to Led Zeppelin and Nirvana, Queen has had plenty of songs that are as good, if not better, than the one most people associate the band with. Once again, this song's good, but Queen has had better. - naFrovivuS

All Queen songs better than Bohemian Rhapsody:

Keep Yourself Alive
Doing All Right
Father To Son (My personal favourite)
My Fairy King
White Queen (As It Began)
Ogre Battle
Fairy Feller's Master Stroke
March Of The Black Queen
Brighton Rock
Killer Queen
In The Lap Of The Gods (Revisited)
Flick Of The Wrist
Death On Two Legs
I'm In Love With My Car
The Prophet's Song
Tie Your Mother Down
The Millionaire Waltz
White Man
Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together)
We Will Rock You
My Melachony Blues
It's Late
Fat Bottomed Girls
Need Your Loving Tonight
Another One Bites The Dust
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Under Pressure
Machines (Or Back To Humans)
Hammer To Fall
Tear It Up
One Vision
A Kind Of Magic
Who Wants To Live Forever
The Miracle
I Want It All
Was It All Worth It?
The Show Must Go On
I'm Going ...more

They tried to make the best song ever like three songs in one like stairway to heaven or band on the run, but it doesn't work. It goes into opera too much. It's only because it is played loads and the media promote it so much that it has become myth and hence overrated massively.

Not the VERY BEST song. True, a catchy tune, and a great musical performance at the Rock-themed end, and a landmark performance by Freddy Mercury all the way through but... Dare I say it? I've heard better, and more catchy, and more enjoyable to hum to songs. This is my opinion. Deal with my opinion, and deal with life as well as others' reasonable opinions.

This song bums me out. I thought I liked queen but then I went on the top tens for the greatest song of all time and this came up so I listened to it and thought "this is so boring, how can anyone have the patience to listen to this nonsense. I think this song makes a mockery of Queen's sterling reputation.

I demand this off the list! Why is it overrated, because it is sung by one of the best artists/bands ever? That's no reason. And people are saying it's played on the radio everyday, so lay off it then! Common sense!

The guitar parts towards the end are the only thing that impressed me with this song. Didn't care for the "galileo" part. Unique doesn't always mean good. I thought it would be a lot better considering how most people call it "the greatest song of all time". - lannypetersong

I knew this song was gonna show up. It's my favourite song but you have to admit, it one the greatest songs of all time list with too little competition. Hotel California, I believe should have almost been at par.

I used to listen to this song everyday. Then I got bored of it after a couple months and deleted it. However, there are countless songs that I have been listening to actively for 3 years and have never gotten bored of them.

Hugely overrated song nowadays. Freakishly overplayed and obnoxious.

I can't believe this trash was rated the best song ever by this website. I literally don't know ANYONE who likes this song at all, except for for comedic reasons, even my neighbor, who's a big Queen fan.

There are about 15 Queen songs that are better masterpieces than Bohemian Rhapsody, it is a very good song but it does not deserve to be the best rock song ever. Here are 7 songs that are better, random song, not listed
7. Your my best Friend
6. Princes Of The Universe
5. I'm Going Slightly Mad
4. Prophet's Song
3. Killer Queen
2. The Show Must Go On
1. Innuendo

Not a bad song, but so many people act like it's the best thing since the classical greats. Come on! This isn't even Queen's best work, and people act like it's the human race's best work.

I mean I think the starts quite good, but what why does so many people like it, I can only think that this was the only music they had at the time, which is pretty sad to be honest

Although bohemian rhapsody Is considered overrated by a few of you, it's still queens best song and quite possibly the best song of all time

This Song Is Brilliant! It's not the best song ever, I prefer Don't stop me now but it is good and shouldn't be on this list - Iliketrainsguy100

It is not as good as people think and it is no way near one of the best songs of all time.

I saw this site gave this song the greatest song ever but really it makes no sense and is not that good.

Definitely the most overrated song in the world.

So overrated! Rolling Stone rates this as #163 on its 500 best songs of all time list, which is about right. Its good, but I know at least 162 songs that are better.

Honestly this is the most creative Queen song and I love it a lot, but it doesn't make me rock as hard as most queen songs. - SammySpore

Notice how people hate on music nowadays for apparently having no meaning yet this song has none either.

I'm getting sick of this overrated song and overrated band topping so many lists. - AlphaQ

This is a hideous piece of overrated garbage. I don't know why it's #1 on the Best Songs listed because I feel that this is too boring and weird. 0/5 - AlphaQ